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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 25,1430/ February 21, 2009, # 11.

Gaza was a victory for Islam. What is the Islamic concept of victory? Imam Badi Ali speaks to large juma' gathering in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is a MUST READ. Please scroll all the way down.

Revisionist expert Mark Weber debunks the myth that Hitler insulted the Black olympian Jesse Owens. Scroll way down.
Also, few know of International Jewry's unabashed program for the destruction of Germany and the mass sterilization of the German people. Weber brings out one aspect of this shocking, well-hidden, aspect of history. This Jewish declaration of war happened before Hitler started putting the Jews in concentration camps. Scroll down. [Mark Weber was one of the distinguished presenters at America's first International Islamic Peace Conference organized by Jamaat al-Muslimeen in August 2008.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release: [Contact Dr. Kaukab Siddique, or Imam Badi Ali, ]
With thanks to Christian activist Mark Glenn, in Idaho.
Condemn Israel's Disgusting and Sickening Blasphemy Against Mary [Maryam, peace be on her] mother of Jesus ['Isa, peace be on him].

On February 18, 2009 an Israeli comedian Lior Shlein made fun of the Virgin Mary on a TV show called "Like a Virgin." We Muslims cannot repeat the abuse directed at the woman extolled in the Qu'ran for her purity and excellence and God-consciousness. Suffice it to say that Lior Shlein claimed that Mary was a woman of bad character and loose morals. His views were publicized in Israel's Haaretz magazine on February 20 when Christian clergy protested and threatened to sue Shlein and he said he would apologize.

Such blasphemy against Mary, peace be on her, and Jesus, pbuh, is quite common among Jewish comedians both in Israel and the U.S. [Remember Sarah Silverman?] It's on the same level as Salman Rushdie's abuse against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Rushdie is popular with Jon Stewart and Colbert, as he was with Bush.

To understand the Jewish abuse of holy people, we should study the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, who tells us of some of the historic crimes of the Jews, including the murder of Prophets of Allah.
This "comedy" of Shlein is taken almost verbatim from the religious writings of the Jews known as the Talmud. This abuse and blasphemy permeates Jewish culture and is the motivator for their sense of comedy as a way of trivializing holy things.

We Muslims must shut down all outlets of cooperation with Jews who do not repent and who insist on unsulting Mary, peace be on her. There is no tolerance for blasphemy in Islam. The Muslim world must recognize the clear signs Israel is giving that it lacks all decency and civilized behavior when it comes to Islam and Christianity. Allah is warning us of the evil of Israel in the words of the Jew Shlein. Is it a surprise that the Israeli army [the terrorist entity known as the IDF] has demolished more than 130 mosques and numerous churches.

The Qur'an says about Mary, pbuh: "Behold! The angels said: O Mary! Allah has chosen you and purified you, and chosen you above the women of all nations." [5:42]

February 20: Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman [North Carolina] in his analysis of the latest situation says that the regime is trying to silence Imam Jamil. His charismatic personality and message attract people to Islam [even Aryan Nation prisoners have been asking him for Qur'ans].
"Free the Imam" Support Group Alerts Muslims to Serious Prison Violation of Imam Jamil al-Amin's Rights.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Readers to Take Immediate Steps.
[Br. Issa Smith's Letter follows this to Show How Phone calls wil go.]

February 19: Imam Jamil Al-Amin has been moved to "the hole" in the maximum security prison. He was strip searched and placed in a cell with no bed, no control over the lights and no shower. They have taken his Qur'an and all of his other personal property.

Please take some time contact the warden, and to get the word out to all of your friends. We all need to write, call, fax or email Ron Wiley Warden ADX to inquire as to why Jamil Al-Amin has been placed in the hole. No information has been given as to why this transfer was made, but nothing could justify this inhumane treatment.

In the past when action has been taken on Jamil Al-Amin's behalf, changes have been made that benefited him. Please remember to keep your correspondence brief and to the point, and avoid threats, rambling etc. We want positive changes to be made.

The warden's contact info:

Warden Ron Wiley phone: 719-784-9464, fax: 719-784-5290 email: flm/

mail address: USP Florence ADMAX
U.S. Penitentiary
PO Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

Br. Issa Smith [Virginia] Called the Prison. This is How it Went and Can be Done
al-salaamu alaikum

The email arrived this morning, before fajr: Imam Jamil has been put in the hole, strip searched,his Qur'an taken away. Why? Don't know.What can we do?The email laid out the plan: Call the prison. Fax 'em, send 'em an email. Let them know we care. Ask 'em why.

