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Here is some Good Advice to the Bush Administration
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

This is a season for laughs. I'll have to share a couple with you before turning to serious business:
{Laugh ONE: Attorney General Ashcroft: "I have visited mosques myself." (On C-Span Feb 26, while claiming that he is stopping hate crimes.}
{Laugh TWO: Diane Sawyer talking to Larry King on CNN, Feb. 26: "The Taliban did not want to talk to women. They thought women were trivial." How did she find out: THE TALIBAN WERE TALKING TO HER when she visited Afghanistan!}
{Sub laugh: From a sister: When you watch CNN, you think you are watching the NEWS, but actually you are watching the JEWS. (sing it!)}
THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION HAS PLACED AMERICA IN A SERIOUS SITUATION which could lead to economic collapse and worldwide tyranny/war/terror. The heroic U.S. air force, after killing thousands of Afghan civilians (4076 documented, 60,000 estimated) is patrolling AMERICAN CITIES every day. The result: millions of dollars wasted with planes facing breakdown. The economy is going down. Enron is now a household name where the rich ran with billions, leaving the poor without pensions.
The Israeli option which America uses to intimidate the middle east is at an impasse, with Israel facing increasing Palestinian resistance. (The latest martyr is a 16 year old woman/girl who rushed the Jewish thug troops armed only with a knife.)
There are chances that more and more Jews will be returning to their money making holes in Europe and America. Occupied Palestine is no disneyland. The blood of young martyrs is exposing the BIG LIE behind Zionism.
The Muslim world does not want to fight America. The Muslims have not even started to fight America, but if the war against Islam continues, the oppressed masses will rise up and break both American imperialism and Zionism.
My Advice: Dear Mr. Bush:
1. If you have evidence against Mujahid Usama Bin Laden and the Taliban, take it to an impartial world court acceptable to you and to Islamic scholars not in your pay.
2. At the same time, Muslims have the option to take you Mr. Bush to the same court, with evidence of U.S. crimes in Iraq and Somalia (10,000 Somalis estimated killed by the U.S.), plus crimes committed by Israel with your money and guns.
3. Crimes committed against Afghan civilians by your heroic air force as well as crimes committed by the "northern alliance of cutthroats, rogues and thugs" must be taken to the same court.
If TORA BORA could not defeat Islam, what can?
At this time, the allies of Bush and company are regimes which do not have as much respect in the comity of nations as dogs, pigs and vermin have. Such alliances can kill Muslims but cannot defeat the upsurge of Islam which is going for:
3. ISLAMIC LAW based on the Qur'an and authentic Hadith
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Dear Mr. Bush: You are "dear" to Muslim hearts because you bombed us during Ramadan and sent us greetings on Eid. The Muslim world is not listening to you. Our guidance is in our Qur'an and our Prophet's (pbuh) example and it teaches us to resist tyranny and oppression. Some of us will do it quietly; some of us will do it openly. But we will resist. WE ARE NOT GOING TO GE SLAVES!
Our leader is not Arafat, nor Musharref, nor Mubarak, nor Boris Islamov, nor Hussain urduni al-Khain, nor Fahd.
Our leader is Muhammad , peace and blessings of Allah be on him who never compromised with oppressors.
America should live peacefully within its borders under the aegis of its Constitution. The Muslim world should live peacefully within its countries under the law of the Qur'an and the Hadith.
Let's accept that principle and soon we'll have peace.

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