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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 22, 1429/ February 29, 2008, #14

SUDAN CALLS for WORLDWIDE BOYCOTT of DENMARK in defense of honor of the Prophet, pbuh. [Please scroll all the way down.]

Who killed Imad Mughniyah? Special report from Imam Badi Ali. [Please scroll way down.]

Our America Obama Tested by Min. Farrakhan, Fails, Threatens to Re-invade Iraq, Attack (not Bomb) Pakistan

February 27, 2008: Barack Obama had a chance to show his independence and his reliance on public support. He failed miserably. Minister Farrakhan, without endorsing him, had spoken words of support for Obama during a speech on Feb. 24. Obama was asked, during his debate with Hillary Clinton, about Min. Farrakhan's remarks. He fumbled, then he mumbled, then disassociated from the Minister in a way which can only be described as disgraceful. He more or less accepted the assumption that Farrakhan is anti-semitic and a bigot! Evidently Obama has not heard a single speech by Farrakhan in the last 20 years, or, more probably, Obama is totally controlled by the Israeli lobby.

Hillary was not satisfied with Obama's rejection of Farrakhan. She wanted a repudiation of Farrakhan, and Obama easily obliged her.

If Obama is supported by the people, and not by America's Jewish lobby, he could have said:

1. We have freedom of expression. Min. Farrakhan has the right to say what he wants.

2. It's not true that Farrakhan is anti-semitic.

3. Why don't you ask McCain to denounce 'Rev' Hagee who daily spews war and hatred against Muslims.

In addition to the rude response about Min. Farrakhan [sheer bad manners, as Farrakhan is his elder by many years], Obama also claimed that he would go back into Iraq if al-Qaida starts re-formulating itself there. McCain correctly pointed out that al-Qaida is already there: It's called al-Qaida-in-Iraq! Thus Obama is certainly not against the war.

Obama also renewed his threat of military intrusion into Pakistan if "actionable intelligence" is available. He forgot that Bush's military adventures were also based on what Bush claimed was "actionable intelligence."

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

100 Books campaign: Our Recommended Reading for March 2008.

Following our book campaign launched by Sis. Karen English, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, we recommended The Autobiography of Malcolm X in January and Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee for February.

The selection for March is: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs. The suffering of slave women in America was much worse than that of men and included systematic and casual rape. One woman fought back, against overwhelming odds, USING ONLY HER MIND, and won. The book also includes, parenthetically, the suffering of the Black community at the hands of slavers following the insurrection by Nat Turner. It is comparable, in some ways, to the suffering of Muslims after the uprising of Osama bin Laden.

Supporters are urged to remember that regular [daily], though brief, study of the Qur'an and Sahih al-Bukhari is required.

Publications Received:

1. Commentary on the Forty Hadith of Al-Nawawi by Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi, Malaysia. Sent as a gift from Jamiat Tabligh al-Islam, Alexandria, Egypt.

2. Al Jumuah magazine published from Madison, Wisconsin by Hassen A. Hassen Laidi, Muharram 1429 issue. We have received a package of these magazines. The production and layout is very good. It covers nutrition, prayers, parenting and various religious issues. The magazine seems to have avoided the influence of bootlicker organizations [other than an ad from NAIT] and hence deserves distribution. Readers who want it should send a dollar for postage to our address [above] or it will be distributed locally.

History in the Making

First Anti-Zionist, Anti-Rushdie Rally in Baltimore: Muslims Condemn Meyerhoff as Center of Hate

February 26, 2008 saw the first Islamic rally in Baltimore which was openly anti-Zionist. The Muslims were peaceful and disciplined and came out in greater numbers than at the January protest against Madeleine Albright at the same venue. The protesters strove to educate non-Muslims about the fraudulent nature of Rushdie's writings.

As the Muslims, men and women, old and young, picketted in front of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, their numbers steadily grew. They were chanting: "Rushdie, Rushdie, Shame on you" as the wealthy, largely Jewish, crowd moved into the Hall where Rushdie was to be brought under maximum security.

Then Sr. Nadrat, one of the organizers, shouted on the megaphone: "Takbeer: Allahu Akbar." "Takbeer: Allahu Akbar." "La illaha ill Allah: Muhammad Rasul Allah."

After that they were really fired up. Waving placards and distributing a Jamaat al-Muslimeen statement, the Muslims chanted non-stop for a full hour. The Meyerhoff crowd was mesmerized and moved quickly into the hall, often behaving as if an army of Muslims had descended on the area. The chants included:

"Freedom of Speech,
Not hate speech!"

"Honor the Prophet,
Expose the liar!"

"Salman Rushdie, wake up, look
"We deplore your filthy book"

"Salman Rushdie, have you heard
Satanic Verses is absurd"

"Khyber, Khyber ya Yahood,
Jaish-e-Muhammad Saufa Ya'ood"(1)

"Salman Rushdie, shame on you.
Liar, Bigot: Shame on you."