You know those stickers people wear on election day? "I voted" Tell everybody you voted. Well, I didn'tget one of those. Today I made my own sticker, yellow post-it pad. It says: "I made the call"

It was easy, here's how it went:

Called the number: 719-784-9464

Human voice: "Does this concern an inmate?"
Voice: "Inmate's name and last name please
Jamil Al-Amin, 99974-555
Yes sir what is your question
I understand Jamil Al-Amin has been sent to the hole, and I'm calling to find out why this action was taken.
Sir I cannot give out any information to you without the inmate's permission.
I'm sure he would approve.
Sir I need the approval in writing.
And how do I get that?
You can write a letter to the warden and he will ask the inmate for permission.
So if I send a letter to the warden, Mr. Wiley, he will take that letter to Mr. Al-Amin and ask for his permission to release the information?
That's right sir.
OK, thanks. I'm going to do that.

That's all there was to it. Easy.
If they get 100 calls that will send a serious message.
You got the email, right?
If you don't make the call then what good is it?
5 minutes tops.

Call again an hour later, too.

Obama: Day 27 Attacking Pakistan again
Latest Drone Attack seemed to be an Attempt to Kill Osama bin Laden

February 16, 2009: The U.S. fired 4 missiles at a compound in Sarpal village, tehsil Sadda in the Kurram agency [Parachinar area on Afghan border]. At least 30 people were killed in the attack including 18 mujahideen from Afghanistan along with their commander Bahram Khan Kochi.

This is the first U.S. attack in the Kurram Agency. It might have been an attempt to kill Osama. Prof. Thomas Gillespie of UCLA has mathematically determined that Osama must be in Parachinar in a specific compound. [Gillespie appeared on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show and admitted that "we feed the CIA" and the FBI. There is a Shi'ite presence in the area who are very anti-Taliban and could have signalled Kochi's presence to the U.S.

Obama: Day 28.
Preparing to destroy the Taliban and isolate al-Qaida

February 17: President Obama ordered 17,000 more U.S. troops to move to Afghanistan. These include 10,000 marines, America's best, as well as a Stryker brigade of 3800 usable in the mountains, 1000 Special forces combat unit to kill Islamic resistance leaders and 2200 enabling troops to prepare Afghan collaborators to fight the Taliban.

Obama; Day 29

February 18: Israeli jet fighters hit a mosque in southern Gaza. There was no response from President Obama.
His representative Hillary Clinton said in Indonesia that this Muslim country is good because along with Islam it has democracy and modernity. Ms. Clinton was cleverly attacking Islam by implying that Islam is incomplete because it becomes palatable when democracy and modernity are added to it. [The Qur'an says that that Islam is a complete way of life. No additions to the Qur'an and Hadith are needed. -- Editor]

Our America:

Racism Raises its Ugly Head: New York Post's Putative Obama Cartoon

In its February 18 issue, the New York Post published a barely concealed racist attack on President Obama, comparing him to a monkey. The abusive attack drew protests from across the country and 200 demonstrators showed up at the offices of the Post. So on February 19 the paper published a convoluted apology which was not really an apology.

The Post is ideologically linked to Fox TV and its mentally perverted crew of O'Reilly, Hannity and Ann Coulter etc. As New Trend pointed out before, the Obama victory does not mean that the racist base of America has dissolved. Remember that millions voted for McCain and there is a war party egging Obama on to continue the war. These haters and racists justified [and still justify] EVERYTHING Bush did. Michelle Malkin [mentally "white"] was so happy when the Qur'an was put into a Gtmo latrine that she put an imaginary picture of the descration on her web site

[The issue of cartoons is important. Remember how Uncle Tom Muslims kept quiet about the cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, coming out of Europe? ISNA man Zaid Shakir blamed the Muslims for their anger and protests. Abusive cartoons about race or religion take things beyond debate into the realm of the irrational.]

