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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 10,1430/ January 7, 2009, # 3. [65 issues of New Trend were published in 2008]

U.S. Muslim, 19, kidnaped by joint U.S.-Bangla swat team, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, brought to U.S. prison in Atlanta, undergoing serious mistreatment: Please scroll all the way down.

"We must come to the full realization that Allah is God - Allahu Akbar - Allah is the Greatest, and there is nohing we can add to Islam."

"The extent to which we resist, is the extent to which we are free."
[Two quotes from Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin.]

ISRAEL is another name for GENOCIDE:

In 1918, there were 574,000 Muslims and 70,000 Christians in Palestine, and only 56,000 Jews. Thus Jews were 8% and non-Jews were 92% of the population. By 1946, the Muslim and Christian percentage had dropped to 69% and the Jewish had risen to 31%. That is GENOCIDE.

[Source: British documents quoted in Zionism: The Myth and the Reality by Dr. Ismail Zayid [Canada]

Muharram 10 [Ashura] is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain r.a, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Though heavily outnumbered and faced with overwhelming force, he refused to accept kingship and a corrupt regime based on personal power and hereditary rule. Hussain, r.a., is a symbol of Islamic resistance, unrelated to any sectarian issues. Staunch Sunni scholars like Allama Iqbal and Maulana Maudoodi consider Hussain, r.a., central to the revolutionary lifeblood of Islam. He and his entire family were brutally killed by the governor of a king, both of whom considered themselves Muslims! Thus, the progeny of kings can kill the beloved grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, and still consider themselves Muslims!

Blueprint for the future:
From Imam Badi Ali: National Islamic Shoora: Jamaat al-Muslimeen

We urge Muslims to understand that demonstrations against the oppressors are very important. Making du'a is good but not enough. Do what you can. Umar ibn al-Khattab, Allah be pleased with him, saw a man in the masjid praying for sustenance from Allah. Allah, r.a., poked him with his stick and told him to go out and strive in Allah's way to find sustenance.

This is how we understand the famous Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, narrated by Abu Saeed: When you see evil, stop it with your hand. If you can't, then speak out against it. If not even that, then consider it evil in your heart, and that is the WEAKEST level of faith.

E-mails, speeches, demonstrations come into the second category: speak out against it.

However, DEMONSTRATIONS should be ISSUE ORIENTED and well organized. It's not enough to call for peace. OPPOSE the oppressor.
Hurt the oppressor by cartoons, statistics of U.S. aid, slogans, support for the oppressed.

Also, condemn the leaders of the oppressors: Famous Hadith: Greatest Jihad is to speak the word of truth to the tyrant.

In Muslim countries, more can be done: Where oppressive rulers have allowed Israeli embassies: Surround the embassies and do not permit anyone to enter or leave.

Be creative: "Speak out against it" has many aspects. Ridicule and insult the oppressors.

The Prophet, pbuh, commanded Hassan ibn Thabit, r.a., pointing to the oppressors: Do their HUJW, O Hassan and may Allah be with you!
Hujw is a form of poetry in which the enemy is ridiculed and his weaknesses analyzed.

Help Americans to understand that Israel is killing civilians because the people are the support of the resistance. The Israelis want to spread panic through death and destruction in the general public to demoralize the resistance. [By January 7: 700 killed 3000 wounded.]

Speaking to the American People about Gaza

Br. Hodari Abdul-Ali, a prominent African-American Muslim, has a segment on Radio Pacifica's Democracy Now! program in Washington, DC. Br. Hodari, as his friends call him, is known for his peace initiative for Sudan [GPAC] and for his historic speech to Muslims in India, connecting the Muslims and Dalits [Black people] of India with African-Americans.

On January 7, 2009 Br. Hodari invited Dr. Kaukab Siddique to speak to him LIVE on the air at 7.40 AM about the situation in Gaza. Br. Kaukab made the following points:

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [two items only]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Here are some of the letters Jamaat has received about our BOYCOTT of businesses which support Israel. See our reply after the letters

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah. InshAllah you are in the best of health and iman. Can you please give me information/a list of the companies that support Israel and its illegal occupation so that I can boycott them and encourage others to do so? JazakAllah khair.


