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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 19,1429/ September 20, 2008, #50

Canada's Victim: MOMIN KHAWAJA's CASE:

September 12, 2008: Last day of defense case. The defense lawyer pointed out that if Momin is punished because of his militant rhetoric, that would mean the 9.11 attacks have managed to shut down freedom not only in the U.S. but in Canada too. Why should a man be punished with many years in prison simply because he approved of the 9.11 attacks or because of his association with militants in Britain or that he built a cell phone control gadget? None of these are crimes. Are we going to punish people for their thoughts or for what they say to their friends in private?
The defense lawyer was very persuasive but it remains to be seen whether the court will be moved.
Canada has been moving in lock step with the Bush administration.
For more on Canada and Muslims see MONTREAL PERSPECTIVES below as well as background info on Omar Khadr, arrested at age 15 and falsely accused. Please scroll way down.

Anniversary in Ramadan
Greatest Woman in Islamic History: Ayesha, r.a., daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a, wife of Muhammad, pbuh.
The anniversary of Ayesha Siddiqa [r.a] was on Ramadan 17. Most Muslims do NOT remember this important date. Their forgetfulness shows the big gender problem in the minds of colonized Muslims. 'Ayesha, r.a., is the greatest Muslim woman. Forgetting her means that our Islamic understanding is very fragmented and incomplete. Here are a few points about her which are available in authentic hadith.
1. Daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a., wife of the Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, cherished and honored by both. The angel Gabriel brought her picture to Muhammad, pbuh, and this led to the marriage.
2. Greatest narrator of Hadith especially in the quality of Hadith about the life of the Prophet, pbuh., and among the top in number of Hadith transmitted.
3. Greatest Faqih in Islam. Even senior male sahaba sought her rulings on issues of Islamic Law.
4. Leader of Muslim women. Led Muslim women in prayers as their Imam.
5. Leader of Muslim men, particularly at the Battle of the Camel where her army included sahaba and reciters of the Qur'an.
6. Through her Allah Almighty gave women their rights. For instance, the Qur'an condemns men who gossip about women and who try character assassination if a Muslim woman is alone with a man.
[The Qur'an 24:11-20.] [These are the strongest verses in the Qur'an on social reform.]
6a. Through her, the stigma attached to menstruating women [perpetuated by Judaism] was clarified by the Qur'an [2:222] and condemned by Muhammad, pbuh, in Hadith. As opposed to the Jews, the Prophet, pbuh, taught men to show physical love for their menstruating wives, caress and kiss them, do everything short of actual intercourse.
{Hadith in Sahih Muslim, Sunan of Abu Dawud, Jami' of Tirmidhi, Sunan of Nasai.}
6b. When she temporarily lost her necklace in the desert, Allah ordained tayammum [ablution for prayer without water], a great blessing because prayer ON TIME is obligatory.[4:43]
6c. Through her the Qur'an ordained that the woman's CHOICE and CONSENT in marriage is essential even in the case of the Prophet, pbuh, himself.
7. The enemies of Islam attacked Ayesha, r.a., and do so now, because she was wedded to the Prophet, pbuh, as a child. They don't know that 'Ayesha, r.a., accepted the Prophet, pbuh, when she grew up. She was his student and asked him key questions and thus became the Mother of the Believers. She lived for decades after the Prophet, pbuh, and spent her life in spreading the sublime message he had brought. People came from far away lands to listen to her. Her students, male and female, became leaders of Islamic thought.
8. She was the greatest orator of her time and an excellent poet and genealogist. During her campaign against the murderers of Usman, r.a., she spoke in public on 24 consecutive days and helped many supporting the killers to repent.
9. All the Sahaba [Companions] of Muhammad, pbuh, were people of great piety and worship of Allah and diligent in helping the needy and the downtrodden, but even among them she stands out as extraordinary.
10. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, died with his head in her lap after having asked the rest of his large family to let him spend his last days in her room.
Dear Muslims, wake up and recognize the Mother of the Believers. Islam is not male oriented. It is from Allah and Allah loves those who have Taqwa, regardless of gender.
11. Sectarians have tried to degrade her sacred role in Islam because she did not recognize the Caliphate of Ali, r.a. Her understanding of the reasons for not accepting his Caliphate should be given more weight than the shrill voices of those who speak against her.

