Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

Injustice has Already been Done to Imam Jamil al-Amin
Police Story Swallowed by Media, CAIR, AMC

The people of America are familiar with the ways of the police here. They know of the burning of the MOVE house, the slaughter of the Black Panthers, the video taped beating of Rodney King, the sodomizing of Abner Louima, the shooting of Amadou Diallo.
Even those who are White and have some awareness know of WACO and Ruby Ridge.
Police in this country carry out daily murders when they don't like someone because he "looked suspicious" or "had an object in his hand."
In that context some well-heeled, well-paid, "yes sir", "yes master" kind of 'Muslims' have shamed the Muslim community and shamed Islam by swallowing the police story about Imam Jamil al-Amin. They have gone to the extent of calling on Imam Jamil to "surrender" so that he may be put on trial and given a so-called fair trial. These CAIRS and AMCs and other traitors who have infiltrated the ranks of the Muslims are emerging in their true colors.
No person with a mind in his head would have swallowed the story put out by the police. Even the police have not claimed that Imam Jamil did the shooting. Imam Jamil has not been indicted or even been accused, and these "yes sir" types are calling on him to surrender.
The first thing Imam Jamil has to do is to get an attorney and stop the police from pressuring him.
THE QUESTION IS: Why do the police keep trying to destroy Imam Jamil's life. He has embraced Islam and has been living peacefully in Atlanta since 1976. He has cleared out drugs and prostitution from his area of the city.
In 1995 too the police tried to pin charges on him.
Do the police have the right to barge into someone's home? Should he not defend himself? The lesson of WACO was that the government must leave people alone to live peacefully in their homes.
Leonard Peltier's home area was invaded. Some young man shot back and decades later, Peltier is still in prison.
Geronimo Pratt was convicted and kept in prison for 27 years before he was released because a mistake had been made.
THE BLIND SHAIKH, DR. OMAR ABDEL RAHMAN, is in solitary confinement since 1993. If a blind man, a scholar, a man of God, can be imprisoned for "terrorism", what justice can Imam Jamil expect.
Imam Jamil al-Amin is an INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL Islamic leader and teacher. We as Muslims urge that:
THE POLICE OF ATLANTA BE INVESTIGATED to explain why Imam Jamil is being constantly persecuted. Let him live in peace. Leave him alone!
We urge the international Islamic community to look at the oppression of Muslims and dissidents in America. Only those people are allowed to flourish here who will lick the master's boot.
We urge the Muslim community to note that those who have called for Imam Jamil to surrender to the FBI (CAIR, AMC, etc) are the same people who supported the government's oppression of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman. (CAIR's representative declared on NPR radio, on the eve of the trial, that America's Muslims have nothing to do with Shaikh Omar. AMC actually supported and jointly filed papers with a Jewish organization to say that the Zionist Jewish judge "trying" the case of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman was okay. We have the document.)
These are the people who had Iftar with Medeleine Albright and Eid with Clinton
The media are repeating stories from the era of the Black struggle when Imam Jamil was Rap Brown. The dissemination of such stories, branding him a violent man, is also a form of pre-judgement.


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