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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 24,1427/January 14, 2007 #5

General Directions from the Leader of the Global Ummah

"Feed the hungry, take care of the sick, free the captives."

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari, narrated by Abu Musa al-Ash'ari, r.a. [Volume 7, Book 65, Number 286]

EXTREMELY URGENT: Jan. 16, 1 PM protest in Elizabeth, New Jersey against arrest of Pakistani family. Please scroll down to the end.

Finally, post 9.11, Muslim immigrants in the U.S. have a national level ISLAMIC leader. Scroll down to unusual interview with an unusual Imam.

A Great Daughter:

During his recent severe illness and surgery, Minister Louis Farrakhan was taken care of 24/7 by his daughter Sis. Fatima Muhammad who is trained as a nurse. Min. Farrakhan, revered by both Muslims and Christians in the African-American communities, is reportedly recovering. Numerous people prayed for his recovery. See

Brief but mind-opening news: [ 3 items]
Did you think music does not have its politics? Guess why Zubin Mehta is given such tremendous publicity in U.S. media? He is the Music Director of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra [IPO]. On January 8, 2007 he told MPT [Maryland Public TV] that he visits "Israel" every week. He added that PMO is the "flagship of the [Israeli] nation."
Mehta also emphasized that his "soul is Indian." Thus we have the perfect coming together of two aggressor groups. [The victors of World War II blame Hitler for being too much attracted to music, Wagner, etc, while he was waging war.] In Mehta, we can see that a terrorist entity can put up a cultural front to hide its genocide in Palestine.

Innocents in Guantanamo Bay: Kazakhs and German-Turk:
Three Muslims from Kazakhstan are among the 18 who were released from Gitmo on December 21, 2006. The government of Kazakhstan has decided not to investigate them. [Fox TV]

January 8, 2007. A Turkish-German Muslim, Murat Kurnez, has been released from Gitmo after spending FIVE years there. He says that before being sent to Gitmo, he was mistreated in Afghanistan by GERMAN troops. [Fox TV]
[It's quite amazing how right wing extremists and Jewish elitists appear regularly on U.S. TV screens to declare that all the prisoners in Gitmo are certainly terrorists.]

DAVID IRVING: What hit the Jewish-elites harder than his case against Prof. Lipstadt?

American and British Jewish media elites are sitting on David Irving's greatest book yet. He wrote a blockbuster of a book about Winston Churchill. If a free press existed in the U.S. and Britain, this would have been on every front page and every screen.

David Irving's research on comparatively recently released war time documents and diaries indicates that Winston Churchill was a cold blooded MASS MURDERER. Churchill's war time diaries show, as Irving discovered, that he was the originator of the fire bombing of civilian populations and the destruction of entire cities. The terrible crimes committed against the German people were hidden and/or justified by the Zionist media.

Irving also discovered documentation which indicates who sold Churchill on the policy of mass murder of civilians. It was a Jew called Lord Cherwell, known affectionately to Churchill as 'the Prof.' This is not propaganda or anti-semitism but hard, cold documented fact.

No wonder Irving's book on Churchill was not mentioned by the entire media monster and he was arrested in an attempt to silence him.

[New Trend has a few copies of Irving's research work: Churchill's War: Volume 2: Triumph in Adversity.]

The slaughter of German civilians, entire cities burned down, could explain why the Jewish story of the "Holocaust" was brought up. it stopped a backlash against Israel and International Jewry.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach Continues in Baltimore: Turkish Research on anti-Islam Network

After Juma' on January 12, 2007 Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave pages of the Turkish research report to 88 Muslims at Masjid Noor on the northeast side of Baltimore. The Muslims here are immigrants from Arab countries. The imam is of Syrian origin.

The brochure given out "outed" the anti-Islam network which has been at work in America to carry out the project of the Rand Corporation to create a "moderate Islam" which would support the watering down of the original message of Islam. The research, an outstanding achievement of Turkish Muslims, gives dollar amounts for Steve Emerson and Hussain Haqqani and where they got it. it focuses on the role of the Hartford Seminary, a missionary enterprise, from where ISNA got its new President Ingrid Mattson.

