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THE HUMILIATED PAKISTANI PEOPLE HAVE STARTED TAKING TO THE STREETS TO PROTEST FBI raids on Pakistani cities. Friday NOVEMBER 1 was a day of PROTEST AGAINST FBI RAIDS. In recent days, the FBI under the protection of Musharref's mercenary forces, broke into Pakistani homes. Among those arrested was physician whose crime is said to be that he tended to the wounded people hurt by American attacks in Afghanistan. Also, the son-in-law of Hekmatyar was picked up. Both are reportedly being interrogated by the FBI.

Pakistanis now are beginning to realize that no Pakistani is safe from the FBI. The Americans can break into Pakistani homes and arrest whomsoever they will. Pakistan has become a joke of a country. Musharref has sold the country for two billion dollars.

On November 1, our representative distributed literature at a mosque in the Baltimore area where the Imam is from Syria. One flyer distributed was about Imam Jamil al-Amin. One was a scary multi-colored poster in URDU language about the boycott of businesses which support Israel. [This poster has shock effect and can be sent to readers for $1. Thanks to Sis. Karen for helping us to print this.]

The third flyer was about Aimal Kansi and our opposition to the death penalty. One person, probably an immigrant from Syria, did not like our opposition to the death penalty. The following exchanges took place:

Immigrant: What did this person do?
New Trend rep: He attacked the CIA headquaters.
Immigrant: Did he kill people.
NT rep: Yes, two CIA men were killed.
Immigrant: Then he should be killed.
NT: Two wrongs don't make a right. If his killing was wrong, then killing him is two wrongs.
Immigrant: No, no.
N.T: We oppose the death penalty because USA is a secular state.
Immig.: Apply the Qur'an. [Here he quoted the Qur'an.]
N.T.: Qur'an cannot be applied by a Kafir government.
Immig: I say apply the Qur'an. Wasn't there a meethaq (agreement) between Pakistan and U.S. to punish this person?
N.T. Meethaq between kufr and nifaq is not accepted under Islamic law. Only Islamic authority can apply the Qur'an.
Immig: Let us go inside (the mosque) and ask the Shaikh.
N.T.: I don't need to do that. This is basic Islam that the Qur'anic laws become applicable under Islamic authority, not by governments against Islam (such as the Pakistani) or the kafir ones.
Immig. Let's go and ask the Shaikh.
N.T.: I know your Shaikh by his khutbas. If you wish, you go and ask him: Does USA's government have the validity to apply Qur'anic punishments? Tell him that we oppose the death penalty.
Immig. So if someone kills you, he cannot be killed?
N.T.: No, capital punishment is haram where Islamic justice has not been applied. CIA has killed thousands around the world. No CIA man has ever been put on trial. I have to go now, but ask your Shaikh and let me know what is his wisdom...

Immig: I say, apply the Qur'an!

2002-11-02 Sat 12:20ct