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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 17,1427/November 9, 2006 #75

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The Real News:
This is the Palestinian Reality behind the Facade of U.S. Elections: As the U.S. election results were being announced, an Israeli tank column rampaged into Beit Hanoun in Gaza. The results:

Army Camp Blown Up in Surprise Attack. Musharraf Vows Revenge.
Payback for October 30? Bush hurt by news.

November 8. A little after 8 in the morning when new recruits to the elite Punjab Regiment were training in their camp outside Dargai [Malakand agency of Frontier Province], a martyrdom operator rode his motorbike into their midst and detonated.

At least 42 troops were killed and 40 wounded. One Provincial Assembly member says that more than 100 troops were killed but the regime is hiding the actual losses. The names of the troops listed in an Urdu language paper indicate that they probably belonged to a sect.

Musharraf and Bush have expressed great sorrow over the losses and Musharraf has sent in his Quick Response forces to find the support base of the assailant. A wounded soldier says that the assailant shouted "Allahu Akbar" before detonating. The entire Dargai area has been surrounded by Pakistani troops.

Observers say that this blatant attack on Musharraf's army looks like payback for the bombing of the Islamic school carried out jointly by the U.S. and Pakistani militaries. As New Trend noted, the Islamic initiative is slipping out of the hands of peace loving groups like MMA/Jamaate Islami and Jamat ad-Da'wa into the hands of the Taliban. The Islamic movement known as the Taliban indicates every now and then that force must be met by force. MMA calls for peaceful "protests" which Musharraf ridicules.

General Musharraf is equally determined to serve America's interests with the Pakistan army as his tool. He has vowed that every Islamic school which he suspects of harboring terrorists will be bombed. He sees nothing wrong with the October 30 attack in which he wiped out 80 children but is agitated by the slaughter of 42 soldiers in his U.S.-armed and funded military.

Analysis of November 7 Elections

It's the Resistance Stupid!
"Israeli" Democrats' Election Sweep Exploits Anger on Iraq Failure:
"Muslim" Winner Refused to identify Himself as Muslim: Started in Synagogue

Disillusionment with the occupation of Iraq was the key factor in the submergence of the Republican Party on November 7. The American people are angry and frustrated with Bush's adventure which has become a story of diminishing returns. Opposition to the Iraq war ranged from 55% to 70% across the country. Masses of people felt bamboozled by Bush's WMD story and tricked by the "liberation of Iraq" story and misled by the "we're better off without Saddam" story and sickened by the Abu Ghraib story and disgraced by the torture in Guantanamo story.

Most importantly, American losses in Iraq continue to increase. Repeatedly Bush announced "victory" only to have to admit that the "difficulties" escalate every month. To top it all, the Islamic resistance led by the new al-Qaida leader in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, launched an offensive against American forces which killed 106 U.S. troops in October and another 20 in the first 7 days of November. The U.S. has suffered more than 28,000 casualties in Iraq including 2838 dead.

Americans can see that U.S. forces have reduced Sunni Iraqi cities to rubble. A new Lancet study [from Johns Hopkins University] said that 655,000 Iraqis have been killed [mostly civilians] since the occupation began, 100,000 plus in U.S. air attacks. The world knows that the U.S. has inflicted a holocaust on Iraq and this fact has been slowly percolating into the American psyche.

The Shias of Iraq supported the invasion but have become increasingly restive owing to the growing power of Muqtada al-Sadr [which has led to a series of confrontations with U.S. and British troops].

The REAL SURPRISE of the elections is that in most cases the Republicans lost by NARROW MARGINS. The election results did not reflect the extent of public distrust. The Republicans pumped in massive funds and set in motion their entire well-oiled election machine. They may still have won except for a few INTERNAL "EXPLOSIONS" within the Republican Party. Three of these were outstanding: The victors are supporters of Israel. The Zionists successfully de-linked themselves from the Iraq war. Thus by default, they got elected in an an election system in which smaller parties are unable to be effective. The Jewish lobby was exposed for a little while when Israel failed in its offensive against Hizbullah but American Jews worked hard to divert attention away from Lebanon. The daily slaughter of defenseless Palestinians by heavily armed Israeli terror groups makes little or no news on the U.S. corporate media.

The elections can best be understood in Israeli terms. The Republicans represent the Likud Party and Jewish extremists, who were led by Sharon before he went into coma. These Israelis believe that they should expand Jewish settlements, re-do Jerusalem and crush Syria and Iran. With thousands of tanks and the most advanced jet planes at their disposal, they see no reason why they should not. Bush and Likud-wannabee Israelis are the same team.

By contrast, the Labor Party of Israel and Jewish moderates want to hold on to Palestine [which they call Israel Proper] and not confront the Muslim world. Instead of military means, they want to undermine Arab countries indirectly through support for dictatorial regimes and through the export of America's drug-liquor-prostitution-homosexual culture to the Muslim world. These supporters of Israel won the November 7 elections. THEY SUPPORTED the INVASION of IRAQ through their main man Lieberman. Notice that he was re-elected in spite of his support for the Iraq war. The invasion was an indirect ISRAELI INVASION. After it failed owing to hard core Islamic [Sunni] resistance, the Jewish lobby took over criticism of the Bush administration. The New York Times [flagship of liberal Jews] lead the charge against Bush. Most Americans forgot that the New York Times had supported the war. Its now disgraced propagandists for the war were quietly phased out of the paper.

