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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 3,1427/September 27, 2006 #65

Message # 1 for Ramadan: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: "...No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another. In the end, towards your Lord is your return..."
[The Qur'an 6:164 and 39:7]

DEFENSELESS PALESTINIANS: September 27: A 13 year old Palestinian girl was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza. Three other children were wounded.
September 21: A Palestinian woman was killed and 4 children with her were wounded in an Israeli air strike. In a separate Israeli attack, this time with artillery, 4 members of one family were seriously wounded.
[For other war news, please scroll all the way down.]

ACTION ALERT: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Muslims to write to Glenn Beck. See 3 items below.

CNN Prime's Glenn Beck Ridicules Prophet Muhammad, pbuh

Glenn Beck
CNN Prime

Subject: Your abuse of Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, has made CNN a hate channel.

Dear Mr. Beck
In your September 26 program, you continued to attack Islam but this time you crossed the line by trying to ridicule the leader of the Islamic world, Muhammad the messenger of Allah, peace be on him, the best of men and the savior of humanity.

You brought a person on your show who referred to a "Muhammad bubble head doll" and other anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and anti-Jihad paraphernalia he wanted you to publicize. You kept clowning and smirking as is your wont as if these jokes were the funniest in the world.

Surely you know that journalism has its own ethics which you have violated without the slightest regard for decency. Your attacks on Islam are frivolous and could be easily answered if you were following an ethical or lawful attitude. For instance: If you are not interested in any kind of response to your abuse, you must admit that you are simply an Islam hater exploiting your monopoly of CNN Prime's hour given to you.

You have exposed yourself and we will expose you further. Remember, there are seven million Muslims in the U.S. and a billion plus around the world. Your anti-Islam offensive will get you nowhere.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Associate Professor of English

Letter: Glenn Beck tries to implicate U.S. Muslims in 9.11 Attacks

[A number of letters were sent to CNN's clown Glenn Beck when he tried to implicate U.S. Muslims in the 9.11 attacks and opined that the powers-that-be should put Muslims in concentration camps if the Muslims do not come out into the streets to denounce the 9.11 attacks. This letter was one of the best.-editor]


Mr. Beck,

It doesn't surprise me in the least that non-Muslims like yourself continue to believe and accept all the foolish, insane, inaccurate, stereotypical crap the Western media portrays as Islam. What business do you and many of your non-Muslim peers have, demanding Muslims to speak out strongly and firmly against terrorism and do something to stop the "Muslim terrorists?" Islam is a beautiful and peaceful way of life which teaches its followers to worship and glorify Almighty God and obey His Commandments. If people want and desire a true and lasting peace, that must be done 24-7.

9-11 has come and gone; however, the worldwide Islamic community has been speaking out against those attacks since Day One. To imply that the Western media did nothing to drown out the voices of Muslims--as well as their non-Muslim supporters--so that they could not be heard is both a joke and a lie. While falsely accusing the Muslim community of not speaking out, you must get your facts straight and correct about Islamic beliefs, doctrines, and practices before you say anything further. Choosing to believe whatever you please about Islam is not, and never will be, the way to go.

Shafeeqah V. Smith
[Atlanta, Georgia]


Bashing of U.S. Muslims by Glenn Beck has Crossed the line: Why are we Silent?

I am on your mailing list and i enjoy most of your newsletters. I was planning to write to you about Glenn Beck. I saw you mentioned him in your most recent newsletter, but I think he deserves a lot more attention from the Islamic community. His show has gone from a news-talk show, to an all out Muslim bashing hour. He is constantly down-talking Islam, making horribly exaggerated statements, and most recently he has been advocating a movie called Obsession that appears to be more Muslim bashing. This man is clearly a puppet for CNN to widely spread a message of hate and needs to be taken off the air. In his words "Muslims will not be at peace until they are flying the flag if Islam {whatever that might be??? I wasnt aware we had a flag!} over the white house". No, I wont be happy till his show is off the air.

*T S*

WAR NEWS: [Selected with great care by New Trend's Media Monitor to avoid exaggeration and inaccuracy.]

