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By: Ather Masood

Most recently several Muslims and Non-Muslims have stated that Rachel Corrie is dead. Let me MAKE it very clear that this is NOT the case. Rachel Corrie has passed away but has not died.

The Webster's Dictionary says death is the act of dying. The state of being dead. end or destruction. The cause of death. If this is the definition of death then Rachel Corrie is NOT DEAD but has passed away. (p. 155)
The definition of passed is to go from one state to the next. Passed away is defined as "moving from one state of being to another." (p. 429)
Now let us pay attention to the verse of the Holy Qur'an: "Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord. They rejoice in the Bounty provided by Allah: And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve. They glory in the Grace and Bounty from Allah, and in the fact that Allah suffereth not the reward of the faithful to be lost (in the least). (The Noble Quran, 3:169-171)" Based on this statement from the Quran, we cannot say Rachel Corrie or any other fighter for truth is dead. They have passed away but are not dead. In truth the righteous never die but pass away. Any time people remember Rachel Corrie OR any of the other people who fought for Falasteen, Chechnya, or any other part of the Muslim world, they remain alive. In this day and age of materialism, we forget the unseen aspects of Islam. We are in a material existence but everything on this earth is not open to our senses. Some things we cannot taste, touch, and hear. Rachel Corrie and other people who gave their life for truth will never die. They will always be in our memories and activities. STOP TALKING ABOUT RACHEL CORRIE AS DEAD. She is alive with the others and we do not understand that form of existence. Rachel Corrie lived for a cause bigger than herself.

Once again several messages have claimed New Trend is publishing Anti-Semetic comments. To those individuals who make this claim I would like to respectfully ask: What is A Semite? Are Jewish people only Semtic? According the the Webster's Dictionary a Semite is, "a member of the people's who speak a semitic language." "A major group of African and Asian Languages including Hebrew and Arabic." (p. 534) From this definition we conclude that every Arab and African is also Semtic. So those who claim we are Anti-Semitic are not accurate Because many of us are Semites. It is a sad fact that certain people do not want any discussion to take place in this country about the State of Israel. Why cannot people discuss, without preconditions, about what the Israeli Government is doing in Falasteen. A person cannot be Anti-Semitic while loving African and Arabic peoples. There is a whole movement of Jewish people called Neturei Karta. This organization has been against the activities of Israel for a long time. Are they Anti-Semitic? A sincere discussion about Israel needs to take place. One cannot point the finger of Anti-Semitism just because Israel is doing something wrong. Muslims, Jews, and Christians make mistakes, like all people in this life. When Israel is doing something inhumane (like killing Falasteeni children) you have to say this is wrong and not ANTI-SEMITIC. When Rachel Corrie was killed it was wrong not Anti-Semitic. COKE-COLA KILLS COLUMBIAN PEOPLE FOR CORPORATE GREED. Corporate America continues to abuse Latin people in Columbia. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that what is happening in the Muslim world today continues to take place in Latin America. Recently this writer was able to meet Mr. Luis Adolfo who is fighting America's corporate greed in Columbia. Mr. Adolfo went into detail about the events taking place in Columbia In an attempt to raise the level of monthly wages for workers, Mr. Aristo Milan Mosquera , another acitivist, was murdered by death squads hired with Coca-Cola's approval. As many as six unionists were killed when they raised questions about health conditions, wage issues, and raising the standard of living for people working in Columiba. Another victim of these crimes is Mr. Isidro Segundo Gil. His children is now in hiding. In 2002 these death squads have killed a total of one-hundred and eighty-eight unionists and peasent leaders. Anyone fighting for unions, workers, and environmental conditions for Columbian people are being murdered . The other aspect of this so-called "War on Terrorism," deals with Columbia. The Bush Administration has used 2.1 Million tax payer money to fund corpoarte interests against the wishes of many students, indigenous people, peasents and other Columbians. Where is this 2.1 million going ? Is it just like Israel ? Are we funding a government to kill it's own people? Mr. Adolfo emphasized the need for all groups to unite against Corporate America. He also urged this writer to publicze the plight of the Columbian people who, like Muslims, are struggling for their independence, civil, and human rights. Coca-Cola continues to do similar things in Muslim nations. We can do the following:
1. Publicize the murder of Columbian activists
2. Urge Coca-Cola to remove Managers who continue to oppress their own workers
3. End the Coca-Cola business and urge Middle-Eastern and Muslim nations to not do business with Columbian government officials
4. Ask Coca-Cola to negotiate an agreement that is in the best interest of both parties. With America suffering we continue to support mass murdering regimes like Columbia. For more information on the Struggle of Columbia, we urge you to go to the following link:
We would also like to thank Mr. Tom Burke for arranging this writer to meet with Mr. Adolfo, leader of the Coca-Cola Columbian Workers.

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