Hello I would like to receive the list of companies that invest in Israel so that I make sure that not one of my dollars will go to them.

please let me know the updated list that should be boycotted. i will use it and pass it on to as many islamic centers as possible.

As Salaamu Alaikum,

It is time to put all differences aside to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Jamaat al Muslimeen has been working to educate people about Palestine and boycotting products from Israel for many years. They have the most complete list of companies here in the US who send money to Israel for the purpose of defeating the people of Palestine by demoralizing them. Please contact Brother Kaukab Siddique immediately if you want to know more about how to get the word out to boycott products from Israel. His email is .

Please pass on to everyone. No if's and's or but's: this is not the time for politics among us.

ma salaam
Hadayai Majeed
Peace Women Across the Globe

Reply from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to inquiries about products which should be BOYCOTTED

walaikum asalam

The most important are:

1. Coca Cola
2. Starbucks
3. McDonalds
4. Disney
5. Home Depot
6. Nestle [Nestle water and other Nestle products like evaporated milk]
7. Arm & Hammer products

May Allah reward you for your efforts. If someone wants to write to these companies telling them that we are boycotting them, the addresses of most of them are on: click on NEWS. Then go to the search engine at the top left. click on BOYCOTT

Outreach to Arab American Muslims
Jamaat resolutions are about post-Bush/pre-Obama situation [analysis by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz ] and also relate to Mexico, Palestine, Pakistan, Africa.
For complete text go to:

On January 2, 2009, Jamaat al-Muslmeen National Shoora's resolutions were given to 60 people at Masjid Noor in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Outreach to African Americans

Jamaat's Shoora resolutions were given to 97 Muslims at Imam Jamil's community masjid in the West End of Atlanta where Dr. Siddique gave the khutba on Dec. 26.

Our Kerbala by Kaukab Siddique [poetry in free verse]
We Would be slaves if Gaza, Fallujah, Red Mosque ..... Did not Fight Back!
Islam Brings Unexpected Consequences
Images from hostile TV channels
Gaza's children running for their lives
Red plumes of missiles and artillery flashes
[Those are our homes exploding.]
Tank columns: the Jewish armada going in for the kill
For them Arabs are vermin to be stamped out.
Racism coming out of the "Chosen People."
We are defenseless: Hosni, Abdullah2, Abbas plot and plan
We have no armies: We have no tanks, we have no artillery: HAA plot and plan.
Columns of tanks moving into our world: Our children scream, our homes crumble, crash.
Helicopters of the "Chosen Peopele:" Fancy Missiles, flares, homing devices.
The Jews have night vision optics: They move in relentlessly.

The children are cold: No fuel, no electricity, women in hijab nurse their babies.
'Shock and Awe.' The Jews are moving in: They took our lands. Now they want our shanty towns.
The refugee camps are on fire: Across the border in accursed "Israel" fancy split level homes.
CNN man ducks under car: "danger" from Hamas 'rocket': A little hole in the asphalt.
"Chosen People" who took our lands say they are in danger and must kill us.

The Jewish tank column arrives, artillery smashing through our little alley ways.
The tanks stop, revving, suddenly deprived of blood. Bearded men with RPGs block the monsters.
The bearded men, mujahideen, rapidly becoming shuhada, wrapped in their blood.
They die, untrained volunteers, fighting for Islam: the tanks can't advance!
Long beards, praying to Allah, intense women backing them: Hijabis!

Our people die: They are Hamas: Bush says they are terrorists.
Obama waiting for Hamas to be killed: His "change" will then come.
Silent Obama! His "hope" is audacious: Dead "terrorists" by 1.20

From the horror and blood of Gaza: a new generation is rising!
The children of Islam: So many: Israel can't kill them all!
The children know the enemy: They know who killed 'baba'
Pharoah's Egypt, Sadat, Hosni, the torture, the screams of bearded men and hijabi women in dungeons
The slow death of a million Iraqi children
Brought Abdel Rahman, Khalid, Ayman, 'Ata
4 Egyptians: a terrible beauty is born!