Written by Kaukab Siddique, a humble servant of the caravan of Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a.

Press Release from Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]
Republican Party Behind this pro-War Propaganda?
Countrywide Campaign to Stir Up Hate Against Muslims: Mass Distribution of anti-Islam DVD "Obsession"

We noticed on September 15 that DVDs of the Obsession movie were being distributed wrapped in a local newspaper in Winston-Salem. We sent the following letter to the paper:

"Hate is not the answer. The movie OBSESSION is a fabricated hate campaign against Islam. By distributing copies of this bunch of lies, your paper has tried to create distances and suspicion between America's people, Muslim and Christian. There is no basis for the package of lies which is OBSESSION.
Muslim Americans are the friends of all Americans. To create suspicions about them serves no purpose.
The wars are going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Palestine. We should seek the ways of peace to end those wars. Spreading hatred here cannot create understanding or peace.
We, the Muslims of the Triad, condemn the shameful activity of Winston Salem's paper .This is too evil and ugly an action and should be condemned by all peace loving people."

The editor of the paper told us that he agrees with us but the distribution has been carried out by the PUBLISHERS of the paper. [It appears that newspapers in hard copy are financially down and will accept any kind of advertising.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen noticed that the OBSESSION DVD is being distributed not only in North Carolina but all over America. A well funded organization, most probably Zionist, is carrying out this hate campaign. The gainers will be the Republican Party which wants war against Muslims to continue and wants to stir up anti-Muslim hysteria for the sake of votes. We URGE the REPUBLICAN PARTY to stop its surrogates from spreading this DVD. The American people do not want war but the politics of fear urges them to hate Islam and to back Republicans.

A Christian friend, Ms. Carolyn, in Florida, has summarized for us what she saw and the contents of the OBSESSION DVD as follows:

I have recently been sent a DVD, as have all of my neighbors, entitled "Obsession-Radical Islam's War Against the West". It features interviews with Alan Dershowitz, a former PLO terrorist, a former Hitler Youth Commander, Daniel Pipes, Dr. Khaleel Mohammed, Professor Robert Wistrich, and Sir Martin Gilbert.

The front of the case says, "As seen on CNN and Fox News by more than 20 million viewers worldwide. How can you help fight radical Islam? GET INFORMED. Watch this DVD today and discover the chilling truth behind Radical Islam's goals. GET INVOLVED Show this movie to your family and friends and raise awareness in your community. TAKE ACTION Go to for activism ideas and sign up for our newsletter. CONTRIBUTE Make a tax-deductible donation at and help us in our efforts."

Inside it says the following: "From the creators of Relentless: the Struggle for Peace in the Middle East comes a new film that will change the way you look at the world. Obsession is a film about the threat of Radical Islam to Western Civilization. Using unique footage from Arab television, it reveals an "insider's view" of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film also traces the parallels between the Nazi movement of World War II, the Radicals of today, and the Western worlds' response to both threats.

The Clarion Fund: 255 W. 36th Street. Suite 800 New York, NY 10018 Tel: 646-502-8380

These DVDs are being sent out by the thousands. Perhaps everyone in the country is going to get one. I don't know how they can be stopped. The Jews are trying to start racism and perhaps a holocaust big time. If you have the address of the Arab Anti-Discrimination organization, perhaps they should be informed. There is a massive effort to turn the west against Arabs/Islam.

Matrimonial Advertisement

27 year old Pakistani man, never married, college graduate, high moral character, very religious, excellent credentials plus sense of humor, wants to marry American Muslimah, 20 to 30, any race, but must be practising Muslim. Relatives in America will help set up the couple. Not a marriage of convenience to get to USA. Only serious inquiries.
Write care of: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087 or email:

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [2 items only]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach 1: Mostly Arab, Indo-Pakistani Gathering in Newark, Delaware

September 19, 2008: Islamic Center: After Juma salat, summaries of presentations made at the International Islamic Peace Conference [8.16, Baltimore] were distributed. These included speeches by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz , Ramsey Clark, Mark Weber, Dr. Hisham Tillawi, representatives of Imam Jamil al-Amin and IPPA [Islamic Political Party of America] and others. Enough copies of the 8 page document could not be made to cover the 300+ crowd but about one third were covered.

