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{On January 23, 2002, Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed by WBAI radio, New York, about the case of Imam Jamil al-Amin. Dr. Siddique focused on the bogus claims against the Imam and the injustices being imposed on him even before the trial, connecting them to vendetta against the Black movement and the ongoing oppression of genuine Islam in America.}
{Imam Badi Ali is hosting leaders of the November 10 Coalition in Greensboro, NC on February 10. Email us to get your invitation.)

1.3 Million Women Battered in U.S. Every Year (ABC News)
Israel referred to as "that sh--ty little country" by French Ambassador
Analysis of Concepts Meant to Trivialize Islamic Movements

"A woman is like a rib which will break if you try to straighten it (by force). You can benefit from it even if it remains bent as it was made."
(Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith collected by Bukhari)

{Br. Sulayman (John Walker) is being brought to trial in Alexandria, Virginia. A sister from South Africa has written that if America's Muslims love him, they should demonstrate to let him know that he is not alone. New Trend urges readers to respond. Would you be willing to picket the prison in Alexandria and chant Islamic slogans?}
{Putting captured fighters in prison garb like criminals, hooding and shackling them are all violations of international law. David Irving, British historian is right, that the treatment of Al-Qaeda by the U.S. is worse than that of Russians by Adolf Hitler's forces. German troops allowed U.S. captives to wear their uniforms as you can see even in propaganda films about the Stalags made by Americans themselves.}
{Afghan ambassador ABDUS SALAAM ZAEEF has disappeared into the maw of American gulag system. Betrayed by the treacherous ruler of Pakistan, the dastardly Musharref, the gentle and noble amabassador is a symbol of todays oppressed humanity.}

ABC TV NETWORK NEWS on January 24, 2002 put at 1.3 million the number of women battered in domestic violence in ONE YEAR in the U.S. BATTERING is not like a verbal encounter or slapping or minor physical abuse. This is serious violence which leaves marks on the body and often needs medical treatment.
America's women are among the most oppressed in the world. The family system is becoming weaker and weaker and women often have no one to support them against male oppression.
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the greatest liberator of women the world has ever known, was teaching a physically oriented male in that superb metaphor about the rib. (see Hadith above.) Physical force, he was teaching, cannot change anyone. It can only break or damage. Allah has made people in distinct and often unique ways. We must accept them for what they are in their temperaments and complexities rather than trying to make them into our ego tripping image.
Muslims are doing a good job of helping victims of domestic violence in Atlanta. Contact :
Can you imagine that the French ambassador to Britain, Daniel Bernard, described Israel as that "sh--ty little country"? How refreshingly true! The report comes in William Buckley's archive for January 14, 2002 titled "The dinner party in London." The ambassador said that Israel is a "sh--ty little country" no larger than two French departments. He wondered "why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people."
The remarks were reported by journalist Barbara Amiel whose husband Conrad (Lord) Black was the host of the party where the ambassador made these remarks.
The Jews of course were outraged ("anti-semitism") and former mayor Koch of New York has even demanded (in NEWSDAY) that French goods be boycotted till the French ambassador is removed from his position.
It's commonplace "wisdom" among non-Muslim analysts and secularized Muslims that the MUJHIDEEN in the struggle against the Soviet Union were "created" by the CIA.
HAMAS, we are told by the same "analysts", was "created" by Israel to outflank the PLO.
Then we have the story that the TALIBAN were "created" by the Pakistani intelligence service, ISI.
And finally we are told that LASHKARE TAYBA and JAISH MUHAMMAD were "created" by the Pakistani army (and/or ISI) to outflank Jamaate Islami.
The immediate effect of this terminology is to trivialize the Islamic movements which have actually faced and fought and suffered at the hands of the enemies of Islam.
Most people forget that without the efforts on the ground, no amount of money or weapons pumped in by "agencies" can make a movement real enough for people to sacrifice their lives for it.
Few people remember that the Jihad against the Soviets went on for six months without any help coming in from outside. Only gradually the Americans realized that the resistance was at mass level and would continue regardless of cost. Then the Americans decided to send in JUST ENOUGH HELP to bleed the Soviets. The CIA never believed that the Afghans could actually win, and the stingers were brought in only in the final stage when the Soviets had already decided that they could take it no longer and were planning to withdraw unilaterally. The mujahideen were definitely not a creation of the CIA as the Iranians and Americans like to assume.
HAMAS has shown such tremendous motivation at ground level that it is absurd to attempt to link it to any Israeli plan. Of course, when new forces emerge, the existing forces try to use or manipulate them. That does not mean that HAMAS was "created" by anyone. It is simply a manifestation of the Islamic will which today is worldwide.
LASHKARE TAYBA and JAISH MUHAMMAD are jihadist groups in Pakistan which have achieved support across the country. Jihad is not a concept which any secret non-Islamic agency can teach. The jihad orientation of these groups is much higher than that of the fat and lazy Pakistani officers' corp. Just as segments of Pakistani society, cut across class lines, support these groups, similarly some in the army at some point or the other supported them or at least looked away and did not try to stop them before Musharref decided to ensure that America will save him from the crunch.
The biggest smear campaign has been going on against the TALIBAN and this has been effective owing to the total non-existence of Taliban's own information and publicity at the international level. We are told repeatedly and ad nauseum that the Taliban were "created" by the Pakistani intelligence service ISI. Few people have tried to find out what are the facts about this claim.

In an enlightening article by Ikram Sehgal, published in a small Urdu language magazine in Karachi, Pakistan titled Wujood there is valuable information which undermines the ISI "creation" theory.

Ikram Sehgal gives specific names of ISI chiefs who were "pro-Islam" but these had all been removed from the ISI by 1995. The TALIBAN came into power in 1996. During the victories and successful years of the Taliban, 1996-2000, the ISI tried to take credit for the Taliban's work and the denials of the Taliban were ignored.Sehgal writes:

"(Gen.) Hamid Gul was retired before his time by army chief Asif Nawaz. Then Asif Nawaz died and Waheed Kakar was appointed army chief. He sent home both Lt. General Asad Durrani and Lt. Gen. Javed Nasir who were accused of having violated chain of command regulations. Gen Kakar appointed Lt. Gen. Javed Ashraf Qazi (the current minister of communications) to take charge of ISI. He was given the responsibility to purge the ISI of pro-Islam elements and to rein in the Kashmiri mujahideen."...."All the veterans of the Afghan war were sent back to the army (from the ISI) and many were retired. BY 1995, THE ISI HAD BEEN COMPLETELY PURGED. .... The new appointees had never worked on Afghanistan and had no knowledge or experience of Afghanistan war."

The writer goes on to debunk the theory that ISI has special powers and that it has made an autnomous "empire" of its own within the Pakistani establishment.

Sehgal's article is important because it pokes a hole into the theories about the ISI's power and "creation" of the Taliban and jihadist groups. New Trend's understanding is that these theories about the ISI have been circulated on a big scale by India-oriented journalists, some of them Pakistanis, who are bitterly anti-Islam and want to discredit the achievements of the Islamic movement.

{Within the United States too the theory of "blow back" was manufactured by the groups alienated from Islam to describe the struggle led by Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman. Many innocent Muslims actually believed dictator Hosni Mubarak's propaganda that the CIA was in some way responsible for the movement led by Shaikh Omar! Egypt's dictator Mubarak himself is the biggest tool of the CIA.}

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