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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 28,1429/ July 2, 2008, #37

Palestinian female parliamentarian reveals suffering of 80 women in Israeli prisons: Scroll all the way down.

International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: Baltimore, Maryland. August 16, 2008, inshallah.

We have five categories of endorsers:

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Maulana Ehsanullah Khan [Pakistan]
Sis. Amina Masood [Pakistan]

Christian leaders within the U.S.

Mark Glenn [Idaho]
Charles Carlson [Arizona]

Islamic Women Leaders

Sis. Hedaya Majeed [Georgia]
Sis. Karen English [California]
Sis. Ashira [Maryland]

Islamic leaders within the U.S.

Imam Jamil al-Amin [Colorado Pen.]
Br. Bilal Sunni Ali [Georgia]
Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman [North Carolina]
Br. Hodari Abdul Ali [Washington DC]
Dr. Hisham Tillawi [Louisiana]

Anti-war non-Muslim leaders within the U.S.

Ramsey Clark [New York]
Lynne Stewart [New York]
Mark Weber [California]

Your hosts:
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora
Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina] Convener of the Conference
Dr. Kaukab Siddique [Maryland] Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
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Think about it:
Israeli Bigotry and Hatred: Christian Victims of Israel, treated almost like Muslims


Hundreds of Jerusalem Christians are losing residency rights in their City due to policies of the Israeli Ministry of Interior. The policy that aims to reduce the number of non-Jews in the City takes its toll on families and individuals who hold residency permits at foreign countries. No matter how long they travel abroad, no matter if they were born in Jerusalem before or after Israel occupied East Jerusalem , they are considered visitors in their own city.

Palestinian Christians who make today not more than 9,000 will lose 15% of their population as a result of this policy. While Jews from all over the world and even converts to Judaism are allowed to immigrate to Israel under the Israeli "Law of Return", the indigenous Jerusalemites are considered temporary residents. Originally, Seven years of being out of Jerusalem was the deadline for losing one's right to live in his own city. Now, only a proof of residency in another country is enough for Israel to consider Jerusalem as not "the center of life" for this person or family and thus deny them the right of living in their home town once they travel abroad. [Source: Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation.]

Personal :

Peace Activist's Daughter Weds: Imam Ali Siddiqui emphasizes Islamic texts on Women's Rights & Duties

"Women are the twins of men." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Sunan of Abu Dawud]

June 26, 2008: About 300 people attended the wedding ceremony of Sameerah and Adam at a community center in the suburbs of Los Angeles. It was an extraordinary Islamic event, in particular owing to the khutba of Nikah given by the bride's father Imam Ali Siddiqui. He is widely respected in the Muslim community as well as by peace activists among the non-Muslim clergy and laity. He brings wisdom directly from the Qur'an and the Hadith and on this occasion he spoke on the meaning of marriage in Islam as well as about the rights of women. The audience received in-depth presentation of Islamic texts about the equality of men and women. Merit, he said, depends on ones piety, consciousness of Allah, humane behavior and sensitivity to the needs of others, not on whether one is male or female.

Imam Ali Siddiqui emphasized the need for compassion, mercy, forgiveness and love in the marriage relationship. Debating and trying to have the last word, he said, is counterproductive. The Muslim man and the Muslim woman, he said, are to be each other's protecting friends and guardians.

The husband must provide for the needs of the wife: his is the economic responsibility, the imam said. On the other hand, the wife must not treat the husband like a bank and should live within his means.

Observers say that Ali Siddiqui and his devout wife Jaleelah have scored a remarkable success by bringing up their three daughters as good Muslims. Sameerah and her siblings Tabassum and Tasnim are peace activists in their own right. Tasnim is going for her Ph.D and is researching race relations in America. Tabassum is a fashion designer for Islamic clothing and has set set an excellent example by showing Muslim women how to dress Islamically in a way which shows piety as well as good taste and style. Behind all these developments, friends say, lies the sedate but steady Islamic personality of Sis. Jaleelah who has been a major supporter of her learned husband as well as her three daughters.

The marriage of Ali and Jaleelah was a first for interracial marriages which Islam supports. Here was a Pakistani marrying an African American-Native American. It has been a great success. Marriage based on Islam is a powerful means for the spread of Islam. Marriages based on wealth, nationality, race and clan-caste are the main obstacles.

Analysis: Aitzaz Ahsan in America on the Charlie Rose Show
Pakistan Peoples Party's Sophisticated Moves to Support the U.S. Agenda against Islamic Forces
by New Trend's Pakistan observer

July 1, 2008: Aitzaz Ahsan has made quite a name for himself as a genuine fighter for democracy in Pakistan. He is the President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Bar Association. ["Bar" in Pakistan is not a drinking establishment but the association of Pakistani lawyers.] On July 1, Aitzaz Ahsan suddenly appeared on the Charlie Rose Show, a premier program of PBS TV [Public Broadcasting Service.]. Charlie Rose is known for his "high brow" hostility to Islam and counts Salman Rushdie among his closest friends.