Outreach 2: Khutba in Knoxville, Tennessee: Biggest Islamic Victories came in Ramadan

September 19: Br. Yusuf gave the juma' khutba at a masjid in Knoxville. He emphasized the spiritual aspects of the month of Ramadan and the great blessings to be gained in this month. He focused on Lailatul Qadr and the power of that night which is greater than any other. Br. Yusuf said that the greatest victories of Islam came in the month of Ramadan, starting with the battle of Badr and the liberation of Makka by the Prophet, pbuh, himself, to the liberation of Jerusalem in later times.

Brothers and sisters who would like to organize Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Knoxville should contact Br. Yusuf by email:

Palestine removed from Maps! + Jewish Group Honors Islam hater Hirsi Ali+ W.D. Muhammad's Autopsy

Have you noticed that most world maps and globes no longer list Palestine but only Israel?!! I have been researching maps and noticed, in recent years, that Palestine has been eliminated entirely!

I was just looking at a documentary on the Sundance Channel called The Fortune Seeker. It was about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her trials and tribulations as an activist. I do not know what her activism is for except that she speaks out against Islam.

There are two ways that people respond to ignorant, uneducated, domineering Muslims. They either reject Islam altogther or they sit down and read the Qur'an to get the truth. She referred to herself as a fortune seeker or one who is trying to attain her own happiness. The documentary showed her being honored by the American Jewish Council AJC and her sitting next to Salman Rushdie discussing the errors of fundamental Muslims. She appears to be one of those who have a shield over their hearts. Ayaan really seemed to enjoy the praise from AJC and Rushdie.

I read about Imam W.D. Muhammad's passing in the newspaper. One thing that puzzled me was that it was stated that there would be an autopsy. I was told that autopsies are ordered if foul play is suspected. Even so, can Muslim families refuse autopsies at all cost?

Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Manhattan, New York]

Re: Abusive attack by ADL on Maulana Qari Ehsanullah from Pakistan
Preacher Attacks Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Peace Conference Using ADL's Propaganda to Remove Christian Support from Muslims
JAM Response to article : "Anti-Zionist Conference Gives Ammo to ADL" - by Ted Pike, spread over the Internet. [Mr. Pike was also on the radio in Tennessee.]

I was saddened to read Mr. Pike's disparaging remarks about our International Islamic Conference held in Baltimore on August 16.
I presided over the day long conference and the thrust of the conference was that Islam is not an enemy of Christians and its opposition to Jews who support Israel, and in the process try to control and manipulate America, is based on the behavior of Jewish Americans, not on their faith or race.

Mr. Pike seems to think that the ADL is an honest organization. He quotes our invitee from Pakistan, Ehsanullah, as projected by ADL, and then goes on to claim that such views would damage Christians who oppose Zionism by standing with Muslims.

I request Mr. Pike to note that the ADL has not given any verifiable source, or any source at all, for the alleged quote from Ehsanullah.

Ehsanullah was at the conference to minimize conflict and to find areas of mutual respect and avenues to peace. He did not attack America or even Israel in any shape or form. His message was entirely spiritual. Muslims and Christians may differ in religious matters and debate and argue but Islam certainly does not teach war against anyone simply because they are Christians or Jews.

Separately I am emailing you the report on the conference which we published. Please read what Ehsanullah said.

Remember that there are more Muslims than Jews in America and there are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Our message is the message of the Muslims of America. Other Muslim groups do exist and are vocal in their support of the U.S. power structure but they are not representatives of the popular Muslim opinion which is suppressed by the major media.

Mr. Pike should consider that perhaps without knowing it, he is being manipulated [or mentally pressured] by the ADL.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English and Mass Communication

Letters: Re: W.D. Muhammad divided America's Muslims, helped the White House and Repeatedly visited Israel

Mohtram Kaukab Bhai, ASA

Jazakallah for your appropriate comments about late WDM and giving us vast insight about his political corruption in supporting Bush and Zionists policies. It shows that he misused his community for personal affiliation with anti-Islam forces around the world. Hope the new leadership will change this trend.

