Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(Sis. Eileen from Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Unecessary Suffering of Teenager

"... men and women who engage much in the remembrance of Allah ..." (The Qur'an 33:35)
From Ayesha (ra): "the messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, never hit a woman ..." (Hadith, Sahih Muslim)

{To find the original story of the struggle and sacrifices of Sis. Haila Gabr, go to : www.NewTrendMag.org} (Click on java frames, click on NEWS and go to HAILA.) (The address for her is also on the web site.)
Salaam alaikum. I visited Haila today (August 5) for the first time in two months, unfortunately too long a time.

She did write me a month ago about a fall she had. She sleeps in a top bunk and there are no rails. She moves a lot in her sleep and fell from the top to the concrete floor on her face and was unconscious for almost four hours.

She knocked out a tooth and probably had a concussion since she states she still is fuzzy and unfocused in her thinking.

They took her to the jail dental office and Xrayed her. Finding no broken bones , they sent her back to her cell with no hospital visit. Later , they sent her to the dentist who rubbed his private parts , at which this already traumatized girl yelled at him and jumped up. She has filed a report and complaint. Needless to say she will not get her teeth fixed. Other women there had the same experience.

She still has not received the set of Islamic books I sent her for Eid.

Her trial is delayed by both the state and the need for extra money for things like the DNA and the expert witness. She is quite depressed but staying focused in the love of Allah.

She is currently teaching Islam to three inmates who are non-Muslim but quite interested. She says she can see from the light in their eyes that they are responding to the message. She would like any articles that tell that Islam existed before any religion and that all the world and nature is Islam, surrendering to the will of Allah.

I have been told that babies are born Muslim and that when their tongues move , they are saying Zikr. I have heard that before dawn the birds do their prayer and that all animals have a form of worship of Allah. Any one who knows of such an article can send it to me.
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