Who would have thought:silky Saudi nifaq
would be countered by a tall man from within Arabia!
Osama, Mullah Omar: a strange alliance
the unity of faith: so different yet so close.
B-52s, daisy cutters! The Taliban return, victorious!
Then shift to Pakistan!
Abdul Rashid Ghazi would not surrender! Phosphorous! His mother killed with him!

Gaza is the limit: 1.5 million people under the Jewish juggernaut
stacks of bodies, artillery at close range, helicopters spitting death.
1.5 million Osamas, 1.5 million Aymans
We would be slaves if it were not for them.
The long beards, the hijabi women, the little Gaza babies die, so that we may live.

Palestine will not be another Germany.
Our streets will not be named after our traitors
Our children will not imitate Bush
We will take back our lands.
ALL our lands!

Troubling Questions: What is Wrong with America? Christians who don't follow Jesus, pbuh.
by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City]

Mayor Bloomberg just left for Israel to show his solidarity and support for its slaughter of innocents. I have been praying for all of the Muslims who are actively engaging in Jihad against the kufr. My mother is baffled by the behavior of some of her family members who state that as Christians it is their duty to support Israel because they are the Chosen People. Another Christian friend of hers just sent a packet of Jehovah's Witness pamphlets refuting this since the Jews broke the Covenant.

Many Christians, especially Black Americans, do not read the Bible. My mother told me she passed a church in Maryland that displayed a banner advertising a Gospel concert to save Israel during this time of stress for them!

Re: Blajegovitch - America is definitely corrupt. But, was it any less corrupt when the Native Americans were being slaughtered for this land? Or when Black people were tilling it for free or being lynched? Was it any less corrupt when Imams were being thrown in jail for crimes that others have confessed to committing? I write this because I have noticed that MSNBC and other networks have allowed many whites to display their discontentment with America all of a sudden but, white supremacist attitudes prevent them from ever being viable allies against oppression. Many people do not understand that capitalism is the process of making money to someone or a whole society's detriment. I should know because I am six generations removed from slavery on my maternal grandmother's side. White supremacy and the love of money has been the root of evil in American society.

I remember, Br. Kaukab, your daughter writing her observation (at a war protest) of the different reasons why many White Americans are against the invasion of Iraq as opposed to a Black person's or a Muslim's reasons. Most White people are against the invasion simply because their kids are coming back maimed. But, what if there were no American casualties? They know no pain unless they are suffering from it because their racist attitudes prevent them from feeling compassion for a fellow human being.

I believe that practicing Muslims have an advantage over the average frustrated American because we have the Qur'an which teaches us to recognize the characteristics of an oppressor and forbids us from associating with them on any level. However, there are still those people who believe that they can change things by negotiating through a system that was set up to make us fail.

Even in times of great tragedy, they continue to mislead Muslims
ISNA men Create Diversion: Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, Johari Abdul Malik: Draining the Immigrant Community of Funds
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

"I have not been commanded to beautify and grandify the masjids." Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas, r.a., in the Sunan of Abu Dawud, kitabus salat, section 12. Ibn Abbas, r.a., adds: "You will beautify and grandify them as did the Jews and the Christians."

Believe it or not! Three of ISNA-W.D. Muhammad's men will be holding a fund raiser on January 10 in Baltimore's Masjid Rahma [Islamic Society of Baltimore]. They want to draw all the money the ummah needs at this time of great tragedy into building yet another mosque for the rich immigrant Muslims living in Maryland.

The tragedy of Gaza means nothing to them, as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan meant nothing to them. While Muslims across America are rallying in support of Gaza, these three fitna-elements want to collect another quarter million dollars for another dead mosque.