Shamim Siddiqi [New York]

salaam aleikum,

Article that you have on W.D. Muhammed is very good; however I feel that it could be better strengthened if you embedded HTML hyperlinks into the article specifically referencing:

a. His support for the Gulf War
b. His visits to Israel
c. Statements against Immigrant Muslims
d. any links or websites from those who have left his group.

Otherwise the general writing is good.

salaam aleikum,
Kashif Haque

"That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around. What do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, doctors, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."

Morpheus, ("The Matrix")

Wow! What a twist on the WDM story. I grew up in the Nation and was a follower of Imam Mohammed afterwards until I grew tired of it. I wrote something this weekend. It's at It's a draft. I agree with quite a bit of what it written in New Trend. When I started reading it, I was thinking of rebutting it, but the period mentioned around the Gulf War and Reparations, etc., I wasn't aware of, but I am not surprised. Imam Mohammed didn't rock any boats. In fact, his life was the sail, a sail which gave others access to our community.

You should have seen Min. Farakhan crying though. He knew Imam Mohammed; the two shared some awesom history. So while perhaps accurate in the details, it is not accurate in the spirit of the words. Imam Mohammed certainly didn't make anyone Muslim. I think this was an inaccurate inference. He never said such. He wasn't perfect, but his public persona made the possiblity for duplication a reality.

Imam Mohammed never told us to worship him or look to him for guidance. We had to take responsibility for our lives and our families and our communities.

Peace and Blessings,
Wanda Sabir [California]

As Salaamu Alaikum
In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Mercy-Giving. As to what follows...

Dear believers this response is to the unfortunate comments and post-mortem attacks on Imam W.D. Mohammed by Professor Kaukab Siddique. There are many things in the analysis that is inaccurate, wrong, apparently designed to effect a certain negative image, and the analysis is out of proportion to the good that Imam Mohammed has done in his life. Certainly he is an African American leader that deserves better and deserves a true analysis from someone who knows. Not from someone who is mistaken. and has no real comprehension of the African American experience. I, Imam Warith-Deen Umar knew Imam Mohammed as a follower of his when I was in the World Community of Islam in the West and in American Muslim Mission. I knew Minister Farrakhan as a follower of his when I was in the Nation of Islam. I know Imam Siraj who came up with me in the Nation of Islam. He was Jefferey 10X and I was Wallace 10X. I know Imam Jamil El Amin and he is a good brother who I believe is wrongly convicted, and he certainly is not "America's Imam". And I know Dr. Kaukab Siddique and the inner workings of his group. Personally I like all of them. They all are imperfect like me and impressive as individual Muslims. They all have used what Allah has given them to use. There are negative and positive aspects of their work and of their personalities. I will give an attempt at an analysis of the good of this Imam. If I can't find good to say I would rather remain silent. If I'm allowed to give my analysis in brief excerpts I will do so in this New Trend Media. If not I'll write a book, insha'llah.

Imam Warith-Deen Umar [New York]

Bismillah. As Salaam Alaikum, Ramadan Mubarak

With all due respect Brother Kalkab, I think this commentary is ill timed and completely insensitive. Especially coming from someone who is not African American. Grown men African American Muslims as well as other nationalities have declared that Imam WD Mohammad may Allah reward him and grant him jannah, was like a father to them. Certainly only Allah can make Muslims however the one who points the way is to be thanked as well. I was in the ranks of the NOI when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad died, may Allah forgive him and grant him Jannah. I saw many around me suffering mental breakdowns in their attempts to make sense of his death just before the NOI Saviour's Day. Imam WD Mohammad spoke to the thousands and turned them away from disbelief to belief.

When Saddam was being persecuted you spoke of his better qualities and reminded us not to listen to media hype. In this delicate time of grief it would seem wise that your expression would be reflective and favorable. Certainly his final marriage and your reports of a jacuzzi death are irrelevant and disrespectful to the memory of this great African American Muslim leader. Certainly those who respected him especially those who regarded him as their Leader would feel highly insulted, disrespected and deeply hurt by your comments. One of the most hurtful realities to me was the lack of national media coverage for Imam Mohammad's passing. I fault African American Muslims for not respecting those who came before us and paved the way. The Muhammad family going back to the 30's paved the way for all Muslims to stand tall and practice this deen. It was because Sister Clara Muhammad stood tall that today there are Islamic Schools here in America.

