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[Name withheld on request:] Sometime back I got a credit card offer from Chase Manhattan Mastercard in New York. The terms seemed to be good and I took the offer. After making some purchases, I got the first bill and saw that I was being charged 25.99% interest. I immediately called and canceled the card but I still have to pay for what I had bought at 25.99% interest.

Then last month, I forgot to pay on time. I got a bill saying I had to pay $35 late charge on my balance of $249. I was upset and I called to complain. I read the small print on the back of the bill. It did not say that I have to pay a $35 penalty, and that too on such a small amount, on which I am already paying 25.99% interest.

I had a long discussion with the manager. She told me that the terms had been sent to me [no doubt in small print on a small piece of paper] when I joined which said that the late charge was $35.

I am writing this to warn Muslims. This is how the Jews get rich, because we allow them to fool us.

According to Fox TV [August 23, 2003], early teen pregnancies, among 12 to 15 year old girls, have taken on "epidemic" proportions. This information came out in relation to the case of a 14 year old boy and a 14 year old girl who were having sex in the girl's house when the girl's mother called the police. [It was in a town in Wisconsin.] The debate was, should the boy be sent to a delinquent detention center or not.

During the discussion it was pointed out that in New York State, 14 year olds can marry with the consent of the parents.

Earlier on an O'Reilly Show on Fox TV, O'Reilly condemned an African-American pastor for permitting marriage between 14 year olds (with their parents permission).

[Under extreme conditions, such as the rampant sexuality in America, or if the parents are old, Islam permits childhood marriage. However, the Hadith stipulates that a girl married as a child can repudiate her marriage when she comes of age.]

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