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Please note: The hearing for top Egyptian dissident, Ahmed ‘Abdel Sattar, citizen of the USA, will be held on AUGUST 29 at 4 pm at the federal court in Manhattan downtown area. Ms. Lynne Stewart has urged the people to fill the court room to show support to this Islamic victim of Mubarak and Bush.
Well done Minister Farrakhan! Did you see Minister Farrakhan's interview on the Donahue show on MSNBC on August 26? Donahue tried some dirty tricks to put the brother on the defensive. Farrakhan remained calm and gave superb replies which completely routed the hardened talk show host. It appears that Donahue has been creating an impression of even-handedness but is in reality still hand-in-glove with the Jewish lobby.
Book Received: WORLD ARROGANCE by Prof. Ahmad Zidan, 115 pages. $6.50. Published from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
VIDEO Received: TRAGEDY in the HOLY LAND. The Second Uprising. Rarely seen archival footage. Interviews with experts and scholars. 71 minutes. $20
Jewish Terrorist Disappears from America's Zionist Controlled Media

Dr. Goldstein, the Jewish terrorist who allegedly planned to blow up Islamic centers and Muslim children's schools has already disappeared from America's TV screens ONLY ONE DAY after he was reported to have been arrested.
1. Were the public told which synagogue he attended? No.
1a. Was he shown attending Jewish services at his synagogue? No.
1b. Were his family members shown as being influenced by his terrorist example? No.
2. Were the public told how much money he makes annually? No.
3. Were the public told if he had visited Israel in the last 20 years? No.
4. Were the public told if he had Israeli citizenship along with his U.S. one? NO.
5. Were the public told which organizations is he a member of ? No.
6. Were the public told if the organizations would be investigated and what connections his organizations had with Israel? No.
7. Was the question raised, which even a cub reporter would ask, how this man was able to evade Homeland Security when billions of dollars have been spent on HS? NO.

Obviously, the Zionist media are covering up the story of this alleged Jewish terrorist because he is a Jew. We have seen in the case of Muslim "suspects" that they have been used to write stories related to all seven points given above ALTHOUGH NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN CAUGHT WITH ANY WEAPONS IN THEIR POSSESSION.
Br. Meer Sahib has sent a letter of advice from Ontario, Canada concerning the threat posed to Islamic Centers and Muslim children by Jewish terrorists. Here is an excerpt:
should such an attack take place, many mosques will be turned into a burning infernos and especially on Fridays or during Ramadhan, when the mosques are packed with worshippers. They will become death traps as there aren't adequate emergency exits. Women and children and the elderly will be trampled to death by a panicked crowd trying to escape through limited exits. Even the basic amenities such as fire alarms, extinguishers, water sprays etc., are absent at many mosques, and so are anyone trained to give first aid to victims. Our mosques are open to all and sundry and therefore easy targets. There are no security checks, so anyone can enter and exit unnoticed or blend with the crowd. Making matters worse, most often, the doors of the mosques are not locked, even outside the prayer hours, making it easy for the arsonists and terrorists to enter at will. Our schools are also soft targets for arsonists, hostage takers and so on. The security system at the school is primitive and affords no protection except perhaps psychological make believe feeling. I had urged the community to engage a fire, safety, and security consultant to review the situation and advise measures to make our institutions safer. For most people, safety and security is priority number one, but for Muslims, this has not sunken into our thinking. We have a tremendous responsibility, especially towards the most vulnerable - the children, and I am appalled to see no reaction even from parents of these children. [ Please forward / distribute to your list and Islamic institutions and Muslim organizations]. Meer Sahib
THE DEFEAT OF CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: What are the lessons of this defeat?

Black nationalists, Arabs and Muslims got a shock when Cynthia Mckinney was defeated by Majette in the Georgia primary on August 20. Mckinney had won the hearts of many people when she broke the silence of the American establishment about the American public's endorsement of the war on terrorism. She asked Saudi Prince Waleed to donate his two million dollars to the impoverished Black community in Georgia. The donation was rejected by New York mayor Rudi Guiliani (called Jewliani by Black new Yorkers) when the Prince suggested that America should consider why it was attacked so ferociously.

Mckinney made even bigger waves when she accused the Bush administration of criminal neglect related to information about the 9/11 attacks. It appears that warning signals were received by the Bush intelligence services but were neglected, according to critics.

WHY WAS MCKINNEY DEFEATED in spite of big efforts by activists in the Black community?

I. We have received a partial list of donations sent to McKinney's opponent Majette from all over the U.S. The names are Jewish, starting with Adelman ... [We can send the list to interested readers.] Thus Jews from all over the country donated to defeat McKinney. In America, elections have little to do with the people's will. Money is the key to elections.