Please send protests to the New York Post at this address. editor.htm

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

U.S. Islamic Woman Leader Returns from West Africa: Met Outstanding Islamic Community Activists

February 18, 2009: Sis. Ashira has returned after an extensive visit to Ghana and Nigeria. We are thankful to Muslim families who opened their homes to her. It was truly an expression of Islamic solidarity which connects the Muslims of the United States with the Muslims of Africa.
Sis. Ashira visited: Large numbers of women throng the masjids of Nigeria and are a powerful force for the advancement of Islam in just about all aspects of life. They are also active in various aspects of life in Ghana.

Among those who facilitated her trip and gave generously of their time and efforts to make her trip a success were: [Malam is a title equivalent to al-Ustaz or Shaikh in Arabic.]

These community activists are rooted in indigenous African culture, very strong in their loyalty to Allah and their love of Islam, and well versed in understanding of western culture and the English language. Most of them have been reading New Trend for years, in some cases for decades.

After her reception activities welcoming her back to the U.S. by Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Sis. Ashira will be available for lectures and presentations all over America, inshallah. The purpose is to create greater undertstanding and links between the Muslims of America and the Muslims of West Africa. She also will offer studies on business and economic opportunities in Africa.

Brothers and sisters interested in inviting Sis. Ashira to speak to their communities should contact: or call: 443-869-5233

Toxic Wastes from Britain are being Dumped in Nigeria
[Excerpted from the February 18 issue of the Independent of England. Sent by Dr. Ismail Zayid, Canada.]

Tonnes of toxic waste collected from British municipal dumps is being sent illegally to Africa in flagrant breach of this country's obligation to ensure its rapidly growing mountain of defunct televisions, computers and gadgets are disposed of safely.
Hundreds of thousands of discarded items, which under British law must be dismantled or recycled by specialist contractors, are being packaged into cargo containers and shipped to countries such as Nigeria and Ghana, where they are stripped of their raw metals by young men and children working on poisoned waste dumps.
In a joint investigation by The Independent, Sky News, and Greenpeace, a television that had been broken beyond repair was tracked to an electronics market in Lagos, Nigeria, after being left at a civic amenity site in Basingstoke run by Hampshire Country Council. Under environmental protection laws It was classified as hazardous waste and should never have left the UK.
The television, fitted with a satellite tracking device, was bought by a London-based dealer, one of dozens of operators buying up a significant proportion of the estimated 940,000 tonnes of domestic electronic waste, or e-waste, produced in the UK each year and sending it for export.
Investigators bought back the television after a 4,500-mile journey from Tilbury Docks in Essex to the giant Alaba electronics market in Lagos, where up to 15 shipping containers of discarded electronics from Europe and Asia arrive every day. At least a third of the contents of each container is broken beyond use and transferred to dumps where waste pickers scavenge amid a cocktail of burning heavy metals and dioxins. The television is just one example of a broader problem with the enforcement of the legislation, which permits the export of functioning equipment but prohibits broken electronic goods from being sent outside the EU to a country with a developing economy.

ISNA's TV man Allgedly Beheaded his wife!

Bridges TV Murder has Smeared U.S. Muslim Image: ISNA dirties Everything it Touches

New Trend report by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

After New Trend picked up the Buffalo News report about the Bridges TV murder, there has been a flurry of discussion on the Internet of the horrific murder of Aasiya Hassan. New Trend's brief but pointed report that the alleged killer was a secularized "Muslim" took the wind out of the U.S. media who wanted to use the atrocity to attack Islam.

Gradually U.S. Muslims are realizing that ISNA and related groups which control America's rich immigrant communities are seriously damaging Islamic values especially because they talk Islam ["American Islam"] all the time but violate its worldview. Why could ISNA's leadership not see that the alleged killer was a woman hater and his abuse of his wife was a longdrawnout and systematic activity.

The murder victim Aasiya's sister, Asma Firfirey told a South African paper Die Burger, as reported by wire services, about the ongoing abuse:

"Firfirey, as well as a Pakistani woman identifying herself as another of Aasiya Hassan's sisters, characterized her as living in fear.
Firfirey said the last time she saw her sister was in May 2008, when she visited South Africa. When she arrived, she was badly injured, and Firfirey's family paid the equivalent of about $3,000 for her to be treated, she said.
Aasiya Hassan returned to America, she said, because she wanted to complete her MBA degree and "didn't want to leave her children with that monster." She said she calls Muzzammil Hassan "the fat man with evil eyes."

