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My encounter with Benjamin Netenyahu. Will America ever learn?
by Ather Masood
(Second in a series from a human rights activist, our rep in Chicagoland.)

On Thusday, November 21, 2002 the Associated press reported how $10 billion dollars going to Israel. This is in addition to $2.9 billion in loans and direct grants. The report goes on to say "There is no cost to the U.S. if Israel repays, since Israel never defaults a loan." ("Israel Eyes Up to $10B in U.S." Aid By Dan Perry Associated Press.)

The rationale for this increase is that Israel economy been shattered by the terrorist attacks and a possbile war with Iraq. Indeeed President Bush goes on to say:

"Terror has affected the Israeli economy. We've got great confidence in the Israeli economy, because we've got great confidence in the Israeli people," Bush told reporters at the time. "I'm convinced that the economy will be strong.'' (Perry, Associated Press)Mr. Bush however, makes no comment about loans and grants going to Israel.

The truth of the matter is that back in March, Benjamin Netenyahu came to D.C. and asked for more money. Back in March a large pro-Israeli rally was held in D.C. During the rally Mr. Netenyahu spoke about the need for increase aid to Israel. He made it abundantly clear that Congress would support his request. Now we are seeing these requests being fulfilled.

Back in March I attended a private gathering of distinguished guests in the Washingotn D.C. area. Mr. Netenyahu was also one of the people who was asked to make a brief speech. For about 20 minutes Mr. Netenyahu talked about how bad Palestinians are and how good Israelis were. Among the guests were several "Arab and Muslim." leaders who kept clapping to anything and everything. The mere sight of this was quite shocking to me.

After the discussion I got the chance to speak with Mr. Netneyahu. Our conversasion went something like this:

Ather: Good evening Mr. Netenyahu your comments greatly interested me.

Mr. Netenyahu: Thank you very much. It's important to speak out against terrorism. I believe America, Israel, and India will be great partners on the war against Terrorism world-wide.

Ather: And what type of Terrorism are you speaking of? You mean what the IDF are doing everyday in Falasteen?

Mr. Netenyahu: (Startled look) Excuse me? I beg your pardon but the IDF is defending the lives of innocent Israeli citizens.

Ather: I challenge you right here and right now to a debate over Israel and Falasteen. I am not a diplomat but an ordinary American citizen who questions your policies with Palestinian People.

Mr. Netneyahu: (Benevolent looking smile) These matters are very complex. You would not be able to understand what we face in Israel everyday.

Ather: What are you afraid of? I have no friends in this room. They are all your people. If you have a legitimate concern prove it to me, in front of all your friends. Come on let's do it. Right here, right now.

Other person Present: Yes why don't you debate Ather? Prove your point. There are no media representatives here. You have nothing to worry about.

Mr. Netenyahu's bodyguard (very angry at me) It's time for us to leave. You are being very abusive to the former prime minister. It's time for you to leave.

Ather: Excuse you, I am not going anywhere bub. As an American citizen I have a right to question Mr. Netneyahu. You are using my taxes to kill people.

Mr. Netenyahu's second bodyguard: I think it's time for us to move on. Move the f... out of the way. (Being shoved as Mr. Netenyahu moves away as far as possible.)

Ather: If you put your hand on me i'm going to smack your face.

Unidentified individual: Okay Okay let's take it easy. (both parties being separated) Mr. Netenyahu is our guest and let us all play by the rules.

With this we were both asked to move away from each other. Several people approached Mr. Ntenyahu to ask him further questions.
1. America has yet to pay African-Americans for four-hundred and fourty one years of slavery. Why are wet not using this money to begin addressing this matter?

2. Legal immigrants have yet to be given amnesty and general healthcare in thie country. The number of "slave" or "cheap" labor is so much and yet we use not money to address such problems.

3. Spain just created one the largets ecological disasters off its coast. Thousands of gallons of crude oil has spoiled the fishing and seafaring industry between Spain and Morocco. Why is the world ignoring a catastrophe effecting humans, animals, and the environment? Why can we not use this $10 billion to clean up this mess?