1. Money is needed to have paid advertising on TV and radio all day long.
2. Money is needed for advertising in the newspapers.
3. Money is needed for hotel gatherings, banquets, feel-good gatherings.
4. Money is needed for offices, organization, phone-a-thons etc.

II. Republicans (mostly Christian fundamentalists supporting Israel) were permitted to vote in the Democratic primary. They made sure Mckinney would lose.

Thus elections are a multi-million dollar business in America meant only for the rich. Not surprisingly, most people in America do not vote. Politically aware people realize that politicians use them to get into office and nothing more.

The Black nationalists, Arabs and Muslims could not match the donations which poured in Majette.


Most Muslims do not and did not vote. Muslims who are Islamically aware know that strategically it is a serious error to enter the competition which goes on in the American power structure. Note the following:
1. Islam does not permit Muslims in a Kafir system to participate in voting related to the power structure. Such voting is considered an endorsement of the system of kufr.
1a. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had the opportunity but rejected it to become part of the system of oppression of which Abu Lahab, Abu Jahl and Abu Sufyan were the pillars.
2. Participation in the competition for a place in the power structure is an assimilative process by which Muslims will no longer be in a position to deny the basic values on which this system rests. Notice that even AT THE INITIAL STAGES, individuals who are the advocates of participation, such as Taha al-Alawani, have OPENLY ENDORSED RECOGNITION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL. As the process goes on, they will compromise even further.
3. The Process of participation will destroy the future generations of Islam as far as their Islamic identity and resistance to oppression is concerned. Already, democrats and republicans are being invited into mosques and are giving their Da'wah to the children of Muslims IN THE MOSQUES. Thus instead of da'wah going on, which is the duty of all Muslims, we have REVERSE DA'WAH: the value system of the oppressors being projected from WITHIN MOSQUES and Muslim newsletters to Muslim readers.

McKinney has had that seat for 10 years and has not done anything which differentiate her qualitatively from Majette. The voters saw it as just another contest between segments of the Black middle/upper class.

Islam speaks to the poor, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the exploited, the women and children who are being targeted by the multi-national corporations. As far as Islam is concerned, there is no strategic difference between democrats and republicans although there are sometimes seemingly immediate tactical differences such as there were between McKinney and Majette.
Islam in America spread owing to the sacrifices of Malcolm X (al-Hajj Malik Shabazz) who lived in a rented house and who could speak for the masses, not to use them but as one of them: a man who educated himself in prison. What has that authentic Islam of Malcolm X to do with the banqueting, have-eid-with-clinton/albright and bloc-vote-for-bush 'Islam' of today's custodians of 'Islam.'

LET'S SUPPOSE MCKINNEY HAD WON. What could she have done as a loner in a system which is strategically not interested in Black people, Africans, Muslim masses or oppressed Arab peoples? Even if ten such victories became possible, it would not make ANY difference. The looting of the world would be continued by this power structure.
A LITTLE ADVICE TO MUSLIMS: Dear Muslim readers: asalamu alaikum.

Try to base your strategies on the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh). Trying to win elections within an exploitative power structure is NOT a part of Islam by any stretch of the imagination. Have you ever considered that our 'leaders' in America are actually in VIOLATION OF THE QUR'AN and the HADITH, and the entire new generation of Muslims is going to be lost to us owing to the lack of courage and strategic misconceptions of these leaders? DO THESE LEADERS EVEN HAVE THE COURAGE TO AFFIRM THAT THEY WILL FOLLOW THE QUR'AN and the HADITH REGARDLESS OF WHAT AMERICA WANTS? The answer is a clear no. They dare not even say it, let alone implement it.

The Prophet (pbuh) says: Ad-DEEN NASIHA and I am going to give you some Nasiha.
1. Spend your resources to spread the message of Islam by helping the oppressed people of America.
2. Grandiose mosques and the parking lots for these mosques are NOT part of the Islamic strategy. Such mosques are a form of ghettoization and contradictory to the Prophet's (pbuh) message in both Makka and Madina. Look at clear hadith against expensive mosques:

"I have not been commanded to make mosques tall, imposing and decorative." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, narrated by Ibn Abbas, r.a.,, see Sunan of Abu Dawud, Kitabus Salat, segment 12) [Two of the strictest narrators of Hadith, Sufyan Sauri and Sufyan ibn ‘Aynia, are part of the chain of narration of this authentic hadith.]

"Ibn Abbas's, r.a. comment on the above Hadith: I can see that you will make your masjids imposing and decorative as the Jews and the Christians did with their places of worship." (Sunan of Abu Dawud.)

