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GENERAL MUSHARRAF is once again mocking the Pakistani opposition. Javed Hashmi, leader of Muslim League [Nawaz Sharif] was arrested last week when he distributed a document critical of the Pakistani army. Hashmi is a member of the Parliament and thus has immunity against arrest. However, Musharraf had him arrested for incitement against the military.

Just about all Pakistani politicians condemned the arrest of Javed Hashmi. Quite unmoved, General Musharraf calmly left for a visit to China. Musharraf has nothing but contempt for peaceful protests. He knows that the whole nation is against him but they have peace loving leadership. He thinks, all they will do will be to demonstrate and chant slogans. They can chant as much as they want, he is busy with the program he has received from the U.S.

2003-11-16 Sun 09:38ct