KEITH ELLISON: A "Muslim" was Elected in ! How Come? He refused to Mention Islam

A comic side show to November 7 was the election victory of Keith Ellison. He stripped himself of his slender Muslim identity to be able to win. His campaign began in a synagogue, so there was no chance of his questioning the legitimacy of Israel. Poor fellow was so defensive that he disowned links with the Muslim bootlicker clique known as CAIR. He claimed that whatever funds he had received were from "individuals" [in CAIR] but not from CAIR! He disclaimed his earlier proven connection with the Nation of Islam in a way which seems downright dishonest.

I have studied Ellison's election statement. It does not include any word [not even one] which would identify him as a Muslim. The coward even refused to say "asalamu alaikum." With that kind of "Islam" the Zionists are [reluctantly] willing to accept Muslim candidates. Here is the statement of the Jews in support of Ellison:

'National Jewish Democratic Council [NJDC] Executive Director Ira Forman says "Keith has demonstrated his support for Israel and issues of importance to the Jewish community." '

The funniest story here is that of another Muslim clique called MAS Freedom [which competes with CAIR]. Its "leader" Mahdi Bray personally went to Minnesota to support Ellison. Bray's [what a name!] publicity says that the election victory came owing to the thousands of Muslims Bray was able to mobilize! People like Bray give Islam and Muslims a bad name by their opportunism. IS THERE ANYTHING IN ISLAM WHICH WOULD PERMIT PARTICIPATION in the AMERICAN POWER STRUCTURE? Obviously Bray does not think such obvious questions worth consideration. His "Islam" is mercifully "Qur'an free" and "Hadith free."

After the cheering for the Republican defeat dies down, consider the reality. Bush will be in power for two more years. He is set to do tremendous damage before his Likud-Zionist regime ends. Welcome to the real world!


1. Stay in Iraq as long as they can [but will promise early withdrawal].

2. Heat up the war in Afghanistan with a major push to capture Osama and al-Zawahiri.

3. Put pressure on Pakistan to capture Osama [which could lead to more fighting on the Pakistani border].

4. Bring about a final recognition of Israel by the Arab rulers through the "carrot" approach to Hamas.

5. Put pressure on Iran to recognize Israel. Iran is a natural ally of the U.S. in the war against the Jihad movement. The Democrats could create quite a mess here if Iran does not recognize Israel or at least start talks with Israel. Here too the "carrot" will be used [if, before then Bush has not already carried out the Likud demand to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities].

Letter: Re; Rushdie Unchained.............

I agree that the anti-Islamic campaign is virulent, racist and bigoted. I also caution that the media is helping the white house bait some hot head into doing something that would justify their very bloated and corrupted homeland security budget. Beware of the carrot and stick approach. Bush is dangling the carrot while the media is brandishing the stick. All should be aware so that they are not fooled by either trick.
Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma
[New Orleans]

Letter: Re: Article on Lakewood, New Jersey. These are Good Jews, not Zionist

Reading the New Trend report about the Haredi Jews in Lakewood, NJ....I felt obligated to reply.... as my Teacher and close friend Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman taught me:

1) State the Truth, even if it is bitter.
2) Take the TRUTH, even from your enemy.

Therefore, I tell you that Lakewood is located is on the Northern borders of Toms River, my home town since 1975. Lakewood's population is African-American, Mexican, Reform Jews, and Hassidic/Haredi Jews.
The Lakewood name is quite known to every conservative Jew in the has Rabbinical schools (Like AL-Azhar to Muslims) a lot of Rabbis came out of Lakewood, NJ.

At one time in the mid-80's the Muslim Community of Ocean County rented a store front and used it as a Masjid, for SIX years in Lakewood, in the midst of Hassidic Jews' area.
I was the President of that organization....I dealt with those Jews on a daily basis and they knew my position and our activities very well.

I MUST admit that NOT even once, we were:
* ABUSED by a Hassidic Jew.
* HARASSED by a Hassidic Jew.

I MUST admit that we RECEIVED
* FULL support from that Jewish Community.
* Complete cooperation
* Protection for our Masjid (Store Front).

I watched how this Jewish Community operates: They have objectives, they plan to reach their objectives and they execute their plans LEGALLY AND MUST admire the tactic they use. I see nothing wrong with it.

The Problem I see, is in the other communities which are scattered and un-United; therefore, they ENVY the Jewish community. On the contrary that they must be admired and emulated....Muslim Communities ought to do the same.....
When someone is UNABLE to copycat a success, he ATTEMPTS to minimize its impact....One MUST recognize success regardless of the source....Ego should be removed.

