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I highly urge every Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian to purchase, repeat purchase, the latest copy of National Geographic , October 2002. Read the article LINES IN THE SAND by Andrew Cockburn, p 102. In this article a pictorial history of Palestine from 1000 BC to Present is presented. This article presented such a convincing picture of Palestine that ADL is calling foul. Many Jewish organizations are urging their members to write to National Geographic and cancel their subscription. Check it out by going to and search: Lines in the Sand, Andrew Cockburn, National Geographic. Read all the comments by ADL, Jewish Indy, etc.

We must also learn from it. How others are so vigilant and has mastered the act of protesting.
A believer must be engaged in Amr bil Maroof, wa Na hee anil Munker (promoting good and stopping evil), and in learning, teaching, and writing. Remember, those who sit around and only intellectualize, they will only sob later. Be involved and be active! But only using the peaceful means to press on the Cause. Wa tawaso bil Haq, wa tawaso bis Sabr (teach the Truth and practice of Sabr).

Was Salamu Alaikum.
Imam Ali Siddiqui
Muslim Leaders Urge Muslims To Stand Up
Oct 13, 2002
Source: Palestine Information Centre
Muslim leaders and religious scholars on Friday castigated America's war on Islam and Islamic movements around the world, calling US war on "terror" another western crusade against Islamic countries.
"This is a war against Islam, against the Prophet Muhammed, against the Qura'an," said Sheikh Walid al-Haj, a popular speaker in Hebron.
"Don't you believe them when they tell you they are only against terror;
they are against everything Islamic. Didn't you see how Bush and his gang remained silent when one of the pigs (Jerry Falwell) described the Prophet Muhammed as a terrorist," said al Haj during Friday sermon.
Preachers in Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron and Jerusalem more or less had the same message about the US and Israel.
"Look, they are supporting Jewish Nazism soul and heart. They are besmirching Islam and vilifying our holy prophet. Muslims ought to take note of all of this," said the Juma'a speaker in the town of Dura, 10 miles south West of Dura.
In Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammed Hussein Fadlullah accused US President George Bush of supporting the anti-Islamic voices in the United States.
Fadlullah said Muslims all over the world ought to remain vigilant and rise up to defend their faith against this new wave of wars and crusades against Islam.
Oct. 16, 2002

The Editor,
The Globe & Mail

Dear Editor:

The falsehoods that Norman Spector { "When Sharon meets Bush" Oct. 16} piles up, in the defense of Israel, defy credibility.

He accuses Mr. Blair of drawing a false parallel between UN resolutions that demand Israeli and Iraqi compliance. In a sense, that is correct. Israel stands in defiance of scores of Security Council resolutions, for over 50 years. These include two Security Council resolutions ordered during the last few months, namely # 1405 ordering a team of UN inspectors to investigate the war crimes committed by Israel in Jenin, and Resolution # 1435, ordering Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian cities and towns in the illegally occupied West Bank and Gaza. None have been complied with.

He speaks of Israel as a democracy. Israel is a democracy for Jews only. Its Arab citizens are denied all basic rights. Israel is as much a democracy as Apartheid South Africa was a demoracy for whites only. Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu accurately described Israel as an apartheid state; they knew what they were speaking of.

He accuses Saudi Arabia of sending its 15 citizens to commit terrorist attacks against the US. The Saudi government was not a party to the horrendous 9/11 attack that its citizens participated in. He makes no mention of the acts of terrorism that the Israeli government planned and executed against its closest ally, the US. In 1954 the Israeli government sent its agents who bombed US diplomatic offices in Alexandria and Cairo [the Lavon Affair] so as to blame it on Egypt. Israel honored later the perpetrator, Macello Ninio. On June 8, 1967 Israeli forces attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 Americans and injured 171.

You describe Mr. Spector as having served as ambassador to Israel. It would have been more accurate to describe him as having served and continues to serve as ambassador for Israel.

Yours sincerely

Ismail Zayid.

2002-10-19 Sat 12:33ct