Not that the Muslims of Maryland don't have mosques. The Indo-Pakistanis have theirs, the Arabs have theirs and the African-Americans several of theirs [skillfully divided according to USA's racial patterns.]

Harford county has a mosque too but it is rented, so in come Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir and Johari, like birds of prey. They have sharpened the methodology of exploitation. "Donate for the mosque now, or you may be dead the next minute." "How will you answer to Allah."

The poor and the deprived feel humiliated in these rich men's gatherings. "Do I see 10,000 dollars?" "No! Do I see $1000 dollars, for a house in Paradise."

These people try to exploit ONE isolated Hadith about the benefits of making a masjid.
[They NEVER mention the Hadith I have quoted above.] Is that what the Prophet, pbuh, taught, without anything else? No opposition to the oppressors? No 'Amr bil Maroof, no Nahi unil Munkar? No sacrifice? No hijra? No jihad? Didn't the Prophet, pbuh, pray in a little home of his companion, Arqam, r.a. for years?

These fitna-mongers, if they were real Muslims, would be telling the rich immigrants: Help the poor and the oppressed. You already have Masjids. You are from India [as in this case], why don't you help Muslims in India, or the millions in need in Bangladesh, or Pakistan, you name it! Have you forgotten where you came from.

Gaza is BURNING and you divert limited Muslim funds into yet another dead building?
Look at America's Muslim political prisoners. They don't even have funds for good lawyers.
Look at Masaud Khan 's mother, filing an appeal for her son, Dr. Kifah's wife trying to save the homes of friends who stood surety for him.

You want to donate? Help Imam Jamil's Justice Fund.

Dear Muslims! Beware of these ISNA hustlers. Ask them what is their source of income. Don't be fooled by Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir and Johari.

Israel Violated its Shabbath!
By Sister Sofia

According to their own folklore, Jerusalem will belong to the Jews as long as they practice/maintain the Sabbath.

This weekend, the Zionists in Israel violated their Shabbath.

In ancient times, the Pharohs in Egypt believed they were gods. Forget about eternal life and immortality, they could not even attain decent burial.

The Jews seem to believe that they are modern day Pharohs. They have created Hell for themselves in this lifetime (they rant and rave even against their Maker; they are unable to practice/live according to their Faith while the Muslims to their last dying breath do not lose their Faith in Allah, the Creator of the Universes) and worse for the Hereafter (inshallah, they will not even be allowed in the Presence of Lord Almighty on Judgment Day).

God's Justice has already landed on each and every one of the Zionist Jews here on Earth!

The Changing World
Extraordinary Comments from Angry Turkish leaders

Turkish Justice Minister Mehmet Ali Sahin charged in Antalya on Saturday that "Israel is the world's greatest terrorist provocateur.
The war on terror cannot succeed as long as Israel continues its provocations."

He was followed on January 4 by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who, during a visit to Saudi Arabia, blamed Israel for the outbreak of fighting. "Hamas observed the truce for six months, but Israel did not honor the agreement to lift the embargo on Gaza," he said. "People in Gaza live in a sort of prison. Essentially, all of Palestine is a prison."

GAZA: Eyewitness Account: Death Fills the Air: Israel using depleted Uranium, says Norwegian