It's a shame that ISNA's Vice President "Imam" Hag Magid has issued a self-serving moralistic statement about "domestic violence." Through Bridges TV, Magid, ISNA, CAIR and their associates abused the trust of all those innocent but naive Muslims who do not know this bunch of dunya-seekers and worshippers of money. The alleged murderer had ABSOLUTELY NO Islamic credibilty yet ISNA saddled the Muslims in its control with him. His "charm" for ISNA was that he is a banker with large sums of money.

Is it not time for "Imam" Hag Magid and other ISNA mafiosi to resign? Magid lacks Islamic understanding as can be seen in the fact that he has been a frequent visitor to Jewish synagogues, a whole series of them. This empty headed man has been licking the boots of Rabbis while the Jewish Americans keep funding Israel and killing Muslims. Look at the disgraceful activities of ISNA's boss Syed Syeed, getting himself photographed with the terrorist Condoleeza Rice. What a bunch of trash these ISNA "leaders" are.

ISNA-CAIR has a record of anti-woman activity. "Imam" Magid hired Native Deen man Joshua Salaam whose attitudes towards women need to be investigated. [He was working for the State Department as we reported earlier.]

The purpose of Bridges TV, in a clever kind of way, was to provide a new brand of Islam, "American Islam," to serve the strategy of the Bush administration. It was meant to be the Muslim version of CNN. [The cringing, begging version of Islam: Dear me, we are not terrorists, we pray 5 times a day, our "jihad" is fajr, we have Siraj Wahhaj and Zaid Shakir, two well known opportunists, we love America.]

Under cover of the Bush administration, like the Qadianis under the British, ISNA-CAIR's fake version of Islam violted all that is holy and sacred in Islam. Blatantly ISNA-CAIR collaborated with Bush. The so-called leaders of ISNA went to the Pentagon, even sent Muslim children to the Pentagon. ISNA's magazine urged Muslims to become Special FBI agents. CAIR's Hooper went to the extent of standing with Bush in a mosque. [Remember the song: "Bush and Hooper/Sh.t and Goober?"]

ISNA-CAIR has never cared for the rights of women. For decades they ignored the basic rights Islam has given to women. Then, for its "war on terror" the White House wanted to use women's rights as a way of justifying intervention in Muslim lands. Suddenly ISNA brought Ingrid Mattson and made her the President of ISNA. She had been working for a missionary organizaton: her boss was an Israeli, and she was publishing support for a Turkish collaborator named Gulen who praised the Pope when he recognized Israel.

The beheading of a Muslim woman in the Bridges TV murder case is the last straw. There can be absolutely no justification for this murder. ISNA must close shop now.

Note how ISNA has been self-destructing:

First ISNA's IFTAR in the White House with Medeleine Albright when Iraqi children, about a million, were dying under U.S. sanctions.

Second ISNA's Bloc Vote for Bush.

Then the ISNA resolutions against "terrorism." [They claimed that Osama does not know Islam but Nihad Awad does.] [Don't laugh!]

Then ABSOLUTE SILENCE about the U.S. bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan

Then the tacit RECOGNITION of Israel.

Then the claim that the Holocaust story is authentic and should not be criticized.

Along with al that bootlicking came the emergence of Bridges TV helping to create a new "Islam."

Finally, the monstrous beheading of a Muslim woman by a hero of ISNA!

Gradually naive, innocent Muslims will realize that EVERY bit of criiticism of ISNA coming from New Trend was correct.

U.S. Drone Air Strike Brought Mass Support for Uzbekistan Mujahideen and Pakistanis martyred in the Attack. [Next Photo]

Wana: Funeral gathering for victims of U.S. drone attack: Feb.15, 2009

Historic Agreement Between Pakistani Islamic Leadership and Chinese Communist Party

LAHORE, Feb 16: Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan and Chinese ruling Communist Party has signed a memorandum of understanding which says that both parties will collaborate in the fields of justice, development, security and solidarity.

Following a week-long visit to China, the seven members JI delegation signed this memorandum in Beijing, says a message received at JI headquarter Mansoorah on Monday. The Memorandum was signed by JI secretary general Syed Munawar Hasan and Secretary Foreign Affairs, of Communist Party of China, Mr Lio Hong Sai. In the Memo, both parties have agreed upon four principles including independence, equality, mutual respect and not to interfere in the internal matters of each country.