AFGHANISTAN: Just before Ramadan, Taliban issued a message from Mullah Umar which was published in Pakistan's Urdu language media. The top Taliban leader said that the Jihad will continue till foreign forces are driven out. He categorically rejected the Canadian military's claims of heavy Taliban losses and said that only 21 Taliban were killed in the Canadian offensive ["Medusa"] and the Canadians suffered as much. Mullah Umar contradicted U.S.-Karzai reports that the martyrdom attacks are being carried out by al-Qaidah.
He said the attackers are all young Afghans fighting for Allah.
[The Taliban have also issued a very brief message to contradict the claim that Osama is dead. It simply says he is alive and well.]

September 18. Canada's celebration of its "victory" in Operation Medusa was cut short by a "suicider" [martyrdom operator] in Panjwai who killed 4 Canadian soldiers and wounded 12. The Taliban have identified the attacker as Mullah Qudratullah, a young Afghan from Kandahar. The Canadians say they were taken by surprise because they were distributing candy to children. The claim is rejected by observers who say that so many troops [16] could not be distributing candy.

In another attack in Kabul, 4 Karzai police officers were killed and 11 wounded.

[Canadian losses are rising. Globe and Mail reports that a gathering was held in Ottawa to honor the dead. Participants were carrying red flowers.]

September 23. Near Kandahar, Taliban hit a U.S. company bus taking workers to the U.S. army base with machine gun fire killing all 19 workers. In the south east, at Arznow near the Pakistan border, a convoy of 5 oil tankers was attacked by the Taliban when it had stopped for a rest break at night. All five tankers were blown up. One of the Pakistani drivers was killed.

September 26. A "suicider [martyrdom operator] tried to kill the provincial governor of Helmand province [appointed by Karzai] in the capital city of Lashkargah. Eighteen karzais were killed in the explosion, including 7 police officers. Another 17 police were wounded.

In another attack, with a bomb, in the Kabul area, an ITALIAN special forces trooper was killed.

FOX News reports [September 27] that last week 15 Taliban were killed when they attacked a U.S. military unit near the Pakistani border. One U.S. soldier was killed and one wounded. It was not clear why the Taliban left cover and attacked the U.S. troops openly.

IRAQ: HEAVY FIGHTING: The Pentagon has announced, through CNN, that 65 U.S. troops have been killed in the month of September till now, bringing the total killed to 2710. Of these, 14 were killed in the first 2 days of Ramadan.

Observers say that Iraqi fighting is not being publicized by U.S. media although U.S. losses are heavier than those of Israel in the fighting with Hizbullah. Iraqi resistance losses, probably heavy, are not being reported at all. [Four Iraqi women were killed today, September 27 in a U.S. attack.]

Instead the media focus on the killings in Baghdad which are presented as "sectarian violence." New Trend's analysis is that the Interior Ministry of the U.S. installed regime is carrying out mass murder of Sunnis or potential opponents of the U.S. occupation forces. [77 death squad murders Sept. 24-26.] In response, the resistance is attacking the military, police and supporters of the occupation regime who happen to be Shias.


Peshawar: September 18. In the first such attack, a huge explosion followed by fire destroyed 33 police cars parked in the police headquarters. No one was hurt.

The daily Nawa-e-Waqt, 9.18, reports that Adam Ghadan was seen in southern Waziristan but went into hiding before Pakistani troops could reach him. Adam is the American Muslim who appeared in an al-Qaida video and urged Americans to embrace Islam.

The Central Committee [Shoora] of Jamaate Islami meeting in Lahore formally condemned the killing of Baluch leader Akbar Bugti by Pakistani troops and described it as "State Terrorism."

In the first breach of the agreement with Pashtun tribes, Pakistani troops exchanged fire with Pakistani fighters. Two Pakistani troops were wounded.

Sept. 21: An Afghan working for the U.S. who had crossed over into Waziristan to spy on Islamic forces was executed and his body left with a note identifying him as a U.S. spy.


Indian occupation troops have carried out a new series of atrocities and home searches. However they suffered losses in battles with mujahideen on September 22. In the first fight, 4 Indian troops were killed and 3 wounded. On the other side a fighter of al-Badr mujahideen was killed.

In another exchange, 2 Indian troops were killed and one wounded. On the other side 2 fighters of Lashkar-e-Taiba were killed.

Of these groups, Lashkar-e-Taiba [LET] is being used by India for propaganda against Muslims in INDIA, outside Kashmir. Every act of resistance by Indian Muslims is attributed to LET by the Indian government with the assertion that this is a Pakistani group.

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