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1. Massive Peace Demonstration in Washington: Biggest Yet
2. Imam Jamil's Message Received from Prison at rally
[Plus Report on Peace Rally in Chicago.]
3. Br. Kaukab Condemns Russian Atrocities against Chechens: Khutba in Atlanta
4. Baitul Salaam Conference Analyses Domestic Violence: Death Penalty Opposed (Aimal Kasi)
5. Invitation to Native American ('Red Indian') Rights Conference
1. A number of reports have been received from our observers at the Peace demonstration organized by A.N.S.W.E.R in Washington D.C. on October 26. It appears that the rally and marches continued all day and into the evening. Our observers were there at various parts of the day. The crowds were huge, estimated at between 150,000 and 200,000 though some say even more.

Very large percentages of the marchers were 'White'. There were scattered Muslim groups from a variety of mosques, but unfortunately far fewer than in the Spring rally for Palestine. Palestinians, mostly nationalists, were very active.

Mr. Bush seems to be facing a serious challenge from 'White' America in his plans to attack Iraq. The protestors, though very diverse and fragmented, from Christian to atheist, were united in their contempt for Bush and the Zionist war party which has taken over the White House.

The Muslims made quite an impression on the dais itself. Unfortunately most of the proceedings, speeches etc., did not carry far from the dais. Mahdi Bray, the Muslim represntative of the rally, a conservative African-American not known for his eloquence did speak up for once and announced quite loudly that "we do not want to be invited to the White House." [Looks like Jamaat al-Muslimeen's scathing critique of Toms and toadies who wait in line to be invited to the White House is having effect.]
2. A DRAMATIC MOMENT IN THE RALLY WAS WHEN IMAM JAMIL' al-AMIN's MESSAGE WAS RELAYED FROM PRISON IN HIS OWN VOICE. He recited Sura al-‘Asr. Unfortunately the sound system was not good. Inshallah the voice of this courageous fighter for freedom will continue to be heard. Imam Khalil from North Carolina has provided the text of the message which is as follows.

In The Name Of Allah.
The Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him has said:
Never Pray for War, and when it comes be Patient.

O People! There is a coming storm from which no one is exempt.

The present is now the future.
And the future will (must) change what we know as "forever".

We come in masses, in countless numbers, like the rain.
But they count us as helpless and weak.
They offer the old adage: "Shepherds may change but sheep will always remain the same."

They make "terrornoia" our master.
Evil is as evil does.
How often does fear of an evil lead us to one worse.

Huey P. Long, who was once governor of Louisiana was asked, will fascism come to America? He said yes, fascism will come to America but it will be called PATRIOTISM.

The lack of Faith will crush you far more thoroughly than defeat ever could.

The proof of Faith is in struggle,
Struggling in Word and Deed,
In Body and Spirit.

We must bare our chest to the sword,
Throw ourselves into the teeth of history.

Remember, the wind howls because it can't keep up.
Indeed the Spirit is the superior.
If we allow them Iraq, then one more for the howling wind.

"By the token of time through the ages
Verily Man is the loser,
Except those who believe,
And do good deeds,
And who counsel each other to the
And who counsel each other to


May Allah's blessings be upon those who do good. Ameen.


Statement at the Rally Aganist the War on Iraq
Washington, DC
October 26, 2002
All day the marchers chanted and shouted and prayed against Zionist Bush's war on Iraq. There were numerous interesting scenes. At one intersection, a sister in hijab, carrying two banners, one saying NO WAR and the other PEACE couldn't take it any longer because her back pack which was loaded with NEW TREND papers was TOO HEAVY. She pleaded with passing Palestinian marchers to take the papers from her back pack and distribute them. They did exactly as she said, such was the fraternal spirit on display.

Some of our sisters from Baltimore have promised to provide photos of the march for our web site.
Photos of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's rally for Imam Jamil at CNN headquarters are now on our web site. Go to: and click on pictures. Go to #4.
On October 26, 2,000-2500 anti-war Protestors made their way to downtown Chicago. Standing near the Murral building and post office, the protestors were loud, proud, but respectful. Sponsored by the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, Chicagoans vented their frustration towards Bush's war-mongering.

A good mix of Muslims, progressives, Liberals, and even some conservatives were present. Preachers from Christian denominations criticized war efforts. Some in the audience stated the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone from Minnesota, was actually planned by warmongers on capitol hill. Others even held banners displaying this feeling. Progressive leaders called for an end to sanctions against Iraq. Coalition leader Andy Thayer stated, "The sanctions have killed enough Iraqis already. We do not need more war to kill other Iraqis." Muslim representatives expressed feeling under seige by hostile, anti-Muslim forces. With passion Mr. Thayer declared "AIDS is spreading and Bush is pulling funds away from health projects to war." "I for one, will not kill no Iraqi ever." Mr. Thayer's emotions were highly charged, along with others speakers present.