Pakistani-American Political Prisoner Masaud Khan Under Severe Stress from U.S. Agents

January 13, 2007: Kept in a faraway prison in the little hick town of Jonesville, Virginia Masaud Khan is being subjected to special monitoring by U.S. government agents. Readers might remember that Masaud Khan was cut off from his family on absurd charges of being a "jihadist" and sentenced to 90 YEARS as the result of an absurd "trial" during which USA's new relationship with INDIA was used to condemn him because he allegedly visited an anti-India militant camp in Pakistan.

DURING FAMILY VISITS conversations are monitored, thus taking away the last shred of privacy from Masaud. This is a political case. An innocent man is being destroyed by the American government. The place is so far away from his family home in Gaithersburg, Maryland that it costs the family $500 to $1000 and 3 to 4 days to visit him ONCE.

We have a report that CAIR has been collecting funds for Masaud Khan in Texas. If so, where is the money? Would CAIR like to say yes or no? our pages are open up to 300 words.

Fawaz Damra, Ohio Imam Deported to Palestine, Arrested by "Israel"

The case of Fawaz Damra illustrates the kind of oppression Muslims are facing in America owing to the Zionist takeover of this great country. Imam Damra is from Palestine. He was Imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland. He was tried on trumped up charges of having sent funds to Islamic Jihad organization of Palestine YEARS before 9.11. As a result he was DEPRIVED OF HIS CITIZENSHIP.
Of course Islamic Jihad does not fight America but the Jews of America have successfully had it listed as a "terrorist" organization. The Imam was also found guilty of shouting slogans against the terrorist entity known as "Israel."

The Jew will have his pound of flesh, as Shakespeare showed, so the U.S. decided to DEPORT the Imam.. He was deported to Palestine WITHOUT INFORMING his friends and family. To get into Palestine from Jordan, one has to cross the Allenby bridge. An Israeli terrorist check point blocks the crossing. Here Imam Damra was arrested by the Israeli terrorist troops. One report says that he was actually handed over to the Israelis by Mahmoud's Abbas's people who is Israel's man among the Palestinians. It took the family days of terrible uncertainty before the Imam's whereabouts were revealed in an Israeli terrorist prison.

Islamic Woman in Louisiana Prison Fighting for her Rights: Sis. Maryam Uloho

Please call or write the officials given below so that Sis. Maryam Uloho's Islamic rights, especially her right to wear the hijab, are respected. She has suffered much but owing to her sacrifices, Islam has spread among the women incarcerated there. [Report published in our previous issue.]

Cornel Hubert, Warden
PO Box 26
St. Gabriel, Louisiana 70776
Phone(225) 642-5529 (225) 319-2757

Chaplain Sumerall,
PO Box 26
St. Gabriel, Louisiana 70776
Phone: (225) 642-5529 (225) 319-2757

Gov. Kathleen Blanco
PO Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
Phone: 225 342-0991 Fax 225 342-7099

Imam Badi Ali [Greensboro, North Carolina], first Muslim Immigrant leader to Stand up for Islam in America: Why did he Lead Prayers for President Saddam Hussain?

New Trend: Dear brother, we have been publishing reports on your astonishing stance on issues facing the Islamic community. You have spoken and acted in ways which are normal according to the Qur'an and the Hadith but which are almost unheard of among immigrant Muslim communities in the U.S. To mention only one point, you gave a FATWA against the Saudi attempts to discredit the Hizbullah's resistance to the Israeli army's terrorist assault on Lebanon in 2006. Our readers would like to know more about you. You have been much too humble about yourself. Can you tell us factually your status in the Muslim community.

Imam Badi Ali: I am President of the Islamic Center of the Triad [ICT} and have been so, on and off, for 10 years. I am a member of the Board of the ICT's Islamic weekend school. There are 105 children in the school.

NT: What are your duties as Imam at the ICT?

IBA: I often give the khutba and lead the prayers on Juma.' I often provide counseling for Muslim women, men and youths and I and officiate at marriages and funerals.

NT: Are you a paid imam? Are you paid for your Islamic services?

IBA: No! For me, Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal summed up the Islamic attitude when he said: "Providing services for people who are in need is a form of worship." Imams who are paid face certain restrictions which may not be Islamic.

NT: What has been your effort among Muslims here in the U.S. on a national scale?