The document praised the principled stance of China on Kashmir issue and reiterated that this stance and vital cooperation of China will continue. It also expressed gratitude to China's support to Pakistan in every world forum and both sides agreed that this valuable diplomatic and political support will continue. The Memo expressed satisfaction over economic and developmental cooperation between the two countries and assured this journey for regional stability and prosperity will be carried on in future.

Both sides assured full support to China's national and geographical unity, and fully backed China's stance on Taiwan, Tibet and Xin Jiang issues. JI Pakistan ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Liaqat Baloch, Prof Mohammad Ibrahim, Sirajul Haq, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz and Asif Luqman Qazi were also present on the occasion.

Jesse Owens: Myth and Reality
Mark Weber

Jesse Owens, the Black track and field star who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, died in 1980 at the age of 66. As so often during his lifetime, even this occasion was used by the major television networks and print media to spread slanderous falsehoods which have acquired wide acceptance through repetition over the years ... The myths, which are usually asserted as fact, contend that German Chancellor Adolf Hitler was furious when Owens won; that Hitler refused to shake hands with Owens because he was Black; that the Germans were embarrassed because the Owens victory "disproved" German ideas about racial differences ...

'Germany Must Perish'
Theodore Kaufman (1941)

Theodore N. Kaufman, the author of Germany Must Perish, was a Manhattan-born Jewish businessman who was also chairman of a group that called itself the "American Federation for Peace." ... Kaufman's fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman's plan a "sensational idea." ... A plan similar to Kaufman's was issued during the war years by a prominent American anthropologist. In an article headlined "Breed War Strain Out of Germans" in the New York daily newspaper P.M.

Letter: Re: Sis. Aisha's article on the Obama inauguration: Slaves waving flags....
As-Salaamu Alaikum
Sister Aisha is on the case. Yes, neo slaves, waving flags. She has a perspective that can only come from someone who is rooted in Quran and hadith, with no fear of Pharoah's system,nor is she in awe of the magicians. She is able to conceptualize and analyze, which is a real gift living amongst the deceptions...may Allah grant us the best of this life and the next....

"Gidedimagry" [Massachusetts]

Letter: Husayn al-Kurdi's [mom's] story of Omar, r.a., and the needy woman and her children: vs Egypt's Mubarak today
Asalaam Walaikum,

Compare Omar ibn al-Khattab, the second Calipha, one of the highest standard, to Mubarak of Egypt, one of the lowest:

Sa'ad [Michigan]§ionid=351020202
Egypt has seized relief supplies for the Gaza Strip as it continues to keep closed the Rafah border crossing for aid flow to the region.
Egyptian police on Thursday seized 2,200 tons of food and medical aid destined for the region, AFP reported.
Two members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hossam al-Shurbagi and Kamel al-Shaarawi, were also arrested, accused of 'illegally' storing the food in three warehouses, a security official said. Shurbagi said the aid was being stored pending the reopening of the Rafah border crossing.
Cairo has kept closed the crossing despite international concerns over further worsening of the humanitarian situation in the region.
"No humanitarian, media or medical delegations will be allowed through, nor will medical aid deliveries be permitted," an Egyptian border official had told AFP.
The Gaza Strip is suffering from a humanitarian crisis due to the tight 19-month old blockade of the region and a 23-day war which killed nearly 1330 Palestinians mostly civilians.
The Rafah border crossing was closed even during the deadly Israeli offensive in which people were in dire need of basic goods and medical supplies.

OUTREACH by Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora leader, Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Khutba on Gaza: The Meaning of Victory in Islam

February 20, 2009: Imam Badi Ali gave the juma' khutba to a large crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina, mostly from Arabic countries, Sudan and Somalia. He began with poetry in Arabic in which he said that real knowledge is the knowledge of the truth and the courage to understand and speak out, otherwise one can become a doctor and still be ignorant. Here are the main points of the khutba [mostly translated from Arabic for our readers.] In conclusion, remember that the Islamic state is not an easy change in human conditions. It took Moosa [pbuh] 40 years before the Islamic state emerged. In the case of Jesus [pbuh] Allah took him back before he could create the Islamic state. There is no easy way. ISLAM is a STRUGGLE ALL the WAY.

Thanks to Pakistanis in Harvard University, we have this photo of U.S. drones parked at Shamsi air field in Pakistan's Baluchistan province.

Remember all the Pakistani politicians said that there were no drones in Pakistan?

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