I see nothing wrong in emulating a successful group, providing they are legal and ethical....
Actually, to the surprise of your readers, I became so close to many member of this Jewish community, we discussed different issues in Judaism & Islam ...openly...with mutual respect....and to my surprise I found a few who are AGAINST zionism and against the creation of Israel thru the UN. They believe that GOD will give them the promised land , not the UN.
I second that belief, and IF GOD gives them the promised land, I have NO problem with that. The question is How do we know that it is GOD.....

Mohamed Nabeel Elmasry
Toms River, NJ

Letter: Re; Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Br. Kaukab, Assalamu Alaikum

Shukrun for this latest issue of New Trend. I really enjoyed the details of your activities in Milwaukee and learning that our old Br Sulayman Kurter is actively involved in Dawah activities along with his talented wife. I have lost his contact. Kindly convey my Salaam and regards to him, if you can.

Our beloved Wahid Bhai is a veteran Islamic worker and Da'ee and the moving spirit behind the Dawah Center and its activities. Fortunately Mohtram Zulfiqar Bhai has also moved to Milwaukee and, as such,. this city should be the hub of Dawah activities, covering a vast hinterland as its catchment area in its vicinity.

I don't know who else can mobilize the youth of the area for intensive and extensive Dawah activities where these four giants of Dawah field are present? They should joint hands together and give the requisite lead to the IM of this country afresh. I hope that they will meet our expectations.

Shamim Siddiqi

Letter: Re: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora and Amirate-America Project Cooperation

My name is Al-Mansur Abdur-Rahim from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a 43yr.old Muslim African-American, Electronic Tech., married with 3 sons ages 8, 2 & 1 yr.old. My wife's name is Najma. She is a Daycare teacher and is from Namibia, Africa. I'm a friend of Shaykh Shamim Siddiqi and I'm a Ambassador of the Amirate-America Project founded by Amir/Imam Abdallah Yasin of New Jersey who now resides in Tuskegee Alabama. Please read his presentation and profile on the Amirate-America website to see if there can be any coordination and collaboration with Jamaat al Muslimeen and Amir/Imam Abdallah Yasin's Project for National Muslim Community Building here in the USA and whether or not Jamaat al-Muslimeen's goals for Islamic Influence in America are the same or similar as the Amirate-America Project.

Jazakallah for the New Trend Magazine which has very interesting articles and comments from a Islamic perspective. It tells the truth about the plots and plans of the enemies of Islam, about Zionism and Western schemes to subjugate the Muslim Ummah under the New World Order. Shukran for the NTM emails and may Allah(SWT) continue to bless you and your family with the strength to knock the brains out of Batil with Haqq no matter how much the kafireen, mushrikeen, fasiqeen, and munafiqeen hate it.
Keep up the good work !

Give the Turkish brothers in Milwaukee my salaams to the Said Nursi community. The Turks are very progressive Muslims in America. I have many Turkish friends and was introduced to the works of Said Nursi and Hoja Fethullah Gulen here in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 90's when I met them as students going to Case Western Reserve Univ. I also had the chance to visit Turkey and Istanbul in 1989 as a Sergeant in the US Air Force stationed in Germany 88-90,so I know a lot about Turkish history and culture. They would also be a great asset to the Amirate-America Project if they would adopt the necessity for Muslim Community Building in America,as well as the Muslim Hispanic/Latino and Native American Communities along with other Muslim Immigrants residing in America temporally or permanently and of course Muslim European/African Americans.

About the 8 resolutions passed by the Jamaat al-Muslimeen, a resolution about the Muslim prisoners held at GITMO without a "fair trial" should have been mentioned, and a resolution in tandem with resolution #2 that Muslims must elect an Amir for Muslims in America among themselves for the specific needs and interest of Muslims in America not influenced by overseas interest but specifically for Muslims in America to have unity of purpose and Islamic Impact/Influence in American Society, as was mentioned in resolution #3 that would also affect the dawah mov't of Shaykh Shamim and give uniformity of starting and ending of Ramadan for N. America and the Two Eids, I personally endorse Amir/Imam Abdallah Yasin for this position of "Amir of Muslims in America" because of his knowledge, experience, work/dedication to Islamic work in America, and that he has a comprehensive plan for Muslims and Islamic Impact in the US through the Project of Amirate-America, if you have further questions about the Project after reading the presentation and his profile please feel free to email him at

Jazakallah khair again Dr. Kaukab Siddique for all you are doing and have done for the Cause of Islam and the Pleasure of Allah(AWJ) and I hope there can be some collaboration with Jamaat al-Muslimeen and the Amirate-America Project in the near future Insha'Allah.

Your bro. in Islam
Al-Mansur Abdur-Rahim (Abu Muhammad al-Mahdi)
Mid-Western Ambassador of Amirate-America

p.s. Saddam is still the President of Iraq even though the US and Britain has him as their war prisoner. No Iraqi has kicked him out of office officially but with his death it won't matter to them any more and Bush will have avenged his father's wish of killing Saddam, bringing "Democracy to the Middle East" and establishing the "New World Order".

2006-11-09 Thu 18:41:53 cst