The Muslim captaincy started with the NOI. This truth is rarely regarded or acknowledged by immigrant Muslims who claim to have started the counting from when they jumped on board and got involved in Islamic education, prison chaplaincy, feeding the homeless, building masajid. This is a deliberate attempt by Immigrant communities to disregard and disconnect from the African American roots of Islam in the country. It was even more hurtful when at tarawir prayers a special request had to be made before any comment or prayer was made for Imam WD Mohammad.

Many immigrants came to this country for the almighty dollar. The hefty loans and scholarships afforded these individuals were given in exchange for those countries selling out. The Muhammad family were the first to give the African American an introduction to Islam. Imam Mohammad's family gave us the language of Quran, the names of Muslim, Shabazz, Muhammad, Bilal and a thirst for dignity and self reliance. Please read the words of another Brother from your shores and reflect.

I pray Allah you will reconsider this attack on Imam Mohammad's charecter and deen especially at this time . Let Allah judge his soul as he will surely judge us all. It is at that time we will all pray for Allah's mercy and the prayers of those we have left behind.

May Allah reward you

sister Islah [New York]

Note to letter writers: Letters should focus on what was published in New Trend. We are not responsible for what others said or did.
The report in New Trend was from African Americans who provided insider information. This is not an attack by immigrants on African Americans. Please do not jump to the conclusion based on race. This is New Trend. We don't think in racial terms. Islam is more important than anyone's race. It is indeed tragic that many of W.D. Muhammad's activities of cooperation with the oppressors were kept hidden from the average members of his group.
Comparisons with President Saddam Hussain are not relevant. He fought against American military aggression and gave his life as a martyr without compromise.
We know that Imam W.D. Muhammad did much good 33 years back. New Trend is reporting on the last 33 years of his life. Let us know if there is anything inaccurate in what we published. There is much more factual information available about his cooperation with the oppressors which we have not published.
Latest: We have received from African American sources a letter written by W.D. Muhammad's young wife which complains of the way she is being treated after his death, including attempts to deny the validity of her Islamic marriage. Her writing shows a sharp mind and good communication skills. [Editor]

Israel's Rape of Humanity and Decency Still Unpunished: Sept. 16, 1982
[With special permission by the author to New Trend]
[Recommended by our Christian friend Mark Glenn who spoke at the August 16 International Peace Conference in Baltimore]