With President Bush coming to Chicago, The Coalition has decided to greet our guest warmly. The Trans-Atlantic forum will be hled in Chicago next week. Along with Mr. Bush, several other national leaders will also be present. The Chicago Coalition against war and racism will be present when Mr. Bush adresses the conference next week. WELCOME TO CHICAGO PRESIDENT BUSH!!!!

NPR, ethnic media, and local radio stations did cover the event. Other special guests were Imam Jamal from the Mosque Foundation, Imam Hamid Dogar from the Islamic foundation, representatives from Centro Sin Fronteres, the Anti-War movement in Chicago, the Moveon organization, and Chicago Citizens against war.
3. Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba at masjid al-muminun in Atlanta on October 25. He spoke for ONE HOUR, quoting extensively from the Qur'an and the Hadith. He strongly denounced the Russian genocide in CHECHNIA. The desperate move by Chechens in Moscow, including veiled women ready to give their lives, was a reflection of the appalling occupation of Chechnia by the Russian military juggernaut, he said. The Russians have destroyed the entire city of Grozny and have demolished thousands of homes, mosques and businesses of the Chechen people.

Among the many points Br. Kaukab made was the equality of women and men in Islam. He said, the Qur'an has made TAQWA, and not gender, the standard of superiority. The most despicable of men is the one who raises his hand against women, he said, and quoted hadith to show that men who hurt women are opponents of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
[The enthused audience could not control itself and both men and women broke into chants of ALLAHU AKBAR during various points in the khutba.]
4. BAITUL SALAAM's seminar on Domestic Violence was held in College Park, Georgia on October 26. Ably organized by Sis. Hedaya Majeed and her team, the seminar consisted of these components:
1. Family Support
2. Domestic Violence
3. Political Prisoners
4. Palestine (with an exhibition from Sis. Leila Diab of Chicago)
5. Substance Abuse

A detailed report will be published separately.

During the segment on Domestic Violence and Political Prisoners, there were three Jamaat al-Muslimeen speakers.
i. Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah gave reasons for the existence of Jamaat al-Muslimeen. She pointed out the problems which exist among Muslim groups in America which are either "leader oriented" instead of being message oriented, or are nationality based and controlled by the rich and the elitists. She made an impassioned plea to Muslims to help the Jamaat in its human rights and charitable works and described her own journey to JAM in her search for an independent Islamic organization.
ii. Sis. Amatullah (from Virginia) provided research on domestic violence in America and the causes and effects related to the mistreatment of women. The statistics she has collected are shocking and indicate that the family system in America is caught in a cycle of violence.
iii. Br. Kaukab spoke on the human rights of Political Prisoners in America, particularly Imam Jamil al-Amin. He also spoke against the Death Penalty and highlighted the case of AIMAL KASI who is facing execution in Virginia on November 14. [All readers are urged to write to the Governor of Virginia against Kasi's execution.]
ABOUT AIMAL KASI, reader "OldTurk" writes:
Thanks for your continued help in the Aimal case.
Amnesty USA and Unitarians against death penalty have also taken up this case.

1- Amnesty International, USA urges action to stop this criminal execution because the International Law was broken when he was abducted from Pakistan.

2- Unitarian Universalists for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

3- Virginians for Alternatives to the Death penalty, Jack Payden-Travers

BAITUL SALAAM, which cares for battered women, has distributed Dr. Kaukab Siddique's message to Imams all over America urging them to speak out against the physical and mental abuse of women by men. The message, supported by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was published in the MUSLIM JOURNAL (issue dated November 1, 2002)
The members and the Board of Directors of
Cordially invite you to
A Special Program:
Basic rights of indigenous communities, including the right to land and to cultural identity - in the use of language, education and the administration of justice - are systematically violated -

Amnesty International Report 2002
The Struggle for Human Rights by the Indigenous People of Americas
Speaker: Hashi-Hanta, Writer, Radio/TV Talk Show Host, Organizer, American Indian Leader
Co-founder and Chairperson, United People for Wounded Knee
Delegate for Native American Issues, World Congress, German Democratic Republic
Hashi-Hantais a member of Choctaw Nation, a prolific speaker and extremely active in the
American Indian Struggle for reclaiming their Rights and Land. She has lectured extensively in the US and Europe at the Universities, schools, churches, and political gatherings on the subject of Rights and the Struggle of the American Indians. She was the member of the original American Indian party landed on Alcatraz to reclaim the island. She is actively involved in the many American Indian Actions including Reclaiming Cleveland National Forest, Compaign against Los Angeles Police for illegal infiltration and spying, Protest against the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, and fundraising campaigns by organizing concerts. She is also an author of the book: Pathway to the Spirit World a life story of her near death experience. She now lives with her husband at the Tohono Oodham Nation surrounded by Arizona and Mexico.

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