It's really hard to post from here. Every time I manage to make it back to Gaza to write for a period, a new calamity.
"They're shelling Awda hospital," in Jabaliya, the news reports. Our internationals there at the moment report it was two shells at a police post next to the hospital, one hospital worker getting shrapnel to the head, but surviving.
The numbers slaughtered and injured are so high now -521 and 3,000 as of this morning, Gaza time — that sitting next to a dead or dying person is becoming normal. The stain of blood on the ambulance stretcher pools next to my coat, the medic warning me my coat may be dirtied. What does it matter? The stain doesn't revolt me as it would have, did, one week ago. Death fills the air, the streets in Gaza, and I cannot stress that this is no exaggeration.
Back in Gaza city briefly, after a day and night again with the medics, I'll try to summarize, though there is too much to tell, too much incoming news, and it's too hard to reach people, even those just a kilometer away. Before dropping me off, the medics had gone to different gas stations, searching for gas for the ambulances. Two stations, no luck. Some at a final source fills their tanks. The absence of gas is critical. So is the absence of bread, which goes on, the lines longer than ever yet.
A text tells me (at this point I have to rely on news from phone and text messages, when reception is available) that the UN says 13,000 have been displaced since these attacks, that 20% of the dead are women and children, 70 % are without drinking water. There are many more facts to sober one drunk on apathy, but I can't source or share them now.
The Israeli army occupied areas in the north, shelled houses, demolishing them, many injuries, dead, many off-limits to the ambulances.
Beit Hanoun is occupied by the Israeli army, which is now controlling the entry points to the northern region, cutting it off. One small, sub-par hospital without an ICU is staggering under the influx of injured from house demolitions, shellings, shootings... Two ambulances serve this region, I don't have any information on their condition, the amount of petrol they have, or what areas of the Beit Hanoun region are accessible or not.
Entering via an ambulance to take an emergency case to Gaza's Shifa hospital, I see the Beit Hanoun hospital crammed, with a frenzied air, families desperate to get their injured care... those who have been able to get to the hospital. Mohammed Sultan, 19, stands dazed with a gunshot graze to the back of his head. From Salateen, northwestern Gaza, he had to walk 1 km before a car could reach him and take him here.
The man we transfer to Shifa has been shot in the face. He is about 35, is a civilian, was in or near his house. His face has exploded, and we move as fast as possible over torn up roads, ambulance jarring as we move and as the medics try to administer delicate care. It's on everyone's mind that the army is present here, that our safety is not.
Beit Lahia and beyond, in the northwest, are mostly off-limits to ambulances, leaving the wounded and dead where they are. The calls from there for help, for evacuation, have been non-stop and now go ignored.
In Zaytoun, reports have one extended family being separated men from women, locked inside two houses, and the houses shelled a day later (this morning, around 11 am). Bodies are still being pulled and carted to Shifa hospital. Many estimate that as many as 20 were killed, 10s more injured. I will go to Shifa after this to try to confirm numbers, though again the disclaimer that confirmation in these conditions takes time (and working phone lines). Zaytoun area is occupied in parts, making ambulance access again nearly-impossible, if not fully, I don't know at this point.
I'm told that areas further south have been invaded, shelled, occupied. Like Zahara, and Juhadik in central Gaza. Press TV reporter Yusuf al Helo told me this morning that the reason he hadn't answered my phone calls last night (he is one of the better sources for up-to-date news) was because his uncle, in the extended Zaytoun area, just off the main Salah el Din street, was killed when Israeli forces shelled their house. "My cousins were in the house too," he told me, as were many more injured. Over 15 hours after the assault, Yusuf updates me: "until now they still haven't been able to take the injured and dead out of my uncle's house."
Last night, in a Jabaliya hospital, I talk with one nurse who tells us that his brother Adham, an 8 year old, was shot in the neck and in the chest at 4:30 pm that day (January 4th) when on his rooftop in the same northwestern area that ambulances now cannot reach.
Mohammed tells me his village, Khosar, east of Khan Younis was shelled in an agricultural area, one of the many open areas continuing to be pummelled. One of the many areas period: open, residential, market...
Painfully, I learn that after a hasty funeral, Arafa's mourning tent was shelled yesterday, mourners inside. At least five injuries and much insult.
at 4:37, Haidar updates me that "the house of the El Eiwa family, from Shejaiyee, was attacked. Lots of casualties, including children."
He updates me on a BBC report: "the one o'clock news on the local BBC channel interviewed a Norwegian doctor in Gaza wo said some of the victims bear traces of depleted uranium in their bodies."

by Mark Glenn [from Idaho]

A follower of Jesus, pbuh, muses on the support of Jews worldwide for Israeli crimes in Gaza.
"He looked like my little boy except for the bullet hole in his small chest!"

