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by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

At a time when the Muslim world is going through the trauma of the destruction of Iraq by a military superpower, General Musharraf of Pakistan comes a looking for his reward from the very same people who are the pariahs of civilization.

Musharraf is with Prime Minister Blair of U.K., on his way to meet President Bush. Nearly 80% of the British people opposed the war, but Blair went ahead anyway to serve the Zionists and his handler President Bush. And Musharraf is the guest of this pariah.

The Pakistani people have opposed war in an unprecedented way, holding the biggest anti-war demonstrations in the whole world. MUSHARRAF has no mandate from Pakistanis to be the President of Pakistan, and ABSOLUTELY NO APPROVAL FROM PAKISTANIS to fraternize with Bush and Blair. For Pakistanis, Bush and Blair are the biggest terrorists in the world.

Musharraf comes seeking his reward. He has served the CIA very well indeed. Look at some of his achievements:

1. Carried out a coup to overthrow the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.
2. Education, health, the environment, public services are in shambles in Pakistan as the General has no program to do anything for the Pakistani people.
3. Betrayed the Afghan allies of Pakistan, a real stab in the back. Pakistani bases were used by the U.S. to smash the defenseless people of Afghanistan.
4. Used the Kashmir card and the "danger from India" gambit to save himself from the wrath of the people while the U.S. occupied Afghanistan and installed a puppet regime.
5. After the successful diversion, he sold out the Kashmiri people and made peace with the fascist regime in India.
6. Musharraf is one of the very few people in the world who was unmoved by the mass murder and mass rape of Muslim women in Gujarat, India, just across the border from Pakistan. With Musharraf, it was business as usual while humanity wept at the horrors committed under the aegis of the Barhmin regime of Vajpayee.
7. Musharraf's ties with the U.S. improved in spite of the invasion of Iraq.
8. The General has "amended" the Constitution of Pakistan [by way of an arbitrary Legal Framework Order] which keeps him in power "legally" and the military has a permanent 'say so' in Pakistani politics.
9. The inept Pakistani military forces, living off the toil and tears of the Pakistani masses, are guarding the Afghan border to make sure the sons of Islam being chased down and killed by U.S. forces do not take refuge in Pakistan.
10. Musharraf has handed over 600 to 800 Islamic refugees to the U.S. without ANY process of law, in violation of international law. Such "handing over" is a crime against humanity and cuts the roots of Pakistan's Islamic basis.
10a. Among Musharraf's atrocities is the handing over of the ambassador of Islamic Afghanistan, Mullah Zaeef, known for his learning and courage, to the U.S. Reports indicate that Zaeef has been subjected to extreme humiliation and torture in U.S. custody. Musharraf has committed a crime unknown in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF ISLAM, handing over an Islamic ambassador from Muslim territory to a kafir regime bent on the destruction of the Islamic people of Afghanistan.

LOOK at the POWER OF ZIONISM and IMPERIALISM. These worst enemies of Islam HAVE INSTALLED A CIA AGENT in Islamabad. The Pakistani people, in their millions, have protested against the entire Zionist-Bush-Musharraf project. Their peaceful efforts have failed to budge Musharraf.

Now he comes a visiting his masters, seeking his reward.

2003-06-19 Thu 19:01ct