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The following Press Release is being sent out worldwide to firmly plant African and progressive people's feet on the side of President Mugabe and the Zimbabwean people's right to land reform, and against the Western (Britain & US) led conspiracy to engineer regime change of the democratically elected government of Zimbabwe. To sign on write to


Press Release:
June 10, 2003
New York City, New York

Open Letter to the People of Zimbabwe

First and foremost, our greetings to you must begin with a thank you Zimbabwe! Thank you for your leadership and courage in your land redistribution program. On behalf of the millions of Africans in the United States, we are proud and closer to freedom because of you.
We are writing today to declare our full and continued support for your efforts to correct the historical and criminal injustices of British colonialism, which stole the lives, labor and land of the people of Zimbabwe. The Freedom Fighters of Heroes Acre have nurtured the Zimbabwean nation, its unity and its right to sovereignty. No one gave Zimbabwe its freedom, and no one has the right to dictate with remote control the path of its development or independence.
Today, under the leadership of its democratically elected President Robert G. Mugabe, Zimbabwe has completed the largest return of indigenous land in the history of Africa and, in fact, of most parts of the world.


President Mugabe declared that "Africa is not an extension of Europe"; however, it should be pointed out that some Africans behave as if they are in fact an extension of Europe and its policies for re-colonization of Africa.
Zimbabwe's wars of national liberation against Rhodesia were for fundamental change --change from colonialism to sovereignty, indeed independence. The foreign enemies of Zimbabwean independence will continue to try to separate the Zimbabwean people from the elected government of President Robert Mugabe and its leading party, ZANU-PF. They have created and funded the Movement for Democratic Change to accomplish this mission. Similarly, we Africans in America have also seen some of our own people take up political, and even armed struggle against the interests of the many for their own selfish gains.
We want to make it clear that those individuals and organizations wishing to align themselves with the foreign policies of Tony Blair and George Bush through propaganda films, articles and letters in many instances;
Have extensive relations with the US State Department, Council on Foreign Relations and intelligence agencies;
Represent themselves, and not their organizations; they lack constituencies and have never represented the interests of the overwhelming majority;
Receive funding from the US Government as well as from multinational corporations, private foundations or conduits for such.
These individuals claim to have "a long history of work in the struggle for African Liberation." This claim is belied by their actions. However stated, they support the goal of Blair and Bush for regime change and for the intervention and destabilization of the Zimbabwean economy.

It is no accident that these various forms of propaganda do not mention that MDC has openly called for the overthrow of the duly elected government of President Mugabe. By any national standard (especially that of the United States), this position is generally viewed as an act of sedition. Nor is there any mention of armed attacks, murder and the destruction of property in Zimbabwe.
Factually, under the leadership of President Mugabe, it was the government that sought and received diplomatic solutions to the crisis in Zimbabwe. It sought intervention on the part of African countries and Presidents, specifically the African Union, the Non-Aligned Movement, and SADC. They in turn have given their support to the government of President Mugabe. The Presidents of South Africa, Nigeria and Malawi have already indicated that Zimbabwean People must resolve the issues in Zimbabwe.
Clearly, the issue of land reform is in fact the center of all motion, propaganda and treasonous acts against Zimbabwe. Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stan Mudenge, said, "Let no one suffer from any illusions that the people of Zimbabwe as well as the forces of law and order will ever tolerate a retrogression of land reform."
We of the African Diaspora will continue to wholeheartedly support the duly elected government and the leadership of ZANU-PF, as we continue to build support on behalf of land reform.

On behalf of clarity,

December 12th Movement - Africans Helping Africans - Black Veterans for Social Justice - Blacks Against the War - Elombe Brath - CEMOTAP - Coltrane Chimurenga - Betty Dopson - Friends of Zimbabwe - Joan Gibbs - Harriet Tubman-Fannie Lou Hamer Collective - Prof. Leonard Jeffries - Bob Law ––Rev. Herbert Daugtry - Dr. Arthur Lewis - Masses United for Human Rights - Dr. James McIntosh - Millions for Reparations - National Black United Front - Patrice Lumumba Coalition - Viola Plummer - Prof. James Small - The Code Foundation - Jitu Weusi - List still growing...

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