IBA: I was founding member of the IAP [Islamic Association of Palestine] and worked in its executive committee and information committee. I was the editor of various publications like falastin al-ghed ['Palestine tomorrow' in Arabic]. I was responsible for the release of some Muslims in Tunisia. I worked to help the Muslims of the Soviet Union. I won't go into all my activities.
Now I am member of the National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

NT: What about charitable work right here in America?

IBA: We went all out to help the victims of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Some of them were brought for temporary stay to North Carolina.

NT: How are your relations with non-Muslims?

IBA: I am an organizer and activist of the Peace Movement in North Carolina. We conducted a whole series of protest marches against the Israeli assault on Lebanon. Most of the participants were non-Muslims. I also worked with non-Muslims to protest the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

NT: If you are not paid for your services as Imam, how do you earn your living?

IBA: I work with troubled youths and have been doing this professionally for 16 years.

NT: Where were you born and who gave you the basic education in Islam?

IBA: My home is in the village of Abwain, near Ramallah in Palestine, but I grew up in Kuwait and became part of the Islamic movement. Shaikh Yunus Hamdan taught us Hadith from Fath al-Bari every day after Fajr salat till it was completed. Among other influences, more political, were Abdullah Nafisi and an independent scholar Dr. Umar al-Ashqar. I used to write for al-Mujtama', Kuwait's well-known Islamic magazine. At that time Kuwait was stable and was a good environment for intellectual activity.

NT: Now we come to your most controversial, courageous and difficult action: You led salatul janaza ghaibana for President Saddam Hussain which no one else in America dared do. What made you take this great risk in a country which considered Saddam its worst enemy?

IBA: Saddam changed after the [first] Gulf War. We have to ask Allah to forgive him and accept him. He met death calmly and with dignity like a true Muslim. He was reciting the shahadah, la illaha il-Allah Muhammad rasul Allah as he left this world. Thus he became a martyr, all of whose sins are forgiven by Allah.

NT: All praise belongs to Allah!

IBA: He reminded me of Syed Qutb and with this great sacrifice "now we begin to understand." Allah made Saddam a legendary hero for Muslims. The entire Muslim world is proud of him.

NT: On what basis do you say that he changed and accepted Islam as a ruler?

IBA: He changed the laws of Iraq and brought them closer to Islam. He forbade riba. He humbly studied Islam and ordered the entire Ba'ath party to study Islam and make their lives Islamic.

NT: Personally, why do you think he had become Islamic?

IBA: In the Republican Castle where he worked, he sat every day under a mural showing the forces of Islam moving from east to west to LIBERATE JERUSALEM.

NT: Which means that you met him!

IBA: yes, once! through the Jordanian parliamentarian Leith Shebailat. My impression of him was that he looked extremely brave and fearless but was a good listener.

NT: What about the behavior of the people who executed him?

IBA: They are the puppets of Israel, and were chanting "Muqtada, Muqtada." Apparently Muqtada al-Sadr was there. Al-Hakim might have been there too. They treated him like the Mongols treated the last Muslim ruler of Baghdad. Strangely the betrayal of Baghdad, then and now was by the same sect.

NT: Most Muslims consider this a "legalized murder" by the U.S. and its henchmen, but Iran's leader Ahmedinejad praised this shameful act.

IBA: It's a failure of Iranian leadership. They don't realize that America has successfully isolated Iran from the Muslim world by doing this act which they praised so highly. It's a shame that the leaders of the Muslim world, Iran and others, are so light weight, they do not understand the strategic moves of their enemies.

A Letter to Radiance sent to New Trend
Indian Muslim Experience Shows that Election of Muslims to non-Muslim Power Structure Does not Help Muslims
by Omar Afzal, Ph.D.

[Readers might remember that Sis. Anisah David's objection to New Trend's criticism of Congressman Keith Ellison as a "Muslim Zionist" was also directed at Radiance, a distinguished Islamic publication coming out of India. Radiance had picked up New Trend's report. Here Dr. Omar Afzal responds to the issue under discussion from the point of view of Muslims in India. Br. Sikander is the Radiance representative.- Editor. ]

Dear Br. Sikandar,

Thanks for the piece. Ms. Anisah David has every right to defend Keith, and so are CAIR. They are in the "politics of Muslim nation building". They think the more Muslims "vote" and the more Muslims occupy public and political chairs it will be better for the Muslims here.