Remembering Sabra & Shatilla Massacre

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
September 14, 2008

Sabra and Shatilla are two Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon where over two thousand Palestinians were massacred during three days in September 1982 by hundreds of Lebanese Phalange and Haddad militiamen with the aid and support of the Israeli Defense Forces.
During the1982 Israeli invasion into Lebanon and siege of Beirut , U.S. Envoy Phillip Habib managed to have a written agreement whereby Palestinian fighters would leave Lebanon , providing a U.S. guarantee to the safety of Palestinian refugees left behind in the camps.
After Palestinian fighters evacuated Lebanon , the Israeli army sealed off Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps and established a command post at the Kuwaiti embassy, a seven-story building over looking both camps.
Present at the command post were the primary architects of the atrocity: Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon and Chief of Lebanese Forces Intelligence Elie Hobeika, along with high-ranking Israeli army officials.
In the early morning of September 16th, the Israeli army allowed bloodthirsty armed militiamen to enter the camps, provided with weapons, bulldozers, and communication equipment. They were also given hashish and heroin to help them maintain "courage." For 48 hours, the militia participated in wholesale slaughter and rape. Women and children were not spared. The Israeli army lit the skies over the camps by firing flares during the nights, and also prevented residents of the camp from escaping . A group of refugees who reached one of the Israeli checkpoint were ordered by soldiers to return back into the camp even though they told soldiers that people are being slaughtered inside. This encounter was documented by a Scandinavian news crew.
Ellen Siegel was an American nurse from Baltimore who volunteered at Gaza hospital in Sabra camp. She was rounded up with 20 other foreign medical personal. Upon hearing the radio communications that the butchers inside the camp were ready to execute all of them, an army officer stopped the order and ran back to the camp to rescue Miss Siegel and another female nurse from Holland . The rest were lined up against the wall and executed. Miss Siegel was among 3 Americans who testified in the Kahane Commission, the Israeli official inquiry into the massacre.
No adjectives exist to describe this heinous atrocity. This crime was beyond all human and moral comprehension. However, an American woman named Janet Stevens was among the first people to visit both camps the day after this ugly crime. She wrote the following testimony to her husband Franklin Lamb:
"I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an alley wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her blackened face silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles."
As the news and images of the massacre were broadcast worldwide, shockwaves, anger, and resentment were felt everywhere. I do remember exactly having the same feeling during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In fact there were a lot similarities: The number of casualties almost the same, in both cases the victims were innocent civilians, and the perpetrators of both crimes were ruthless and did not value human life.
In Israel , 400,000 protesters took part in a peace rally in Tel Aviv demanding the resignation of Ariel Sharon and demanded he should be tried for war crimes.
An Israeli commentator denounced Sharon's complicity into the massacre in a commentary which said in part, " can't toss a snake into a cradle, then act surprise when the baby gets bitten."
Meanwhile the Kahane Commission in Israel turned out to be a "kangaroo court" where the outcome was essentially predetermined, and the process was compromised. Several high-ranking military officers were found negligent, got a slap on the hand and later promoted. Sharon was forced to resign as the defense minister, and was barred for life from holding public office. Despite all of this, Israelis elected him in 2001 as their prime minister.
Eluding Justice: What happened to the victims and those responsible for the massacre 25 years later is mind-boggling.
* Several victims and other relatives sued Ariel Sharon for war crimes in a Belgian Court. But under pressure from U.S. and Israeli governments, Belgium dropped the case as inadmissible.
* All militiamen who took part in the killing received amnesty from the Lebanese government.
* Elie Hobeika was killed in a car bomb in Beirut 20 years after the massacre.
* Two of Hobeika's top lieutenants were assassinated in a separate incidents
*Ariel Sharon suffered massive stroke in 2006 that ended his political career. Later, Israel 's cabinet declared Sharon officially "permanently incapacitated" until this day.
Finally, remember the 3 Americans who testified in the Kahane Commission?
Janet Stevens was killed during the 1983 bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut . She was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy. Mrs. Stevens went into the Embassy to seek more aid for the Lebanese people in the south and Palestinians in Beirut who were affected by the Israeli invasion and by the massacre. Mrs. Stevens' husband, Franklin Lamb is a prominent researcher and author, frequently writing about the Middle East. Their work and sacrifices for human rights represent America 's pretty face.
Ellen Siegel continues to write letters, make calls, and write op ed. pieces to bring justice for the victims of the Sabra and Shatilla massacres and to promote genuine peace between Palestinians and Israelis. I had the privilege of meeting her in 1985 in a Washington , D.C. hotel lobby.. She has returned to Lebanon several times. The last visit was on the 20th anniversary of the massacre to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians. To honor and pay tribute the victims and their loved ones, she placed roses on the mass grave, and silently recited Kaddish, the Hebrew prayer for the dead.

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin .S. Hussain

The Kafkaesque "War on Terror" : Impact on Canadian Muslims+AMAL Helping Muslim Women

On Wednesday, September 02, 2008, a Federal Court of Canada hearing was held regarding Mr. Adil Charkaoui's Security Certificate Detention case. The background of this case can be better described by the following introductory sentences, on the 8-page brochure distributed amongst the supporters of Mr. Adil Charkaoui, before the hearing started. In part it read: "There is a country where you can be arrested without charge, subjected to a trial without access to the information used against you, detained indefinitely and deported - even when there is an acknowledged risk of torture. Kafkaesque? Well yes - but that's Canada."

This effectively sensational introduction, in part or in full, applies to all the five Muslim men, including Mr. Adil Charkaoui. They are currently living in Canada and are victim of the so-called "war on terror".

Since Mr. Charkaoui's case is in the hearing stage, I will refrain from any comment, for fear of contempt of court. But, by the same token, I will request my readers to keep abreast of this interesting case by going to .