Natural Born Killers: America has surrendered to Jewish Death Merchants:

As soon as the slaughter began, I avoided it-meaning the internet-like the plague. I had already been through it before-a thousand times at least-and knew if I was to keep what little sanity I had left I simply could not do it, meaning looking at the photos, and particularly those of innocent kids being shot and blown to pieces.
It's not that I'm the typical callous, stupid American who would rather see Britney Spears wiggling and jiggling herself to pieces in some new music video than the real-life suffering of real-life others. Rather, it is the other direction-I'm over-sensitive to it and for the easy-to-understand reason that those pictures look just like any one my 8 kids. Just about every boy or girl-Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi or whatnot-is a spitting image to one of mine, and not by accident, but due to the fact that the blood running through the veins of my kids and those kids in the Middle East is the same.
And then, by accident, I stumbled across one without warning. I couldn't take my eyes away from it because the little boy looks (looked) just like my little boy, with his brown hair and dark, almond-shaped eyes endemic to the Arabs of Palestine and Lebanon where part of my family comes from. His eyes were open and his face was serene, as if the last thing he was looking at before someone snapped the picture was the smiling face of God welcoming him to paradise.
The only thing differentiating the little boy in the photo and my little boy is that this little boy whose name I do not know had a bullet hole right in the middle of his small chest, a gift given to him personally by one of the Goddamned Jews.
Yes, THE Goddamned Jews. Sadly, I DO lump all of them in together now, thank you very much, despite the fact it is not considered 'polite' these days. I am well-aware of the fact it's not 'nice' and it's not 'fair' and all the rest of that, but it is what it is nevertheless. I know we're supposed to go through these cathartic, orgasmic, ecstatic fits of jubilation whenever we come across one out of a million of them who appears to have a shred of decency and speaks out against what their cousins are doing.
However, as far as I'm concerned doing such is no different than finding one, solitary pit bull out of the pack who doesn't have that killer instinct and who won't tear you and your loved ones to pieces in an instant for no reason and then adopting the attitude that this single, solitary little doggie constitutes the rule and all the other 99% constitute a mere aberration.
The reason I don't partake of the delusion anymore is because after many years the light bulb finally went off in my head and I discovered what 'being a Jew' means. Despite a very deliberate, carefully-executed propaganda campaign to keep the rest of us in the dark and confused, the fact is that it's really not that tough to nail down. The Jews-both of today and yesterday-are people of the Old Testament, who claim to adhere to the teachings of a god named Yahweh and who revel in the history of their forefathers.
And what is this Old Testament, who is this Yahweh and who are these forefathers they aspire to emulate? Well, the Old Testament is like their family album they open on a regular basis for guidance. In it, Yahweh speaks to them and tells them what to do, the constant theme of which is that he loves them and ONLY THEM and hates everyone else and that it's their duty as his loyal subjects to act as the instruments of his hatred for everyone else, meaning they are to invade, murder, tear down, burn down, enslave, rape, dispossess and steal from those on his shitlist. and moan about it all you want fellow earthlings, but facts are facts, and if you can't see that this Old Testament is the playbook these people are using in causing murder and carnage in the Middle East and beyond, than I don't know what to say. It's as incontrovertible as the connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer and anyone who argues otherwise has obviously checked out of the Hotel Reality.
And when looked at in this light therefore, suddenly those huge walls erected by (who else?) Jews, claiming that there is this BIIIIIIG difference between the "holy" religion of Judaism and the modern terrorist ideology known as Zionism come tumbling down and we find out that once again, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, just as Israel's intelligence service Mossad likes to say 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war', we have all been snookered into believing in something which does not exist.
And therefore the bottom line is this-There are no such things as anti-Zionist Jews. If they are Jews-meaning they adhere to the Old Testament and all that business of genocide and destruction of Gentiles-then they are by default Zionists.
So therefore we should not be in the least bit surprised to see the present carnage in Gaza taking place with its thousands of civilian deaths and injuries...nor the polls indicating overwhelming Jewish support for it...nor the photos of Jews holding hands and dancing the Hora in celebratory fashion...Nor the complete lack of compassion, mercy, sense of justice, or whatever on the part of Jews, nor the completely one-sided, lying coverage it is getting in the media, both in America and beyond, saying that the past, present and future bombing of homes, hospitals and schools is all part of some "defensive action".
The fact is, by virtue of their Old Testament, they are, were and always will be natural born killers and are behaving as their spiritual nature dictates. For them to do otherwise would be an aberration as much as it would be for the Lion to one day befriend the lamb.
What else are we to conclude from the past and present of a people who revel in the suffering they cause others? Is there any other religious group that celebrates regularly the wholesale slaughter of others as Judaism does in Passover and Purim? Imagine for a moment if Islam celebrated some event where a bunch of Jews were killed by the Muslims, it would be added on top of the already-existing list of items justifying them being wiped off the map as is taking place today. If the Germans celebrated the extermination of the Jews said to have taken place during WWII, we would never hear the end of how horrible such a 'festival' was.
And yet, that is exactly what the Jews celebrate-GENTILE DEATH AND SUFFERING and in the event we Gentiles don't appreciate such festivities WE, NOT THEY-become the most dirty rotten scoundrels possible, meaning anti-Semites and Jew haters.
And again, there is nothing that should be shocking about any of this. It is the "nature of the beast", as they say. Remember the lessons of the last half century, about Adolph Hitler, "the most evil man in the world" and his book Mein Kampf? Like, like, like, OMG, it's like he TOLD us what he was going to do, and then, like, like, like OMG, he DID it.
REMEMBER??? Same with the 2nd MOST evil man in history, Osama Bin Laden and his book the Koran-Like, like, like, OMG, it's like he TOLD us what he was going to do, and then, like, like, like, like, like, like...OMG, he DID it, or so the "conventional" wisdom tells us.
The lesson shoved down our throats in both cases was that all you need to do in figuring out what "evil men" will do is crawl into their heads by reading some of their literature.
And yet, where is this dawning realization today on the part of the Christian world as pertains our Jewish friends? Where is this "Like, like, like, OMG, it's like they TOLD us what they were going to do, and then, like, like, like, like, like, like...OMG, they DID it".
Sadly, the aforementioned Christian world can be divided into two classes-the first being those who think the carnage taking place is a good thing because the Jews are God's chosen people and they are merely doing what God told them to, and the other half who couldn't give the proverbial rat's a.s.
I used to be shocked by the stories of Israel and what she did to the Arabs. I used to ask questions like "how" and "why". Now, the only question I ask is why it doesn't happen more often and with more intensity and viciousness, but I'm sure that will come, eventually. The Jews are addicted to violence against gentiles like some meth addict who loses his mind when he goes into withdrawal and tears the place up. And don't give me that business about your "nice Jewish neighbor" who never hurt anyone in her life. If she is sending money to Israel, donating to Jewish causes or remains silent about what has happened-PAST OR PRESENT- or taking the "we must defeat Hamas" line, then she is 'one of them' as the saying goes.

