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Report Quashes Rumors that he Ran Away: All with him were also Killed except two
Betrayal by Republican Guards Commander who was working with CIA

"And if ye are slain, or die, in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all they could amass." [The Qur'an 3:157]

April 13, 2003: New Trend has just received a report from reliable sources that President Saddam Hussain was killed in a U.S. air strike last Monday. According to this report, a large number of Iraqi civilians and officials were killed when the U.S. fired "bunker busters" in the Mansourah area of Baghdad. The strike came after the U.S. was tipped off about the President's presence by a Republican Guards commander working for the CIA.

Saddam Hussain's entire leadership cadre was apparently killed with him. The only survivors are reported to be the Information Minister Saeed al-Sahhaf and Vice President Izzat Ibrahim who were not there when the attack took place.

Saddam seems to have sensed that a betrayal was going on in the Republican Guard. He issued an order that units which have lost touch with the others should continue to fight with those nearest to them.

This report deserves widespread distribution because it puts an end to speculation that Saddam left the defenders of Baghdad in the lurch and escaped.

According to Islamic rulings, Saddam is Shaheed. He went down fighting in the defense of the Islamic homeland.

Readers are urged to make du'a for Saddam Hussain's soul that Allah may forgive his sins, accept his shahada and give him al-Jannah. [Question for our Islamic scholars: Are janaza prayers held for those who are shaheed?]

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