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MATRIMONIAL AD IN NEW TREND. Mr.Siddique: thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I got one call from Jedda (Saudi Arabia ) just because of the ad in your Magazine.
Huma [Houston, Texas]

You seem to have become obsessed with Parvezis, owing to their presence on the Internet. You must realize that the Internet community is itself not a typical population. You can't afford to target your effort as though the Internet represents the general population. Now you have been told clearly they are irrelevant. You even seem to inadvertently acknowledge this by putting a rider on your last article that it can be skipped by non-Muslims.

Also, your style of argument is reminiscent of orthodoxy, which is why someone decided to address you as "mullah". I'm not sure this is useful, when actually what we need is a very critical attitude towards what we take as sources of Islam. Otherwise, I don't see any point in your remaining a separate group from any of the the salafis, JI, hanafis etc. Legally minded people can always argue their corner.

btw same applies to Ahmadis [ Qadianis.] Although they have a lot of media (not just Internet), I never met anyone who admitted to being converted from orthodox islam.

The trend amongst Muslim communities is to become increasingly literalist and old-fashioned and polarized. This is the trend which can be usefully corrected and criticized, since it affects far more people.
Shoaib, London, England

Assalaamo Alaikum Dear Brother Siddique: With fear of Allah in my heart I tell you my eyes got wet when I finished reading your response. You have very intellectually put it together. Only a blind of heart and mind would still deny that salat is taught by the Holy Prophet Sallalahu alayhi Wassalam. I wish I could write like you. May Allah Subhanahu immensely Bless you and your family in this world and more importantly in the world to come. Jazakallah Khair.
Bint Waleed [Address not given]

Assalamu Alaikum.
I saw your newsletter in the mailing of [history_islam] but I was not able to see the items of your newsletter on the site. I especially wanted to see the articles about Pervaiz Musharraf, but neither these were there nor Mullah Zaeef article or the Munawer Hasan interview. Please inform me how to check these and what are their links? As I see through the contents of the newsletter, you are providing very good items. If you send regularly to [history_islam] your newsletters then it is ok otherwise include my email address in your mailing list. One thing more, what about the prison news? If there is some reality in it then why to publicize it?
And what about Jamaatul Muslimeen? Is it not the same Jamaat whose members were former Ahle Hadith/Wahhabi? And now they say them Mushrik? Actually both of them are same, so I wonder if you are from them then why you are using pictures and why you are counting such persons as Muslims who have no beards?

Anjum. [South Africa]

[Editor's note: Jamaat al-Muslimeen is a U.S. and Canada organization with some support in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and England. It has nothing to do with the Pakistani group of similar name or with any sectarian group. For information and books, go to:
Click on java frames, click on NEWS. There are hundreds of postings on numerous aspects of Islamic struggle worldwide.]


I wonder when we will be stopped from communicating the TRUTH via the Internet. If it has happened in Pakistan, it will happen here soon, as Pakistan has a U.S. puppet government.

Carolyn [Florida]

2003-05-13 Tue 18:26ct