The chants were interspersed with takbeers, and reciting of kalima. Various activists pointed out:

"Rushdie hates 1 billion people."
"Zionism is Racism. Down with Zionism."

An official Jamaat statement was issued via megaphone. Its main points: The protestors were at a busy traffic intersection. As the rally became more spirited, car drivers stopping at the light wanted the anti-Rushdie statement which activists on both sides of the street were distributing. Thus many in the general public were reached.

(1) This slogan, from an Arab brother, means; "O Jews! Remember Khayber? The army of Muhammad is coming back." Khyber was the great fortress of the Jews which was stormed by the Islamic army led by the Prophet, pbuh. The heroic exploits of Ali, r.a., at this battle are chronicled in the Hadith literature.


WBAL-TV (Baltimore's Channel 11), the city's most widely watched channel covered parts of the rally during its 11 PM news report. The reporter noted that the protesters were "interracial," and were objecting to Rushdie's insults against both Muhammad and Jesus. (Peace be on them both.)


Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton: U.S. Muslims have their Own Agenda

Thoughts Provoked by the Satanic Honors Given by Munafiqs to Madeleine Albright at the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) on February 9, 2008.

By Kaukab Siddique
Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Islam means peace. This peace begins in the heart and soul with the acceptance of Allah Almighty as the source of Truth and Guidance.

We must be at peace with:

1. Our spouses.
2. Our children.
3. Our relatives.
4. Our neighbors.
5. Our communities.
6. All of humanity.

Remember that most people in America are victims of the corporate-Zionist power structure Don't blame the common prostitute or the misled young man. Mass culture coming out of Madison Avenue, Wall Street, the Pentagon, Hollywood creates waves of consumerism leading to debt, corruption and conflict. Until the source is understood and defeated, the people will continue to suffer.

The people of America are definitely not the enemies of Islam and Muslims. The idea of "islamophobia" was concocted by little upper class cliques in imitation of the ADL's hunt for "anti-semitism." This is not England where Muslim immigrants have been hurt physically by White racists and Islam-haters. Here the massive corporate-Zionist juggernaut ground to a halt and could not bring about any significant hatred against Muslims and Islam. Our problems come from the rulers, not the people.

Remember that America is the land of Malcolm X where millions have seen his pride in going to Makkah for Hajj. This is the land in which countless women have given up the Euro-American way of life, embraced Islam and took the hijab. In cities like Philadelphia and New York one can see on Eid to what extent INDIGENOUS women [not immigrants] proudly follow Islam.

Agents of the regime, with Muslim names, have brought the FBI into Mosques and Muslim communities. These frauds with beards and caps have taken our children to the Pentagon and licked the boots of Rabbis and Zionists. These agents of Shaitan have brought the leaders of American kufr into the mosques. Ultimately the Zionist woman, Albright, held responsible by many for the mass death of Iraqi children, was brought to Baltimore's biggest Islamic Center and honored

These activities of munafiqs could give the impression that the Muslims of America have completely collapsed and have accepted KUFR while keeping their Muslim names. However the self-seeking munafiqs who are indulging in these activities of taghoot-worship constitute a tiny minority of America's Muslims. Look at the evidence. Look at who are the leaders of Muslims of America and ask yourself, can one imagine them licking the boots of "massa" in the White House and issuing statements about "terrorism" while ignoring the bombing of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia? We are proud of these leaders who have support among the country's Muslim communities: What about sisters? Do you think they will support the munafiqs? Or the "Islam" Bush wanted to fabricate? No way! Think of: And many others. Of course, TV will not cover them, other than to condemn them. Some of the brothers are in prison but their spirit is alive and well among the people.

Sure we want peace! We don't hate anyone, not even the Jews, though they have done dirt on our religion and continue to fund the terrorist entity known as Israel.

Peacefully, we must stand against oppression and against the oppressors.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the best people the kafir system has to offer. We admire their eloquence and their wit but we know they are on the wrong path and can never save America. In fact they are the sign that the taghooti system is going down. We don't need either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, just as our leader, Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, did not accept either Abu Lahab or Abu Jahal.

We do not want divisions between Hispanics and Blacks. and Whites. We as Muslims must stay away from the racial foundations of the American political system. We cannot endorse war against the Muslim world. We cannot support the exploitation of Africa. We are not fooled by the "Save Darfur" propaganda which is a cover for the destruction of Sudan.

Is it that we are naive or living in an unreal world? Look at the names of the people listed above. One thing they have in common: They are spiritually pure, politically astute and uncompromising about the rights of the oppressed and the downtrodden.

