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Israeli Jews Desecrate Mosque and Sharon honored by Bush
Jewish troops defecated in prayer area: Ran up Star of David

On September 25, in the town of Dura, occupied Palestine, Israeli troops jumped into the jami' (central) mosque of the town. They desecrated the mosque and proceeded to defecate and urinate in the prayer area. They left after raising the Star of David flag atop the mosque.
[This news was first distributed by IAP in Illinois. On October 4, it was published in the Pakistani media. It was censored by the U.S. media. NOT ONE U.S. MEDIA OUTLET MENTIONED IT.]
[After this act of desecration, meant to traumatize the Palestinian people, Israeli bandit leader Sharon visited the White House and was personally received and honored by President Bush.]
[Our sources say that President Bush is kept informed of every incident in occupied Palestine by the CIA and other agencies. It is impossible that he did not know of the desecration at a central mosque. Yet he received the bandit leader with honor and gave him assurances of "Israel's security" in case of a war against Iraq.]
[We urge CAIR and ISNA to stop their cooperation with the U.S. government. Do not insult the intelligence of the Muslim ummah by pretending that Bush is a friend of Islam and Muslims.]
Saddam Hussain Releases ALL Political Prisoners

On October 20, 2002, President Saddam Hussain of Iraq released ALL political prisoners and issued a GENERAL AMNESTY for all opponents including those plotting and planning against him overseas.

Clips of the releases shown by foreign media indicate that the prisoners came out in good health. [Note that on October 18, 2002 the so-called Discovery Channel on cable showed a horrendous 'atrocity' "documentary" meant to demonize Saddam Hussain. Parts of this were then picked up by CNN and shown as news.]

Earlier in a refendum, the people of Iraq showed total unity and determination to support Saddam Hussain in the coming war of resistance against the American juggernaut. Iraq stands united. Looks like Bush's attempt to divide Iraq and all the claims of "we are going to liberate Iraq from Saddam" have been nullified.

Saddam is good at removing Bush's fig leaf, leaving Bush naked in his resolve to destroy a militarily weak country. The world can see Bush without his fig leaf, ready to rape the helpless nation of Iraq.
Why not Negotiate for Peace?: Has "war on terror" failed?
Massacre of Australians Connected to 'Clash of civilizations?'
(By Buut Shikan, idol breaker)

President Bush said recently, talking of Iraq, "there will be no negotiation." One wonders why. What's wrong with talking with Iraq, a country which has NEVER attacked the U.S.? Is it futile to think that peace is possible? Is peace possible if we rule out negotiation and don't want to talk to enemies?

Observers say that after the downfall of the Taliban government, the U.S. should have declared victory and withdrawn from Afghanistan. Instead, the U.S. has been pursuing the Islamic resistance in an attempt to crush it. The "war on terror" has become an attempt to disarm and politically castrate the world of Islam. The war being waged by Bush is open-ended aiming at the total subjugation of the forces of independence.

The process of subjugation can be seen in the activities of Israel under Sharon. The entire Palestinian population was placed under curfew for months. A systematic attempt is underway to "tame" the Palestinian people and turn them into a humiliated nation prostrate under the boots of the Israeli stormtroopers.

From the point of view of Bush and Sharon, the situation looks perfect. The U.S. is about to attack the only independent Arab country: Iraq. After Iraq is subjected to B-52s, B-2s, F-16s and thousands of cruise missiles, the middle east and the Muslim world will be "opened up" (terminology unwittingly borrowed from the act of rape) to the "market economy" of the West, Muslim women will be "liberated" and the whole world will be "americanized."

The only ripple in this perfect lake is the international armed Islamic movement led by Osama bin Laden. With the Palestinians ready to accept a rump state under Zionist tutelage, with a million Iraqi children dead from the tightest embargo and sanctions in human history, and just about every Muslim country ruled by surrogates or puppets of the west, there was no hope for the Muslim world. [Iran's revolution had soured and taken on the clear tinge of sectarianism.]

Within that context, Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Mullah Omar became allies and challenged the power of America. The rest is already history. The U.S., following the attacks in America, refused to wait for evidence and investigation of 9.11. A stunned America assaulted Afghanistan and rapidly dismantled the Taliban regime. Victory looked good for a while. A puppet government was installed in Kabul: history was repeating itself almost identically on the Soviet pattern in Afghanistan.


A year later, "al-Qaida" has re-emerged. Is that true or an illusion?: Some facts are now available. It appears that Mullah Omar is alive and the Taliban are re-grouping. Several of his messages have been published. Ayman al-Zawahiri's message has appeared. He seems to be alive and well although his family was killed in U.S. bombing. {Is it okay to kill the wives and children of opponents?} Although there is some doubt in the case of Osama himself, his taped message has appeared as have two written statements with his signature on them.