But the ugly truth certainly does not end there. Not content to suffer their addiction to death by themselves, they have to infect as many others as possible as well. Just like the vampire, whose legend was based upon the Jewish mindset, once he bites you, you become just like him, which is exactly what has happened to the Christian world today. Having allowed these natural born killers into their respective societies and having allowed them to bite into the necks of their institutions-political, financial, religious, etc, now they too have become vampires as well, and with that, natural born killers. The fact of the matter is that Israel, the angel of death, both in the Middle East and beyond, would never have come into existence were it not for the assistance of the Christian countries who gave the Jewish state money, arms, nuclear technology, and every other weapon she needed to wreak havoc upon the world.
But this killing and destruction to which they are addicted is not limited to simply bombs and bullets as it all exists in the Middle East. Is it an accident that America's economy-firmly in the hands of Jewish financial interests-is barely alive and the moment someone pulls the life-support plug it will succumb to its inevitable demise? Is it an accident that the "Christian" west, having long ago surrendered her social institutions to Jewish power is now in the final stage of Judaism's "final solution" for its arch-enemy, Christendom?
Remember what we were told concerning Hitler and the Nazis and their reasons for doing what they did? An unqualified "Because that's what Nazis DO..." Same with the Muslims. "That's what Muslims DO" as if all their actions directed against Jewish interests were an irrational, unchangeable, organic characteristic of their beings that warranted them being "nipped in the bud" as soon as any evidence of their existence made itself known.
And with this as the model then, firmly established by the Jews themselves, when we as rational, moral people look out upon the landscape, littered as it is with blood and bodies and incalculable suffering as a result of Jewish interests, what we are left to conclude in all of this is this-"That's what Jews DO...What they've ALWAYS done and what they'll ALWAYS DO..."
When the Jews declare themselves to no longer be such, when they disassociate themselves from and repudiate the genocidal commandments and equally-genocidal tendencies these commandments produce, at that point I will believe them to be cured, or at the very least on the way to being cured as "recovering Judaics".
Until that time however, I must conclude that they are what their actions have determined them to be throughout history, which is simply, natural born killers.
(c) 2008 Mark Glenn