Why do true Muslims want to stay away from the election drama in America? The answer is: We have our own agenda:

The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust

By Mark Weber

... The Nuremberg enterprise violated ancient and fundamental principles of justice. The victorious Allies acted as prosecutor, judge and executioner of the German leaders. The charges were created especially for the occasion, and were applied only to the vanquished. Defeated, starving, prostrate Germany was, however, in no position to oppose whatever the Allied occupation powers demanded. As even some leading Allied figures privately acknowledged at the time, the Nuremberg trials were organized not to dispense impartial justice, but for political purposes.

Deadly Israeli Cooperation with top Indian industrial group TATA noted by South Africans

(Letter to the CEO of TATA) Mr. Phonnie Cilliers, TATA South Africa, Johannesburg


Media Review Network is dismayed that the Tata Group has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Israel's largest aerospace and defense company, to develop and manufacture defense equipment. The Israeli government's apartheid policies against the Palestinians are well-documented. The recent siege on the Gaza Strip, the construction of the apartheid wall, and the constant bombardment of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are only some of the ways in which the Israeli government has denied the Palestinian people basic human rights.

It is almost certain that the missiles, radars, and electronic warfare systems that Tata is developing with Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) will be used against the Palestinians. The Tata Group cannot, with a clear conscience, pledge to co-operate with IAI in this manner.

We call on the Tata Group, together with all other corporates in India, to impose economic sanctions on Israeli companies, in the same way that Indian companies had previously refused to do business in apartheid South Africa. It is only through the imposition of sanctions that the Israeli government can be pressured into ending its oppression of the Palestinian people

Firoz Osman
South Africa
Secretary General, Media Review Network

War news
From our Media Monitor (3 items)


Missile Attack after Midnight

Pakistan: Feb. 28. At 2 AM in the village of Kalosha, southern Waziristan, a missile struck a home killing at least 12 people in it. Reports say that those killed were probably Pakistani Taliban and their Arab guests and their families. Observers say that this was the second American missile attack this year in Pakistan. In the previous attack, a Libyan Islamic leader and his family and/or local families were killed. The spotting is done by the Pakistani military and the strike is carried out by U.S. drones, analysts say.

Pak. Military Headquarters Hit: Senior Officer Killed

Feb. 25: A martyrdom operator hit a wagon of Pakistan's military in front of Headquarters in Rawalpindi. At least 7 Pakistani military men were killed in addition to a Lt. General heading the military 's medical corp. General [r] Musharraf and Gen. Kayani attended the funeral and expressed great sorrow. Observers say that militants are trying to hit Pakistan army targets in major cities in retaliation for army operations in the tribal areas.

Feb. 23: Pakistani Taliban offered a unilateral cease fire to the Pakistani military to give the new general [Kayani] and the newly elected politicians a chance to make peace. There was no response from Pakistani officials.


Israeli Air Strikes Hit Gaza and Nablus: Baby Among 22 Killed

Over February 26 - 28, Israeli air force hit Palestinians in Gaza and Nablus killing 22 young people, including a 6 month old baby named Muhammad.

Palestinians try to fire back with home made rockets which have little impact. They have killed only one Israeli in retaliation for the 22 young people killed. [The "Muslim" rulers are silent. Large "Muslim" armies are sitting on the throats of their own people. Iran, for all its rhetoric, has failed to hit Israel or arm the Palestinians.]

Imad Mughniyah: Who Killed Him and Why?

By Badi Ali
Greensboro, NC

On February 12, 2008 Imad Mughniyah was killed in a bomb explosion in a suburb of Damascus known for its high security level. He was reportedly top Hizbullah intelligence officer, and was blamed by the U.S. and Israel for a series of attacks on their interests. The U.S. placed a bounty of $25 million on his head.

In spite of the allegations, no evidence was ever produced against him. He was simply on the wrong side as far as Israel and the U.S. were concerned. (At one time, he worked for Yasir Arafat's famous Special Security Force No. 17.)

Imad Mughniyah's assassination has been condemned by Hizbullah as the act of Israel. Shaikh Nasrallah, the Hizbullah leader, has promised retaliation against Israel.

The key question facing analysts of the Middle East is about the significance of the location of the killing in a high security area of Damascus, Syria. The following points are noteworthy:

SUDAN CALLS for WORLDWIDE BOYCOTT of DENMARK: Biggest Rally in honor of the Prophet, pbuh

February 28 - Tens of thousands of Sudanese gathered in Khartoum to honor the Prophet, pbuh, and to condemn the cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, published in 17 Danish newspapers. Sudan outdid the entire Muslim world in its response to the European-Zionist attack on Islam.

Large numbers of women participated in the rally against the cartoons.

The President of Sudan, Omar Bashir, himself addressed the rally and called for a worldwide Muslim boycott of Denmark in response to the blasphemous cartoons.

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