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Analysis from our Islamic Think Thank
Clinton, Barak, Arafat Meet: Ho Hum
("Hamlet" Without the Prince of Denmark)
Answer to Zionism Will Come from Islam, not Arab Secularism

i. The anti-Islam nationalist governments used to keep the masses busy with the idea that "We'll drive the Israelis into the sea." The Israeli propagandists made full use of that slogan to gain sympathy in America. The nationalists never meant it and in fact were quietly dithering with the Zionists. Decades before his death Jordan's King Hussein was the CIA's man working with Israel. He handed over Jerusalem almost without a fight. Nasser had his planes all parked out in the open for the Israelis to destroy in one night, and Assad was pathetic (his planes could never shoot back and he lost 80 in one day).
ii. Stage 2. "We will save Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the red line, etc." The Jews are busy destroying the Arab and Muslim character of Jerusalem and proclaiming that it is their eternal capital. So how will Arafat get some of Jerusalem? By begging America for it?
iii. Stage 3. We must save masjid al-Aqsa from destruction. We will not allow haikale sulaimani to be built on it. How dare a Jew even think he will destroy our holy site and get away with it?Are we a dead nation?

This process of reductionism shows that the Arab elites are on the run and are begging for scraps from America's table.

Objectively speaking, Israel is the spearhead of American imperial power. Or, to switch metaphors, it is the aircraft carrier of USA in the middle of the Islamic sea. America wants a "peaceful solution" for the following reasons:
1. Legitimize the occupation of Palestine. "We grabbed this land and we won't leave it. If you try to take it back, you are terrorists."
2. Secularize the middle east and thus legitimize all the terrorist regimes which have been imposed on the Muslim world. (Do you hear USA calling for democracy in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Algeria?)
3. Make the oil wealth of the middle east America's property forever via the terrorist regimes imposed on the Muslims. (Note that while African Muslims are dying of starvation and famine, Saudi Arabia is increasing the flow of oil to the West.)
4. Use the Muslim world's people as cheap labor and consumers sustaining an industrializing Israel. Muslim lands will become dumping grounds for all the filth of the West (alcohol, fashion products, condoms, toxic wastes, casinos).
5. Surround and neutralize the holy cities of Islam. Anyone deemed a follower of jihadist interpretations of Islam will not be allowed to go for Hajj.
6. Restrict the recitation of the Qur'an to leave out segments which teach armed uprising against oppressors. Already in America, most big mosques have "Imams" who carefully leave out verses of the Qur'an which the FBI might consider "terroristic." The Israeli dream is to produce an expurgated edition of the Qur'an.

THUS IF ISRAEL SURVIVES IN THE LANDS IT HAS ENTRENCHED ITSELF IN, the Muslim world will be a vast arena of slavery.Zionism is very tenacious in its brainwashing and re-writing of history techniques. Notice that in America, school children are being taught about the Jewish version of the holocaust (brainwashing defenseless children who have no alternative information) and Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE has been reinterpreted to show that its arch villain, Shylock, was actually an innocent victim. These people will walk on all that is holy to Muslims.

THE ISLAMIC RESPONSE: All the authentic scholars of Islam are agreed that there is no interpetation by which peace can be made with an armed Zionist force in occupation of Muslim land. Be it Hamas or Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah or Fis, Harakat al-Ansar of Kashmir or Jamaate Islami, Gamaa' al-Islamiyya or the Taliban, Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman or Shaikh Yusuf al-Qardawi, Safar al-Hawali or al-Awdah, they are unanimous that Israel is illegitimate.

THE MUSLIM WORLD is ALIVE WITH COMING REVOLUTION. Israel's fate will not be decided in the White House or in Tel Aviv. It has already been decided in the Qur'an. So, please "Friends of Jerusalem" and other pathetic self-styled leaders of Arabs in America, stop your bootlicking and whining. Do not disgrace yourself. It does not matter in the least what Clinton, Barak and Arafat say.

If the three are silent about the mass death of children in Iraq, the sanctions on Sudan and Afghanistan, the genocide by Aids in southern Africa, the famine in Ethiopia, what good can you expect from them in any matter related to the oppressed people of the world.

So please, if you do have any sense or logic left in your minds, stop this stupidity about Jerusalem and al-Aqsa. You are asking for too little and your begging simply encourages the Zionist Jew.

Every inch of occupied land must be liberated. Right now if the zionists have the tanks and the planes and we have only the sticks and stones, no matter. Things can change. Remember Hizbullah are not even an entire nation and they forced the Zionist Jews to leave.

Let's focus on freeing our lands so that the armies of Islam should be unleashed against the Zionist occupiers and not be psychopathically used against our own people.

The days of Kings and Despots are numbered. If Islam can be reborn in Turkey, it certainly will have no problem in Egypt or Algeria. And "Saudi" Arabia in one night could become Arabia of the Prophet (pbuh) again.

So if you can't do anything against Israel, stop whining and begging and maintain a dignified silence: the silence of the oppressed waiting for justice and a tide of vengeance to pay for the unspeakable wrongs done to our UMMAH in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia ....
And drive them out from where they have driven you out,
for oppression is worse than slaughter... The Quran:2:191

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