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Looks like the U.S. is studying the lives of Muslims who visited Syria or studied there. Both Yee and Halabi are being abused on the media with references to Syria. Senator Schumer (D) from N.Y. seems to be behind these arrests of loyal American Muslims serving in the military. Schumer has been advocating a clean sweep of Muslims serving in the prison system. He was vociferous after the Wall Street Journal article on Imam Warithuddin Umar.

What should be our mission in life?

"....Free the slave ....." [The Qur'an sura 90]
Edward Said Passes Away: Scholarly Son of Palestine Saw Through "Peace" Deals
Could not Cope with Islam's Resurgence but Rebutted Attacks on Islam

Record on top of the first page:
I do not hate man
Nor do I encroach
But if I become hungry
The usurper's flesh will be my food
Beware - beware - of my hunger
and my anger
[Mahmoud Darwish, quoted by Edward Said in THE QUESTION of PALESTINE, p.156.]

Scholar, speaker, thinker, struggler Edward Said, great son of Palestine passed away on September 25, 2003 at the age of 67.

In books like The Question of Palestine, Covering Islam and Orientalism, he tore asunder the fabric of distortions and fabrications Israel and International Jewry had unfurled around the world. His critique was difficult to deal with because it combined passion with scientific precision.

Edward Said's greatest contribution was that he was NEVER FOR ONE INSTANCE fooled by the Zionist-American "peace" moves. He could see that these were meant to legitimize Israel's occupation of Palestine and to create a subservient Palestinian ghetto run by puppets and controlled by Israel.

Prof. Said was also very good at defending colonial-style attacks on Islam coming out of the "orientalist" establishment. No one has been able to answer his attack on the orientalists. HIS ONLY WEAKNESS WAS HIS INABILITY TO SEE ISLAM as a revolutionary force. He was coming from a background of strong Palestinian nationalism in which Islam was only one of several national ingredients. That Islam would be a world-shaping force with its own program and agenda was beyond his view of things.

New Trend joins the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim peoples in mourning the loss of Edward Said. The modern world can best honor the man by rejecting, opposing and defeating Israel, that colonial outpost of the Anglo-American alliance.
The $10 Billion-a-Week War
War was not "liberation," U.S. is not Winning, and Islam is Resurgent in Iraq
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

Analysts are puzzled by the failure of U.S. power and intelligence in Iraq. President Bush and his ruling group seems to have been so mesmerized by it own propaganda that it went into Iraq without any "thinking through" of the issues. Probably Bush depended more on Israeli "intelligence" than on the American CIA and now finds himself dead-ended.
[It is said that even The CIA OPPOSED THE WAR!]

Everything has gone wrong for Bush.

Look at the news on U.S. TV. On September 26, a U.S. soldier was killed and two wounded in an Iraqi attack in KIRKUK. On September 25, eight U.S. soldiers were wounded [one had his leg blown off] in an Iraqi attack in Mosul. Those are certainly not in the "SUNNI TRIANGLE." That's way north of the imagined "Sunni triangle." Thus even these tactical details of the battle indicate that those advising Bush are wrong in just about everything they have projected. Note the Bush mindset:

1. Saddam is unpopular. [The "statue toppling" photo opportunity was staged to support this theory.] Iraqis are showing support for Saddam today, even when their lives are in danger for saying so.
2. Iraqis will not fight. Saddam probably understood that the grossly under armed Iraqi army could not face the American juggernaut in conventional warfare. He seems to have planned the disappearance of the Iraqi forces and their re-emergence as guerrilla forces well in advance. [He also probably sensed that his conventional commanders would be bought out and would surrender at the first opportunity.) IRAQIS SURE ARE FIGHTING. [U.S. troop casualties, acknowledged by the U.S., stand at 306 killed and 1644 wounded.]
3. Shias will join the U.S. They did not. The only chance among Shias the U.S. had was the U.S.-Iran alliance for which Baqir al-Hakim was brought up. He was blown away in a ghastly bomb attack which also killed numerous innocent people. An intense internal struggle is going on among Shias. [Journalist Fisk reports dozens of dead and wounded every week in Najaf.]
4. LET'S BRING THE UN in. This did not work because a martyrdom operation blew up the UN HQ in Baghdad. UN staff are now retreating following another bomb attack.
5. Let's bring in troops from Pakistan and other countries. Musharref, America's agent, is willing to do this but right now he is unable to speak even in the Parliament in Islamabad where members constantly chant: "Musharraf Go. No LFO!" [LFO is the arbitrary amendment he made to the Pakistani Constitution to perpetuate his own rule.] Bush has POLISH and SPANISH troops in Baghdad but these have been paid for by the U.S.
6. MUSLIMS HATE SADDAM and will not support him. This turned out to be true only to the extent of Iran. BUSH PROBABLY DOES NOT KNOW that in 1996 Saddam stopped his oppression of Islamic forces in Iraq. His only condition was that they should not try to topple him. Hence there is STRONG, INDIGENOUS ISLAMIC support for Saddam today. [Islamic fighters from other countries are able to operate in Iraq only because of indigenous support.]
7. Two KURDISH anti-Islam groups, the PUK and the KDP were touted by Israel as representatives of Kurds. It seemed in U.S. media that all Kurds were supporting the Americans. NOT SO! There were Kurds in the Assembly set up by Saddam and after the Amnesty he declared, numerous Kurds had joined his forces. Bush does blame the ANSAR al-ISLAM for resisting U.S. power but he seems to be unaware that these are KURDS! [Most Kurds, even those opposed to Saddam, do not support PUK and KDP. PUK gets so much publicity because Jews from their area went and settled in Israel.]

Kennedy is right. The war on Iraq was a fraud. It was, he says, a plot cooked in Texas. He probably does not have the courage to say even now that it was a plot cooked in Tel Aviv.

2003-09-28 Sun 11:20ct