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Only Islam Can Save America
Assimilationism & Ghettoization: Analyis of U.S. Muslims
Homosexuality Legalized: Rape Victim Ordered to Bear Child

Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' Khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore on June 27. He made the following points:

[A note on Hadith studies which was not included in the khutba: The entire structure of the Juma' khutba and salat, from beginning to end, is given in Hadith, not in the Qur'an. Around the world, Muslims are united on the form of the khutba and salat.. The Zionists have seeded a "Muslim" sect which tries to undermine the validity of Hadith to bring down the unity of the Muslims.]


Say: "O People! If ye are in doubt as to my religion, (behold!) I worship not what ye worship other than Allah! But I worship Allah - who will take your souls (at death): I am commanded to be (in the ranks) of the believers." [The Qur'an 10:104]

1. Following 9.11 the Muslims of America are in full disarray owing to persecution and lack of leadership. Anyone, citizen or not, can be arrested at any time for any reason.

i. We must stay within the limits of the law and resist oppression by peaceful means, and we must study and understand the situation and come up with solutions.

2. Most immigrants and a substantial number of African-American Muslims are rapidly undergoing assimilation into the American way of life. There is little difference now between religion as taught in churches, synagogues and cathedrals on the one hand and mosques on the other.

3. Those who are not assimilating are undergoing ghettoization. They live their lives with Muslims only or (worse) only with Muslims of their own nationality. There were 5000 Saudi students at Bloomington, Indiana. They could not influence even that little town, let alone America at large, because they talked only to other Saudis. Same was the condition of Pakistanis in New York. [This did not work out. Thousands of them tried to flee to Canada after 9.11 but were stopped at the border and spent winter months under tents in no-man's land near Buffalo, New York.]

4. Both these processes are negations of Islam. The Qur'an teaches us to be witnesses before mankind, following the exemplary pattern of behavior coming down to us from the Prophet (pbuh).

5. I urge Muslim organizations which claim to be following Islam to take a pledge which no Muslim can refuse: We will put the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) above all other considerations in our decision making.

If our leaders, be they immigrant or African-American, want to continue to try to please the power structure, rather than Allah, they should remove the word "Islamic" and "Muslim" from the titles of their organizations.


6. Today (June 27) two legal decisions have appeared which indicate that America has no future as a moral entity:

i. The highest U.S. court has decided that homosexual intercourse, even when discovered and carried out in front of outsiders, cannot be considered illegal. Thus the court has gone against both the Bible and the Qur'an. With the legalization of homosexuality, homosexual "marriages" are rapidly becoming "normal." In 13 states such "marriages" are already normal and for the rest, it is only a matter of time. This is truly a free country and anything, however much of an abomination, is acceptable here if done by consenting adults.

ii. Homosexuality will be exported from the U.S. to the rest of the world as a "human rights issue." Watch out Muslim world, this "liberation" is coming your way.

iii. America's right wing, not to be outdone, has committed its own atrocity. The State of Florida has ordered that a 20 year old AUTISTIC WOMAN, with a mental age of ONE YEAR, who was raped and impregnated SHOULD BEAR HER RAPE CHILD.

iv. Imagine the furor in the Zionist media if anywhere in the Muslim world, an autistic woman had been raped and impregnated. The Prophet (pbuh) has taught that the honor of a Muslim is more important than the Ka'aba itself. Under no circumstances should a woman be forced to give birth after being raped.

7. ISLAM ALONE CAN SAVE AMERICA. Go into any prison system, be it maximum security, medium or transitional, one can see the difference Islam makes. As a result in most prisons, even those persons who are not Muslims join the Muslims to save themselves from the dehumanization most prisoners face.

8. AMERICA LEGALLY RAPES and DEHUMANIZES ITS PRISONERS. In many, if not all, of America's prisons, prisoners undergo "SEARCH OF BODY CAVITIES" when they go out to meet visitors and when they come back from the meeting. This is a form of rape: the guards enter the body cavities of prisoners against their will. It is meant to destroy the prisoner as a person and make him/her into a robot who simply follows orders.
i. They did this even to Shaikh Omar ‘Abdel Rahman: As a result, the Shaikh sometimes refused to meet visitors even though the visits he got were rare.
ii. America has the largest number of prisoners in the world, very near TWO MILLION and growing.
iii. America's power structure has NO solution to the social problems which have entered the innermost being of society. THREE YEARS BACK, AMERICA ADMITTED THIS FAILURE BY STARTING THE PROCESS OF BUILDING $3 BILLION WORTH of new prisons! So the "solution" America's rich and powerful have for people involved in crime and drugs is: "Lock ‘em up!"

We Muslims must fulfil our responsibility to take the message of hope and peace to the people by presenting Islam in its purity. PEOPLE in AMERICA STARTED BECOMING MUSLIMS AFTER THE MARTYRDOM of MALCOLM X. They saw, owing to his witness, that Islam supports the oppressed and the downtrodden. They did not become Muslims to hold banquets and sing praises of leaders as if they are "gods" or to build million dollar masjids or to do huge fund raisers for parking lots.

Look at these shameful fund raisers where huge sums are raised for dead buildings. Imagine how a poor, oppressed person would feel who followed Malcolm X into Islam and now sees these ultra-rich people pledging a thousand dollars here and a few thousand there when he has only ten dollars in his pocket for his food.

O Allah: Forgive our sins and our shortcomings, soften our hearts so that we may love the people Allah wants us to love, the oppressed and the downtrodden, and give us the Tawqa to stand against the rich and the powerful, the oppressors and the exploiters.

O Allah give victory to the mujahideen, be they in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnia, Iraq or Afghanistan.

O Allah give us success in this world and success in the Hereafter, save us from the punishment of the Fire, the punishment of the Grave, the Punishment of Meezan, and the Punishment of Masih ud-Dajjal. Ameen, summa ameen.

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