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(with thanks to Sis. Eileen, New Jersey)

Haila Gabr's Second Year in Prison without Trial
Her Birthday is on June 19

"Women are the Twins of Men." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Sunan Abu Dawud)
"Nothing is more beloved to Allah than two drops and two marks: a tear drop which falls due to fear of Allah and a drop of blood shed in the path of Allah. As for the two marks: they are a mark received in the path of Allah and a mark caused by observing one of the compulsory duties set by Allah."
(Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Sunan at-Tirmidhi 2:133, 1363
(Hadith sent to us by a sister in London.)

Dear Muslims: asalamu alaikum
Our sister from Yemen, Haila Gabr has completed more than two years in prison and her trial date has still not been fixed. That's USA justice system all over again. The "authorities" reportedly attribute the delay to a search for evidence about her "culture" because her attorney is reported to have said that in Muslim culture, a woman will defend her honor to the death.
Readers might remember that last year when we reported on Sis. Haila's case, she received mail from around the world, including letters from China and Egypt.
Since then she has been waiting patiently for her case to come up in court. She prays regularly and sometimes leads prayers.
Mostly her treatment has not been bad but every now and then a prison staff who hates Muslims turns up and tries to make her life difficult.
Sis. Eileen visits her quite regularly and reports on her ongoing struggle to maintain her dignity and her faith.

Her birthday is on June 19. Do not let her be alone. Send brotherly/sisterly letters and cards. (Do not push too much religion on her, please. We do not want foolish friends.) Sis. Eileen is keeping her supplied with Islamic literature, some of which was confiscated.
Write to: Haila Gabr, Atlantic City Correctional Center, 5060 Atlantic Avenue, Mays Landing, NJ 08338
Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Islam urges Muslim women (and men) to be militant fighters in defense of their dignity and honor. A Muslim woman should try her best to kill a man who tries to rape her.
The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is probably the only text in the world which decrees DEATH FOR THE RAPIST. I have recorded the text of the relevant hadith about rape in my book: LIBERATION OF WOMEN THRU ISLAM. (This book was published with the funds loaned by Muslim women and at their insistence. May Allah reward them.)

I urge readers to ponder the two hadith given at the top to understand the revolutionary nature of the Prophet's teachings. Women and Men are as equal as twins.
Haila Gabr has indeed fulfilled the meaning of the second Hadith. When a habitual predator who had a record for hunting women, assaulted her and crushed her physically, she took the first opportunity to hit back and killed him. She cries for fear of Allah and she shed blood in defense of her honor and dignity, which is jihad fi sabil Allah. She was hurt in defending herself and on her forehead is the mark of her prayers to the Creator.
For the complete story, look up our last year's posting.
DEAR BROTHERS: YOU MUST STAND UP FOR THE HONOR OF OUR SISTER. Also stand up for the women being raped in Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, and terrorized by U.S. aircraft in Iraq, and starved in Sudan and Afghanistan by U.S. sanctions.
Stand up for the oppressed women of India where large numbers of women are burned alive every year because they didn't bring enough dowry.
Stand up for the oppressed women of America (30,000 battered in Wisconsin alone). Never oppress a woman if you are a Muslim. The Prophet's Hadith indicates that he NEVER HIT A WOMAN or abused her in any way, though he was surrounded by women. That is Islam.
For the movement against spousal abuse, join the Baitul Salaam Network, Atlanta, email: Haleem1@aol.com
For women's rights in the mosque and to join the Islamic struggle for women's rights, email: ash era22@aol.com
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