It may be mentioned that the effect of ruthless exploitation of the unfortunate September 11, 2001 twin-tower tragedy and more than seven years of George W. Bushian paranoia, has crossed North of the USA border, and the "terrorism-phobia" has also spread to Canada. Hopefully, with the defeat of the present ultra-right Conservative government, after the October 14, 2008 general elections, Canadians will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and reflect on international affairs in a more objective manner.

Amal- Center for Women, a registered non-profit organization, run primarily by Muslim volunteers of Montreal, organized a presentation on September 14, 2008. The subject of this presentation was "AMAL and the Montreal Business Community: Partnering to establish proactive social service for needy women and families"

Some of the important objectives of this Muslim social organization are:

- To promote the physical, psychological and spiritual health and safety of women, children, as individuals and within the family unit; -

- To establish a support network within the Greater Montreal community for women and children experiencing difficulty and distress;

- To help the local Muslim community realize the importance of organized efforts in the field of family welfare and community development.

The need for establishing social organization, like AMAL, has been very well explained in the flyer, prepared for distribution. New Trend readers can also get additional information about this activist organization, by going to their website: .

[This was written before Zardari became President of Pakistan.] At the time of writing, it is still 4 in the morning of September 06, 2008 in Pakistan. The voting in the Presidential election is still 5 hours away. Unfortunately, however, the election of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, as the future President of Pakistan, is almost a certainty even at this moment. My take over this issue is however a little different than many other Pakistanis and may therefore not be palatable to many . I sincerely feel that democracy in Pakistan should be allowed a free play this time. Let the Electoral College, of more than 700 elected parliamentarians, comprising of members of National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and the Senate, of Pakistan, be allowed to vote through secret ballot. And if, through this process Mr. Zardari wins and two other candidates - former Justice Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui and Mr. Mushahid Hussain lose, so be it! However, after becoming the President of the country Mr. Zardari better get passed, through the National Assembly of Pakistan, a majority resolution, for the re-instatement of all the Supreme court and High Court judges, including of course the Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry. The bottom line however is that the Pakistan should not be allowed to enter the political arena and the meddling of Uncle Sam in Pakistan's internal and external affairs should stop forthwith!

Background information on Omar Khadr
15 Year Old Canadian Muslim was degraded in Guantanamo. Canada Ignored his Suffering for 6 Years
[Excerpted from wire services.]

Lawyers release Guantanamo video

The US prison base in Cuba has been highly controversial [EPA] Lawyers for a young Guantanamo detainee have released video footage of his interrogation at the US prison facility in Cuba.
The video, released on Tuesday, shows Omar Khadr, a Canadian accused of killing a US soldier in Afghanistan, crying as agents of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) question him.
In the tape, apparently shot from a ventilation shaft, Khadr is asked what he knows about al-Qaeda and questioned about his Islamic faith.
The footage from February, 2003 covers seven and a half hours of questioning over three days of Khadr, who was just 15 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002.


At times, Khadr weeps uncontrollably and pulls at his hair in despair.A 10-minute tape was initially posted on the internet and a complete version was due to be issued later by Khadr's lawyers, following Canadian court orders.
At one point, an interrogator tries to calm Khadr, who is clearly distraught, saying he needs to get a "bite to eat" and adding: "I understand this is stressful."
When Khadr complains his compatriots have not helped his case, an interrogator replies: "We can't do anything for you."
The 10-minute video shows no beating or physical abuse of Khadr. But he is seen showing his interrogators wounds he claimed were sustained on being tortured.
In the video, Khadr is heard screaming at one point: "Kill me, Kill".
Moazzam Begg, who was held at Guantanamo Bay for three years before being released without charge, spoke to Al Jazeera about the time he spent with Khadr.
Begg said: "I first met Omar when he was first brought into a detention facility at Bagram in Afghanistan. The accusation was that he had killed an American soldier so he was treated terribly... dragged around... he was crying often.
"By the time he was in Guantanamo, in a sense, he would have been looking forward to getting out of the situation where he would have seen people killed and of course his own treatment.
"If you have seen that video it's quite evident either he is saying 'Help me, help me' or 'Kill me, kill me'.
"Evidently in the case of Omar and many other detainess they have been cruelly, inhumanely and degradingly treated but they have also been tortured to the point, in some cases... that two people in Bagram were killed."