In America, massive funds have been wasted in buying land for, building on and maintaining what I call 'white elephant mosques.' The result is that the Muslim communities retreat into these club type mosques, feel very satisfied and have no funds for da'wa to the countless millions who are looking for authentic Islam. [Notice how many immigrants come from Africa afer having been forced to give up even their Muslim names to be able to join Christian schools and to get scholarships to study in America,. How many Muslims have we brought from Africa to Islamic or secular education anywhere in the world.]
1. Person-to-person contacts are still the most important way of spreading any message. If 5 million Muslims in America each reach ONLY 4 PERSONS a month with the message of Islam against Zionism, racism and imperialism, that will be 20 million people a month. [This personal message is a SUNNAH of the Prophet, pbuh. Read about the British journalist who embraced Islam after being captured by the Taliban. Today she considers hazrat ‘Ayesha, an example for the world's Muslims. All the millions of dollars spent by America's 'white elephant' mosques have not produced even one such example in the last 50 years.]
2. Reach out to all oppressed and struggling people in America. Our main audiences should be the:
i. The African-American poor and oppressed masses.
ii. Hispanics.
iii. White people of German origin.
iv. Women in general. Women and children are the most exploited segments of American society and are being damaged by the money-makers. [Don't go with the idea of conversion. We are not trying to convert anyone. That is Allah's plan. We should be there to show support and give help.]
3. Work for the rehabilitation of people imprisoned in America. There are about 6 million such people. With their relatives, this comes to a population of about 60 million which needs someone to speak for them. Again money is needed. Are you aware that large numbers of people are in prison because they cannot afford attorneys? [Let's not spend money on parking lots. Why not pray in the city where you work. Why do you have to drive out to a suburb?]
4. Create your own media. When our New Trend can do so much with almost zero resources, a difference could be made if EVERY MUSLIM COMMUNITY had a paper like New Trend. REMEMBER THAT THE NEW YORK TIMES TRIED TO STOP THE MILLION MAN MARCH but failed. The Jewish ADL published a full page ad in the NY TIMES urging people to boycott the march because it was led by an 'anti-semite.' At the march, I asked hundreds of people if they had heard of the boycott appeal in NY Times. NO ONE HAD! The Million Man March succeeded because the Black community now has hundreds of its own publications. Come on Muslims, you can do it too. Don't disgrace yourself by flag waving. Make your children proud of you by speaking truth to power. [Children can always sense hypocrisy. They don't want to follow a 'goody two-shoes' "Islam" which does the tawaf of the White House.]

If we had worked with Mckinney for the ten years she was in power reaching out to her constituents, the present disaster would not have taken place. THERE ARE NO QUICK-FIXES in this situation. The Prophet (pbuh) never tried to make a deal with Abu Jahl. Go to the people, GO TO THE PEOPLE....

5. Learn from the cases of Imam Jamil al-Amin, Shaikh Omar ‘Abdel Rahman, Aimal Kansi and others.
i. Imam Jamil has been sentenced to life in prison on the flimsiest possible 'evidence.' Doubt was never removed about his case. Yet the Muslims kept quiet. There were no mass demonstrations in Atlanta. The representatives of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad seem to be doing good business with the power structure. One of them is said to have responded to Imam Jamil's call that he was being oppressed and there is a conspiracy against him by saying that he (Imam W.D.'s rep) is not being oppressed and he sees no conspiracy. If a national level imam can be sentenced to life without an upheaval in the Black and/or Muslim community, isn't it absurd to think of entering an election race where the Jews have a stranglehold? Even the basic ground work has not been done and 'we' are rushing off to win election victories against the Jews!
ii. The IMMIGRANT Muslims are even weaker. Shaikh Omar, one of the top Islamic scholars of the whole world who laid the groundwork of the concept of jihad in our times, is in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in America. Even his attorney has been arrested! There is not a peep out of the immigrant 'leadership.' These 'leaders' have blatantly accepted the legality of Israel. Can there be any hope that if they enter the power structure they will dare to defy their masters?
iii. Aimal Kansi is in a Fairfax prison (15 miles from Washington) waiting to be executed for his attack on the headquarters of the CIA. No Muslim visits him even on the most humanitarian grounds. COMPARE WITH THE JEWS WHO HAVE BEEN STAUNCHLY SUPPORTING Jew (Pollard) who gave American secrets to Israel (causing millions of dollars worth of damage to America's intelligence services.) America's Jews are constantly campaigning for the spy's release. The prison he is in has become something of a shrine visited by thousands of American Jews including some of the most prominent.

So dear readers, do not let our 'leaders' destroy whatever remains of Islam in America. We must come up with strategies and programs which are compatible with the Qur'an and the Hadith. Haphazard and random adventures could get us publicity for a little while and might sound so romantic to the rich among us but they DO NOT and CANNOT change anything.

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