Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 29, 1425/ April 20, 2004 #49

Dear Dr. Siddique,

A few days ago, we received an advertisement to apply for a Starbucks credit card. (A Starbucks coffee house is coming to the area where we live.) Anyway, the form letter was signed by Chairman Howard Shultz. I wrote the following on the form which one would fill out to apply for the credit card: "Since Chairman, Howard Shultz, is a major supporter of Israel, I will not apply for a credit card with your company nor frequent your coffee shop. Israel has failed to comply with over 60 UN resolutions with impugnity. It regularly uses WMD against a largely defenseless Palestinian population; it is in illegal occupation of territory assigned to the Palestinian people, extending its illegal colonies all the time. Therefore, I will have nothing to do with your organization."

Ms. Carolyn, Florida
New Trend's Congratulations go to Dr. Siddique's daughter Hoorie Siddique. She has completed her doctoral program with Honors and came out of her oral defense with Distinction.
Congratulations Dr. Hoorie Siddique!


Rising to speak in the British Parliament, Ms. Alice Mahony, of the Labor Party, stated that hundreds of Iraqi civilians have been killed in the U.S. attack on Fallujah. Of those killed EIGHTY are children, she said. She asked Tony Blair: Would you agree to a UN investigation of the massacre? He is an expert in side-stepping reality and adroitly side-stepped her question. [April 19, 2004]

"The Iraqi people need us there to help with security." [President Bush, April 13, 2004]
The World is Changing:
NEWS with Comments by our Media Monitor

HAIL ZAPATERO: April 19. The newly elected leader of Spain Jose Luis Zapatero has decided to accelerate the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq. His phone conversation with President Bush is said to have ended rather abruptly when Bush tried to convince Zapatero of his great war of liberation in Iraq. The Europeans seem to be fearful that Muslims can hit back. It might be easy to bomb Kandahar and Kabul, but then Madrid gets hit and that is too much of a risk.
April 18, 2004


Sharon murdered Islamic leader Rantisi by Apache helicopter. It was supposed to bring the Palestninians to their knees. The mass demonstrations in Palestine indicate quite the contrary. The will of the Palestinian people is taking a very clear Islamic form.

The Israelis have the most sophisticated military machine in the middle east. They can use helicopters and tanks against people with light weapons. The Islamic will, however, makes the difference.

Gone are the days when Arabs, secularized by Nasser and Assad, used to be scared of the Jews. If there were ANY kind of equation of firepower between them now, the Palestinians would teach the Jews a lesson.

Observers say that the Jews led by a mafia-type criminal, Sharon, have collected the dregs of international jury from all over the world. They can carry out any crime, however horrible, secure in America's unconditional secure.


by our media monitor

Recently extensive hearings were held on the intelligence and political aspects of the 9.11 attacks. Both during the hearings, and before that in briefings by CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) directors, the role of General Musharraf came up repeatedly.

The CIA and DIA reports were important because they were presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee and telecast to all of America through C-Span.

Neither the intelligence nor the 9.11 hearings brought out any impression that Pakistan was threatened by the U.S. in case it did not support the U.S. attack on Afghanistan. There can be little doubt that General Musharraf was indulging in blatant falsehood when he told Pakistanis that if he had not cooperated with the American attack, then Pakistan itself would have been in danger.

CIA Director Tenet summed it up when he said:
"Musharraf is an indispensible ally." [C-Span February 24, 2004]

Interestingly, Tenet used the terminology popular with Musharraf's secularist media people in Pakistan. He called Islamic fighters "jihadists" instead of the correct term: mujahideen.

Referring to the attempts in Pakistan to kill Gen. Musharraf, DIA (defense intelligence agency) Director Lowell Jacoby pointed out that people in Pakistan are "increasingly opposed to U.S. policies." He added that if Musharraf's life were taken, it "would change the situation" and make it totally negative for America. [Feb.24]


DIA Director Jacoby said that there is "considerable support in the Islamic world for Al-Qaida" and unprecedented opposition to the U.S. He gave two examples: Senator Rockefeller raised the question: "Is the U.S. safer now?" He answered himself by saying: "Jihadist ideas are spreading." He added that "we are deceiving our people if we don't let them know how tough this is going to be." [C-Span Feb. 24]

The ONLY REPORT of success came from FBI Director Mueller who thanked the Arab American and Muslim American communities for their cooperation. It has created a cadre of supporters of the FBI within the U.S. [New Trend readers might remember the FBI booth at the national convention of ISNA, Islamic Society of North America, and the close link between ISNA's "leader" Syed Sayeed and the FBI.]

The FBI has also obtained 1200 translators from among the Arab and Pakistani communities to help monitor terrorists.


According to James Baker, who welcomed Mubarak to Rice University in Houston, Texas on April 14: "Four U.S. presidents have depended on Mubarak. He is the linch pin of stability in the Middle East." [Telecast on C-Span.]

I am Getting Sick of Hearing that Bush Supports Freedom and Democracy in the Muslim World: Does He Think Americans are Idiots?

by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

America has universities, research institutes, TV, radio, newspapers, the best and the biggest in the world. It's an educated country, by and large. Information is available here. Any subject can be checked on and verified at short notice.

Question arises, why does the President of this country speak as if Americans are idiots. He keeps repeating that America wants "FREEDOM" and "DEMOCRACY" for the Muslim world. The military occupation of Iraq is called "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Whom is President Bush trying to fool? Is it some kind of auto-suggestion, that he keeps telling himself that he is doing something noble? Is it possible that he does not realize that he is involved in genocide against the Muslim world?

Is "genocide" too strong a word?
Look at Bush's allies in the "war against terrorism?"

Hosni Mubarak, dictator of Egypt, practices arbitrary arrests, systematic and routine torture, attacks mosques, rapes female relatives of Islamic opponents. Mubarak has 60,000 people in his dungeons, held without trial or "convicted" by kangaroo courts. Hosni is in a class by himself. Only Sharon of Israel is a bigger criminal and thug than him.

Let's see who else is Bush's friend and close ally in the "war against terror."
  1. Tunisian dictator, has used TANKS aganinst unarmed demonstrators, holds thousands of political prisoners, smashes all criticism of the regime.
  2. Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, part of hereditary monarchy, regime which lives in medieval times, denies basic rights of women, practices arbitrary arrests and torture, countless opponents have disappeared into its prisons.
  3. King Abdullah of Jordan, hereditary monarch, agent of the CIA as was his father, used tanks against civilian protestors on numerous occasions, has executed dozens of Islamic opponents after fake "trials."
  4. "President" Islamov of Uzbekistan, unreformed Stalinist dictator, has outdone Mubarak in torture of dissidents, denies all human rights to the majority Muslim population.
  5. General Musharraf of Pakistan, came to power through a CIA-backed coup, opposes the Islamic will of 80% of his people, cushioned by a military complex funded by the U.S. Betrayed the Muslims of India, Kashmir and Afghanistan, has handed over Pakistan to FBI investigators.
  6. Algeria's generals, the most bloodthirsty killers in the Muslim world, rejected the will of the masses who elected the Islamic party's representatives, crushed huge, popular rallies with tanks, machine gun fire and helicopters, use hit squads to go into villages which supported the Islamists and slaughter their women and children.
The list goes on. Which "democracy" and "freedom" is Bush fighting for? Why doesn't he come straight out and say openly: "I am fighting for Israel. Remember, it's a democracy [sort of like the "democracy" the U.S. cavalry imposed on the "Red" Indians of America.]"

So, please don't tell me that we are fighting for "democracy" and "freedom" otherwise I'll puke.

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