Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 16, 1425/ May 7, 2004 #55

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Abdullah & Bush

KING ABDULLAH was President Bush's guest [May 6] when Bush talked how bad it was that Iraqi prisoners were mistreated. KING ABDULLAH runs a torture regime himself. Only two weeks back CNN ran a video provided by Jordan's police of a Muslim [named Al-Jayousi] who was made to confess, probably under torture, that he planned to kill 80,000 people with chemical warfare! Confessions made without legal proceedings, under duress, are crimes under international law. Abdullah's police did exactly what the Americans were trying to do in Abu Ghraib. Abdullah is a criminal and no Muslim will take Bush seriously when he has Abdullah standing next to him. Two peas in a pod!

ENDLESS HYPOCRISY in U.S. "APOLOGY:" It's only Damage Control because Photos Came out.

May 7, 2004: It's been a week now since the photos of naked Iraqi prisoners and their American abusers came out. The media are in a "feeding frenzy" about the photos as the Democrats see this as an opportunity to strike a fatal blow at the Bush presidency.
In response, the Bush administration has gone into damage control overdrive. Every possible Republican, from the President down to the Jew named Krauthammer [ Wolfowitz is staying out of sight, like Kissinger in the Nixon era], has been wringing hands and showing disgust at the photos. Bush, on May 6, start reeling into retreat and came out to say "sorry" to the Iraqis. {That's a magic word which solves all problems.}

This whole picture of regrets and recriminations smacks of rank hypocrisy. The facts are quite different. Try this on for size: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


May 6: New Trend has learned that Imam Jamil al-Amin is very concerned about the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. However, he is saying that such mistreatment is carried out by U.S. authorities against prisoners in the U.S. itself. Recently, when Imam Jamil was transferred to the prison in Reidsville, he was forced to strip. He filed a written complaint against the mistreatment.
[It should also be noticed that the authorities have shaved off Imam Jamil's beard, which is again a violation of his person as well as of his religious rights.]


It is noticeable that AFTER the Democrats started calling for the resignation of Rumsefeld, the heavily funded group known as CAIR also chimed in. This is a form of opportunism for which CAIR has a track record. These full time, well paid, opportunists are watching to see which way the wind blows. They avoid any cases which create a risk for their comfortable positions. MUSLIMS ARE SUPPOSED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH before OTHER PEOPLE DO and not hide behind unbelievers.


On May 1, Dr. Talat Sultan, President of ICNA ["Islamic Circle of North America"] spoke at a Milad gathering in Baltimore. It was a dull and boring speech but the editor of New Trend sat through it to be able to speak to Dr. Talat Sultan.

The editor urged Dr. Sultan to speak out against the mistreatment and humiliation of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad by the administrators of Islamic Society of Orange County [near Los Angeles]. The editor said: You are an educator yourself, you are principal of the Islamic Foundation school near Chicago, and you are a good friend of Muzammil Siddiqui. You are the best person to stop this nastiness.

Dr. Sultan said that he knew of the situation but that Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad had tried to make it a racial issue. He said that Dr. Muzammil is actually supportive of Dr. Zakiyyah.

The editor responded: I have the entire material on the case. At no point did Dr. Zakiyyah make it a racial issue. She was the target of abuse by a whole group belonging to one nationality (Pakistani) which would make it look racial. Secondly, if Muzammil is supportive, he should speak out. How can he be an imam and not speak out when he sees blatant injustice.

Dr. Talat promised to look into the matter.
NOTE: It is typical of ISNA and ICNA that when something goes against them, they totally censor it in their publications. How low is the level of Islam in ISNA and ICNA that a top Islamic educator, Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad, was arbitrarily dismissed from her job, in a humiliating manner, and NOT A WORD CAME OUT in their publications. It's not a private matter and concerns the entire gamut of immigrant and indigenous inter-Muslim relations, but ISNA and ICNA pretend that it did not happen.

A Victory for Sanity: Dr. NAHEED Gets Her Children Back: Compare with U.S. Media

Mclean, Virginia [On the outskirts of Washington]:
Readers of New Trend might remember that Dr. Naheed Morrill's husband took away her children and used the atmosphere created by 9.11 to influence the U.S. authorities against her. She was under arrest for a time and her permission to practice medicine was also revoked. [Her husband was a white American who claimed to have accepted Islam.]

Finally, after years of effort in the courts, Dr. Naheed has her children back with her. It appears that the Judge and even Mr. Morrill's attorneys lost interest in the baseless stories he had developed against her, in which he presented her as a potential Pakistani "terrorist!" who was trying to teach the writings of Maudoodi to her daughters.

Finally on April 9, the judge signed the papers and Dr. Naheed got her children. She was very magnanimous and said that the children could visit their father whenever they wanted and he could visit them whenever he wanted. She was not putting any restrictions!

COMPARE THIS REPORT with stories of WHITE, non-MUSLIM WOMEN whose stories appear regularly on U.S. TV who complain that the husband has taken the children to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Always the impression is given that these countries and Muslim men are monsters.

In the case of Dr. NAHEED, the media kept it very quiet when she won her long drawn out struggle. CONGRATULATIONS DR. NAHEED! and thanks to all our readers who showed support to her.

FEEDBACK: Sis. Nadrat Comments on WOMEN and 'UMAR, r.a., and SHARON BROUGHT IN BY U.S. to 'VIEW' Iraqi PResident Held Captive

Two comments:
1) The hadith from Abdullah ibn Umar (r.a.) on Hazrat
Umar's (r.a.) rapport with the women of his community is deeply moving.
I have never heard of this hadith before--my own folly for not reading deeply enough into the illustrious Bukhari. The male writers of the dime-a-dozen "Women in Islam" books and pamphlets ought to consider its inclusion in their works.
2) The report on Sharon in Iraq to view President Saddam after his capture just blew me away. Perhaps it will give pause to the naive and to the Toms who applauded the President's capture: one is known by the company one keeps.


On Fri, 19 Dec 2003, kaukab siddique wrote:

['Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a., had sent his son Abdullah, r.a., to ask 'Ayesha, r.a., if she would permit him to be buried with the Prophet, pbuh, and Abu Bakr, r.a.] 'Abdullah ibn 'Umar saw 'Ayesha, r.a., crying (at news of 'Umar's approaching death). Abdullah said: Umar ibn al-Khattab sends you his salams and requests permission that he be buried next to his friends. 'Ayesha, r.a., said: I had reserved that place for myself but now I prefer him above myself. When Abdullah returned (with this news), 'Umar was informed of his return. 'Umar said: Raise me up. A person helped him to sit up. 'Umar asked Abdullah: What reply did you bring? He said. It's a favorable reply. She gave permission. 'Umar said: 'Allah be praised! I wanted nothing more than that. When I die, pick me up, take me there and ask 'Ayesha after salams : 'Umar wants permission. If she (again) permits, bury me there, otherwise bury me with the other believers. ' After that Hafsa, Mother of the Believers, ARRIVED WITH (many) OTHER WOMEN. We (narrators) got up and the women entered 'Umar's room one by one and sat with him and cried for some time. When more men arrived and wanted permission to meet him, the women went indoors (to the other room) and we heard them crying there ....[Hadith, Sahih al-Bukhari, kitab al-Anbiya.]

From the Amman, Jordan, daily newspaper al-Arab al-Yawm.

Concerning the imprisoned Iraqi President, word leaked out from sources close to the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council that the "prime minister" of the Zionist Entity, Ariel Sharon, was the first leader to view the captured Iraqi President even before word of his imprisonment had been announced.

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