4. Why can we not use $10 billion to further dialouge between nations, instead of killing people in Falasteen? Or for that matter anywhere else? American foreign policy continues to support tyrants everywhere. Why?

It is our responsibility to question where taxes are going. To fund nations, such as Israel, violates any call for rational thinking by Congress. IT IS NOT RATIONAL to fund Israel when Amercia still has plenty of problems to deal with in it's own backyard.
[With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyeh, South Carolina.]
Jihad Until World Is Rid of Injustice: Hafiz Saeed
[Inner Working of Musharref and Bush collusion uncovered.]
Nov 22, 2002
Source: NNI
Jamaat-ud-Dawah Amir Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed on Wednesday said Musharraf government had made a blunder by changing policies on Jihad and Kashmir under the US and Indian pressure. Addressing a press conference following his release from six-month detention under secret agencies, he said this shift of policy not only reflected the weakness of faith and morality on the part of the government but had also damaged the freedom movement in Kashmir.

Flanked by Jamaat ud Dawah information secretary Yahya Mujahid among others, Hafiz Saeed said jihad would continue and his party would extend unflinching support to jihad in Kashmir and everywhere in the world until the world is rid of injustice. He said his was not such a cowardly party as to bow down before the US pressure for halting support to jihad. "For us jihad is sacred like praying and fasting that cannot be forsaken under any condition," he added.
He said "cross-border terrorism" was a term coined by India to befool the world, notwithstanding there was no border between the zones of Azad and held Kashmir. "It is just a control line and no world forum or institution acknowledges it as border." He said Kashmiris were fighting for their freedom and no law could stop them from crossing the LoC, because it was their territory that is under Indian occupation.

To a question he said that while in captivity government agencies pressurised him to stop supporting and talking of jihad so that India could be brought to the negotiating table. He said he told the agencies that India would never negotiate as was manifest from the 55-year Pak-Indian history -- though jihad was taken up only 13 years ago.
Hafiz Saeed said the government said it only wanted to extend moral support to Kashmir jihad. He added it was not moral support when you only offer consolations while Indian army killed, maimed and tortured Kashmiris besides burning down their properties. "It is sheer immorality," he said. He said India blamed ISI and Kashmiri mujahideen for every incident of violence, though at home it was facing a number of other separatist movements. He also criticised Pakistani government for showing cowardice by blaming mujahideen and Muslim radicals for every incident of terrorism.

Hafiz said he was not released as part of any deal with rulers. He gave credit to "courageous" LHC judges for his and Dr Amir Aziz's release. He said he was kept in a camp near Islamabad but senior government officials kept lying before the LHC for three months. Then instead of releasing him they put him under house detention, he added.
Asked if he would support the MMA's demand that President Musharraf quit army chief office, he said Musharraf must do that if the Constitution does not provide for a president in military uniform.

US Reacts

The United States Tuesday warned Pakistan it must ensure terror suspects face justice, after a court in Lahore ordered the release of the founder of a hardline Kashmir group blamed for an attack on India's parliament. "We do understand that the Pakistani court yesterday ordered the release of Hafiz Saeed, the leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba, after determining he was unlawfully detained," said State Department deputy spokesman Philip Reeker. "Pakistani law-enforcement agencies, just like law enforcement agencies around the world, must ensure those responsible for terrorist crimes are brought to justice," said Reeker, without directly criticizing the decision.

"Under the rule of law, this has to take place through due process." Reeker stressed Pakistan had emerged as a key ally in the US campaign against terrorism following the September 11 attacks last year. Hafiz Saeed was placed under house arrest in Lahore on October 31 after five months in custody. But the Lahore High Court declared his detention unlawful and ordered that he be immediately released.

The Punjab government had unsuccessfully pushed for his continued detention, telling the court Lashkar-i-Taiba was continuing with militant operations through Jamaat al-Dawaa, its political wing. Lashkar was one of two militant outfits that New Delhi blamed for a deadly attack on the Indian parliament in December, which prompted the tense 10-month military standoff between India and Pakistan. Lashkar was banned in January along with four other militant groups as self-appointed President Pervez Musharraf cracked down on Islamic groups to appease India and United States.

2002-11-26 Tue 06:42ct