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[FEROCIOUS LETTER FROM IMAM WARITH DEEN MUHAMMAD'S PAPER Muslim Journal, signed by its editor Ayesha Mustafaa. It came to us via Sis. Hadayai Majeed thru the Islam-n-Muslims Internet list]
[Unfortunately Muslim Journal's editor did not notice that the POEM was written by Sis. Karen English, a long time admirer of Imam W. D., and not by Kaukab Siddique. We have not corrected Muslim Journal editor's spelling and English so as to retain its original flavor. - Ed]

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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 20:03:40 EST
From: Subject: Re: Fwd: Poem for Imam W.D. Muhammad+Remove Coble+Halabja+L...

Dear Sis. Hadayai, Mr. Kaukab Siddiqui is abusive in his treatment of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and the spirit in which he intended his poem to be taken in was to slap all Muslims who support Imam Mohammed in the face. I saw earlier an email from him where he accuses Precious Muhammad of worshipping Imam Mohammed. I am appauled at Mr. Siddiqui's ardacity to berate Imam Mohammed over the internet and then accuse us of personality worship when we confront him on it. He is the likes of Abu Lahab and an enemy to peace. He has no good intentions and wants to see hostilies and scarves flying off; he wants to push people into a rage. He is the aid of the devil and can't stand the idea that we can make a life for ourselves here in this country - especially without his help. He stays here yet he foams at the mouth at everything that is American. Why does he stay here? What is his purpose? Who does he lead? He certainly is no example of Prophet Muhammed, when all he can create is animosity. Please pass this on to the Mr. Siddique, who is abusing that very good name - Where would the Muslim world be full of people like him? In hell.
Sis. Hadayai, I forgot to sign the last email. I am Ayesha K. Mustafaa, Editor of the Muslim Journal - please add that in your forwarding of my message for Mr. Siddique.
[by our New York City rep., Sis. Aisha]

There were 250 arrests during the NYC protests. The ACLU claims that had the protest been allowed in front of the U.N. there would have been fewer arrests. The protesters claim that they have over 40 hours police misconduct on tape. However, the local CBS News reporter stated that special effects and music had been used to enhance these tapes. I saw the cops pushing people and macing them. Even a N.Y. Daily News reporter was knocked down and her $1,000 camera was crushed beneath her. One thing an abusive cop hates is for his/her picture to be taken! It's obvious that special effects can only do but that much.

2003-02-20 Thu 09:10ct