Contact: Kalonji Changa
Legal Justice Committee

Atlanta,Georgia—(January 5, 2009) Let it be known that on April 17, 2006, 19 year old Ehsanul Sadequee, an American Muslim, was kidnapped in Dhaka, Bangladesh by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and other authorities of the United States Government and brought to the U.S. on alleged charges of Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to a Terrorist Organization.
Ehsanul, who flew to Bangladesh to get married, was returning home from shopping with his wife when he was approached and abducted by 8-10 armed men in civilian clothes, identifying themselves as members of various intelligence branches of the Bangladesh Government. Stripped naked and wrapped in clear plastic; the FBI flew Ehsanul to the United States. For over two years Ehsanul has been held at a Federal Prison in solitary confinement, in a very small cell with no windows or proper ventilation. In September 2008, after two years of imprisonment under 23-hour lockdown, Ehsanul received information that Stephanie Kearns, one of his court appointed attorneys, was not working in his best interest and asked the judge to remove her. The request was denied and on October 28, 2008, another inmate and client of Ms. Kearns assaulted and threatened Ehsanul in the presence of prison guards. Ehsanul received head injuries and was denied medical treatment. Since the assault, Ehsanul's health has significantly deteriorated. He has been unable to eat and sleep, and lives in fear of his life at the prison. He has repeatedly made requests to the prison officials and medical unit for medical examination for differential diagnosis, but his requests have been ignored.

Lawyers have been working to get Ehsanul to a hospital; however the prosecutors and the prison are not allowing him to get the medical care he needs to survive in solitary confinement. Medical treatment is a basic human right. The Legal Justice Committee demands an investigation into the assault and immediate medical treatment for Ehsanul Sadequee. We need your assistance in putting the pressure on the state to ensure Mr. Sadequee gets proper medical care so he can stand trial in good health and mind. For more information on the case of Ehsanul Sadequee contact:

Write, phone or fax the following and let them know that there should be an investigation into the assault on Ehsanul Sadequee and that he needs immediate medical treatment.
Loren Grayer (Warden) 
United States Penitentiary 
601 McDonough Boulevard, S.E. 
Atlanta, Georgia 30315 
FAX: (404) 331-2137-Phone#: 404-635-5100 

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue
Office of the Governor
Georgia State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334 
Fax: ((404) 657-7332 or (404) 657-5947
Tel:(404) 656-1776 

David E. Nahmias
Office of the United States Attorney
75 Spring St.
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-581-6000 

Judge William Duffey, Jr. 
721 Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse 
75 Spring Street, SW 
Atlanta, GA 30303-3309 

John Conyers 
2138 Rayburn House Office Building 
Washington, DC 20515 
Phone: 202-225-3951

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