Thus it would appear that the entire top leadership of the Islamic movement survived both Tora Bora and Operation Anaconda. Other than nuclear attack, the U.S. could not throw anything heavier at the Islamic movement but the Khalid ibn al-Waleed of our times seems to have survived the assault with his entire top leadership. The most sophisticated war machine in the world, with weaponry which can obliterate any army, failed to destroy the Islamic movement. Thus the legend of Osama today is part of the lore of the masses throughout the Muslim world, with 74% support for Osama even in Kuwait, the most pro-U.S. of Arab countries. Like Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a., he emerges from the sands of Arabia to attack here and there without warning and with terrible slaughter.


On the anniversary of the attack on Afghanistan, the Islamic movement went to the offensive. Afghanistan is witnessing almost daily pinpricks of attacks on U.S. forces, very tiny acts of defiance which have isolated the Karzai government. Reportedly, 65% of Afghanistan is back in Taliban hands.

Then came the attack on the French supertanker off Yemen, a david-and-goliath operation carried out by a tiny fishing boat. Shock number two: two young Kuwaitis decided to embrace martyrdom and openly, without any protective gear or concealment, attacked 150 heavily armed American troops. Their daring sacrifice unnerved America and made it fearful of Islamic uprisings from the usually hospitable and peaceful Islamic people. The Kuwaiti people hailed the martyrs, as noted in the mourning and speeches made at the funeral.

There have been a series of attacks in the Philippines. The local army, armed and funded by the U.S., suddenly finds that a group publicized as kidnappers has been daring to attack even U.S. forces.

And then the terrible bombing in Bali, Indonesia, with 188 killed and more than 300 injured, mostly Australians.

I am against war. I firmly believe that no one should be killed, let alone civilians or tourists. To end conflict, we must see all people as human beings. If we see one side as human and the other side as not important, conflict will continue.

It's wrong to kill the Australians or anybody else. There can be no justification for such attacks. Why did it happen and what do the attackers hope to gain? Let's try to understand:

Killing of civilians has been going on in Palestine ever since the Jews arrived there from Europe. Palestinian civilians are killed almost every day. The murdered civilians include children. Australia recognizes Israel and has not withdrawn its ambassador even after the worst Jewish outrages, including the massacre in a mosque during prayers in Ramadan a few years back.

During the first Gulf war, Bush the First was supported by Australia although Iraq had never harmed Australia. The bombing of Iraq for 42 days, worse than anything done to Germany in World War II, was hailed as a great victory by Australia.

Again, for 11 years, Iraqi children have been dying. Australia continues to support the sanctions.

The U.S. bombing of Afghanistan: The New York Times and National Public Radio have admitted that several thousand Afghan civilians were killed in U.S. air attacks. These are crimes against humanity not condemned by Australia. INSTEAD AUSTRALIA SENT ITS TROOPS to "pacify" Afghanistan. Australian units participated in Operation Anaconda and other military sweeps through Afghan villages.


Why were Australian troops sent to Afghanistan? The Afghans have NEVER harmed Australia. It's a difficult question. The only realistic answer seems to be that Australia, a racist White nation, sees itself as a natural ally of racist Israel and the racist Bush administration. So Australian troops were sent to "pacify" the Afghans.

Probably the Australians thought that the Muslim world is so helpless that no one will hit them back. [Participation in the war on Islamic Afghanistan was not even an issue requiring a vigorous debate in Australia.]

AUSTRALIA IS A WHITE RACIST COUNTRY WHICH ALMOST BY REFLEX SUPPORTS ALL that the U.K. and the USA do. Australian history shows a systematic attempt to keep this vast continent for WHITES ONLY. The aboriginal people of Australia were decimated by cultural genocide. Australia became a kind of ZION for WHITES ONLY from around the world.

Israel gets almost automatic support from various Australian governments. The Zionist influence is pervasive so that a historian like David Irving, who loves Australia, like most Britons do, has been denied permission to enter Australia because his history book does not fit into the Zionist paradigm.

It's wrong to kill anyone, be it Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis or Australians. Let's remove the Zionists from Palestine, bring American troops back from the Middle East, let each nation follow its destiny and stop propping up Mubarak, Abdullah and Abdullah, the Algerian generals, the Uzbeki killers, the puppets in Kabul etc. etc.. so that there can be peace.

We all want peace. We oppose war. Let's strive for peace by helping people to see the oneness of humanity. Let's mourn with Australian mothers. Let's mourn for the Iraqi children whose mothers never make it to TV, the Sudanese and Somali mothers who are always seen as "those Africans"....... Humanity is one. Let's see it as one, for peace sake.
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