'Softened up'

Khadr, now 21, remains behind bars at Guantanamo. The video's release comes after Canadian media reported that government documents showed Khadr was forcibly deprived of sleep by his US captors in Guantanamo to soften him up for questioning.
Citing government files released by court order, Canadian media said Khadr was moved to a different cell every three hours to make him more amenable to talking in what US authorities described as their "frequent-flyer programme".

"At three-hour intervals he is moved to another cell block, thus denying him uninterrupted sleep and a continued change of neighbours," said the report from the foreign intelligence division of Canada's foreign affairs department, quoted by Canadian television and newspapers.

Khadr is the youngest detainee in the US "war on terror", accused of throwing a hand grenade that killed a US soldier in a clash in Afghanistan.

Khadr's mother and sister have publicly pleaded his innocence in Canada but another brother Abdullah is in a Toronto jail fighting extradition for conspiring to kill US forces in Afghanistan.

The father of the family Ahmed Said was an alleged al-Qaeda financier who died in a shootout with Pakistan forces in 2003 the same year another brother Abdurahman was released from Guantanamo.

Human rights groups have demanded Khadr be released because he was only 15 at the time of his capture.
But just last week the Canadian prime minister told reporters he would not ask the US government to repatriate him.
Khadr's lawyers say they hope the video will shame Canadian politicians into action.

War News: Iraq
Anbar Province: Looks like the story of American success was fabricated

American political leaders and media pundits have been referring to the success achieved in Iraq's Anbar province and claim that the province has been handed over to "Iraqis." Our research shows quite the contrary. There is no media coverage of any American success. There are no pictures of Americans walking in the streets of towns in Anbar without heavy armored and air protection. The so-called Iraqis to whom the province has been handed over are similiarly unable to provide any media coverage of their victory.

Our research shows as follows: All the towns in Anbar which had set up Islamic communities were smashed by U.S. military power, from Fallujah, to Tikrit, to Tal Afar to Haditha to Ramadi, etc. A reign of terror was let loose in which thousands of Iraqi supporters of the resistance were killed, masjids were destroyed and Islamic schools smashed.

After that Iraqi collaborators were brought in and provided open ended funding to put a cordon of terror in each town. These collaborators are from the most backward sections of society. Islamic rule is anathema for them and they are the people to whom Anbar province has been handed over.

American military presence in Anbar has not been reduced except for 3000 administrative troops. The Americans stay in their heavily fortified garrisons and do not venture out.

Accordng to a recent map published by the wire services, ONE THIRD of Iraq is under direct control of the Islamic force known as al-Qaidah in Iraq [including the major city of Mosul as well as all of Diyala province and parts of Baghdad,] one third is under Sunni collaborators who have an uneasy truce with the U.S. to oppose al-Qaidah, and third is under Shi'a control. [The Shi'as are a mixture of pro-U.S. elements, pro-Iran elements and nationalists.] This categorization completely leaves out the Kurdish areas some of which are seeing the uprising of Sunnis sympathetic to al-Qaidah. The oil city of Kirkuk is in great tension with frequent clashes.

Anbar province's real control is held by Saddam's most trusted fighter Ibrahim al-Douri's forces as well as pockets of al-Qaidah which could easily reverse the situation.

The situation on the ground is best described in this excerpt about a recent attack by an Islamic woman martyrdom operator:
"Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, September 16, 2008; Page A17

BAGHDAD, Sept. 15 -- More than 30 people were killed in bombings in Iraq on Monday, including one in Diyala province in which a female suicide bomber attacked policemen gathered to celebrate the release of a fellow officer from a U.S. detention facility, Iraqi officials said.
At least 20 people were killed and 30 injured in the bombing, according to Lt. Gen. Abdel-Karim al-Rubaie, the commander of military operations in the province.
Abbas Salim Jaafar, 32, an employee with the Iraqi Red Crescent who was wounded in the attack, said the bomber detonated her explosives as food was being served in a garden.
"Despite the fact that a lot of police officers were invited, I notice that there were no security procedures to search the guests," he said.
In Baghdad, twin car bombings near the city's main passport office killed at least 12 people shortly before noon, officials said. The explosions appeared to target an Iraqi army convoy, according to a police official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The blasts wounded nearly 40 people, including at least 22 soldiers, the official said."

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