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Millions March in Lahore: Packed Streets for 10 Kilometers
Musharraf Should Go Peacefully or Will be Removed by Peoples' power
Unprecedented Mass March Condemns U.S. Aggression, Supports Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir
War Aims at Creating "Greater Israel": A Criminal Thug State Run by Jewish Criminals

March 23. The blessed city of Lahore, the city of Allama Iqbal and Maulana Maudoodi, who gave Pakistan its progressive Islamic ideological base, witnessed an unprecedented mass march to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Nothing like it has been seen in Lahore's history although it has seen numerous historic and huge marches and rallies. Lahore is the Islamic heart of a land meant to be a model of Qur'an and Sunnah in action. Pakistan's history is an ugly one as the people's aspirations were betrayed by secular elites linked to the West, the generals, bureaucrats, big landowners.

The streets were packed with men, women, children carrying placards against Bush, Blair and Israel, all the way from Nasir Bagh to the Assembly Hall square, a distance of about 10 kilometers.

TENS OF THOUSANDS HELD PICTURES OF OSAMA, hearthrob of the Muslim Ummah, and SADDAM, increasingly seen as the hero of armed resistance to aggression.

The main speakers' line-up showed that the MMA's Islamic Coalition is holding in strong unity, bringing Muslims of all schools of thought together. Maulana Noorani of JUP, Qazi Hussain Ahmad of Jamaate Islami, Maulana Fazlur Rahman of JUI, Maulana Samiul Haq of an openly pro-Taliban Ulama group, Prof. Sajid Meer of Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith were among the main speakers.

Non-Sectarian Shias and groups of secularists who are moving towards a full affirmation of Islam were there. Lahore is a stronghold of support for Muslim League led by Nawaz Sharif (an elected Prime Minister removed by CIA agent General Musharraf). These Muslim Leaguers came out in big numbers and their temporary leader Javed Hashmi spoke well.
At a number of places in the path of the march, PAKISTANI CHRISTIANS had set up booths saying NO TO WAR and NO TO BUSH. [Musharraf's agents have tried to create conflict between Christians and Islamic people in the style of Egyptian dictator Mubarak who played dirty tricks on the Copts and blamed the Muslims.]
An unusual aspect of the mammoth Lahore march was the huge presence of the JIHAD MOVEMENT, known as Jamaat ad-da'wa (which is called in Kashmir Lashkare Taiba) led by Hafiz Saeed. They are young and are easily recognizable by their beards and neat, though sparse, shalwar, kameez, with shalwars ending just above the ankles. This movement has the honor of helping the Kashmiri people in the Jihad against India's army which has committed torture, rape and murder against the Kashmiri people. HAFIZ SAEED MADE A STIRRING CALL TO THE NATION TO PREPARE FOR JIHAD. The enemies of Islam have exceeded the bounds of humanity, he said. Muslims should start fighting back and JIHAD IS THE ANSWER, he said.

Just about all the speakers at the historic Lahore rally condemned the collusion of General Musharraf with Bush and Blair. They agreed that MUSHARRAF HAS BETRAYED PAKISTAN and that he is a servant of Bush. Speaker after speaker urged Musharraf to leave peacefully otherwise the peaceful mass movement would enter his office and carry him out.
Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami, a key organizer of the mass marches, [whose wife leads a large number of women in the movement] told New Trend after the march in Lahore that new mass marches, aiming at peaceful mobilization of Pakistan, are planned for Peshawar and Quetta in the coming weeks.
U.S. Zionist media claimed that only 70,000 people took part in the Lahore rally!

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