For me, a mere Muslim name is not enough to assume that he would help Muslim causes, not to say an Islamic cause. Here the political culture is similar to that in India with one difference. In India at least Muslims have sizeable numbers in several constituencies to get a Muslim candidate elected.
See how many Muslim names there appear in the upper strata from the President of of India to Ministers since 1947 and see how much they did or could do for a Muslim cause? Almost nothing.

Of course, Keith was voted by all, and not only by Muslims. He had to please his constituency to get elected. The problem was his cow-towing to a specific segment. Every politician here understands it. If Percy could lose, then who can withstand.

In my mind, more Muslims in Congress is not the solution but more Muslim votes for contenders who can raise their voice against injustices done here and abroad. How many Congressmen are going to vote to repeal the draconian laws Bush has imposed here, or who is going to change the US foreign policy? None.

Muslims must participate in the political debate and ask the candidates about the issues that are impacting the life. They have not only to vote, but 'contribute', do the 'leg work', and then demand. That is how the other minorities established themselves here in the political arena over decades.



As Salaam u Alaikum,

This is an action alert for a Muslim, Pakistani family arrested and detained by Immigration as an intimidation tactic. It is followed by a press release...

Please support in way(s) possible...

rab rakha,



What Happened:
At 5:30am Tuesday morning, January 9th, upwards of ten ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) violently arrested an entire Pakistani family - all active members of DRUM - from their home in Queens, just hours after a federal court judge sentenced their twenty-four year old son, Matin Siraj, to 30 years in prison for (false) terrorism charges. The family has been in jail in New Jersey since Tuesday. The racist 'War on Terror' is destroying South Asian and Muslim communities and families. The migra is destroying all immigrant communities! We must unite and act to put an end to it!

For more coverage of Siraj Matin's case, read Democracy Now' s interview with the attorney
( )


WRITE a letter in support of the family addressed to the Hon. Judge Tadal, and FAX it to 718-205-3037
We will collect all letters, and the lawyer will present them to the judge on the day of the hearing. The letters should indicate support for the family, politely request leniency from the judge, and that the family should be "released on their own recognizance or on reasonable bond."

CALL ICE at 973-645-3666 (Deputy Director - Ext.5010, or Supervising Deportation Officer - Ext.5017), or FAX at 973-645-6124 (leave messages if necessary)
1. Demand that the entire Siraj family be released on recognizance or a reasonable bond (ICE officials have stated that that the father was picked up because his asylum case appeal was denied, but in fact his appeal is still pending and the mother & daughter still have not had there day in court on asylum)
2. Demand that ICE, NYPD, and other enforcement agencies stop targeting immigrant communities, in particular Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians

CALL Warden Charlotte Collins at Elizabeth Detention Center at 908-352-3776, Press *2, Press 242# (leave messages if necessary)
1. Demand that Elizabeth Detention Center and ICE officials provide continuing medical care and medication for the mother and father for their ongoing, severe medical conditions
2. Demand that the Siraj family be kept together, and that the family be allowed to visit and see each other in the facility. Currently, the father is unable to see the mother and daughter who are in a separate room
3. Demand that the family be able to directly communicate and visit their son, Matin, who is being held at Metropolitan Detention Center, and both detention facilities pro-actively facilitate direct communication between members of a traumatized family

Support the family by contributing to their legal and support fund
For checks over $50 – tax-deductible – Send checks made out to our fiscal sponsor: The AJ Muste Memorial Institute, and write "DRUM – Siraj Family Fund" on the memo line. For checks under $50 – non-deductible – Make checks out to DRUM. Mail checks to DRUM, PO Box 720187, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

COME show support for the mother & daughter's Bail Bond hearing by demonstrating outside Elizabeth Detention Center before, during & after the hearing
1. The hearing is at 1pm on Tuesday, January 16th at 625 Evans Street, Elizabeth , NJ 07201
2. DRUM is organizing a bus or vans (with limited seats) to take allies to the detention center: please plan to donate to help cover costs. CALL Kavitha, 718-216-0756, to reserve seats or for day-of info, OR e-mail:
*We plan to be back in NYC at approximately 3-4pm

Bus Meeting times:
10am at DRUM, 72-26 Broadway, Jackson Heights: EFVGR to Roosevelt; 7 to 74th St
11am, Midtown: 327 W. 42nd St between 8th & 9th Ave at Burger King

2007-01-15 Mon 05:28:02 cst