On the same show with Ahsan were two journalists from America's top Zionist left-of-center newspaper New York Times: Mark Mazzette and David Rohde. They agreed with just about everything Ahsan said, leaving no place for dissent. {The Charlie Rose Show is funded by Bloomberg and a number of other American Jews and Zionists, as can be seen in the credits for the show.]

Ahsan seemed well rested, probably having spent a good few days in American hotels. He was clean shaved, looking well fed, dressed in expensive American clothes. He seemed at home.

Here are the main points made by Aitzaz Ahsan in summary. [He was quite lawyerly in not speaking straight out against Islam.] New Trend comments: Aitzaz Ahsan's statements are the old Peoples' Party line which was formulated by Benazir Bhutto. When Gen. Musharraf's campaign against Islamic fighting forces known as Taliban failed unexpectedly and miserably, the U.S. decide that a change of faces was necessary. Hence Benazir Bhutto was brought up as the savior of Pakistan.

Ahsan's claims are self-serving and are contradicted by the basic facts of life in Pakistan. He is not correct in saying that Musharraf was half-hearted in fighting the Islamic forces of the Taliban. Musharraf put in 80,000 of Pakistan's best troops into the battle against Islamic fighters. His army killed and wounded thousands, including several hundred Islamic fighters. More than a 1,000 of his troops were killed in the fighting.

Musharraf handed over all of Pakistan to the FBI and any Pakistani's home could be raided not only by Pakistani police but by the FBI. A glimpse of this terrorist activity against Pakistanis can be seen in Christiane Amanpour's film on Daniel Pearl.

Musharraf fully cooperated with and coordinated U.S. air attacks on Pakistani villages in which hundreds of sympathizers of al-Qaida, including scores of women and children, were killed. Then Musharraf went a step further and took "credit" for the bombing raids so that the U.S. would not be blamed.

Musharraf violated the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan during the U.S. assault on Afghanistan by giving bases to the U.S. on Pakistani soil. For the first time in Muslim history, the Islamic ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan was handed over to the U.S. More recently, Pakistan has been supplying and feeding the NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan [for several years now].

During all these crimes against Pakistan, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Choudury, and Aitzaz Ahsan, were silent and relished the slaughter of tens of thousands of "extremists," [men, women and children] by the U.S. and NATO.

The icing on the cake for the Peoples' Party and Pakistani secularists in general was Musharraf's commando assault on the Red Mosque and the Women's University Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad. About 4,000 Muslims, including hundreds of young Muslim women, were killed by the commandos. The army used PHOSPHOROUS inside the mosque: Many, including the mother of the martyr Abdul Rashid Ghazi, were burned alive. Peoples Party, in particular Benazir Bhutto, hailed the attack. Ms. Bhutto said that Musharraf was too slow and should have attacked much earlier.

Thus when Aitzaz Ahsan says Musharraf did not do enough, it appears that he is calling for the GENOCIDE of the Islamic communities, including the mass destruction of the Muslims of Frontier Province who are supporting the "extremists." Musharraf made 500,000 people homeless in Swat state. Perhaps General Kayani will do more than that and make all the people of Frontier homeless. [Kayani was trained at one of most infamous military colleges of America, notorious for teaching torture and systematic destruction of opponents.]

Hate Disguised as Freedom of Expression: Charlie Rose's Love Fest with Rushdie: Waiting for emergence of a new "Islam"
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Charlie Rose has developed a close relationship with Rushdie over the last 10 years. Rose trusts Rushdie and in his absence lets Rushdie run the show which is seen all over America via 125 PBS TV outlets. Rushdie in turn uses the opportunity to hook up with his Hindu friends and did a real favor to Deepa Mehta by doing an India Day interview \ last year.

On July 1, 2008 Rushdie appeared once more on the Charlie Rose Show. It was a love fest. Rose relished Rushdie as the man who abused Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, insulted the best of women Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a. and ridiculed the Qur'an. For Rose, those who opposed Rushdie are people who have "hijacked" the religion of Islam. He thinks, Rushdie is the kind of person needed to create a new Islam which would have no problem with such abuse.

Incredible as it might sound, Rushdie complained of "censorship." That is, the Muslims who oppose his hate campaign against the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and the sublime Ayesha, r.a., are guilty of "censorship." Of course it doesn't matter that the biggest propaganda machine in the world supported his fantasies about the messenger of Allah, pbuh. Penguin books paid him a massive advance even before The Satanic Verses saw the light of day. International Jewry made a hero out of him and he was celebrated by Jews all over the world. In New York, Jewish intellectuals held readings of his books which were then broadcast around the world. If Imam Khomeini had not put a fatwa on Rushdie, his book about the wives of the Prophet, peace be on them, would by now have been a Hollywood academy award winner, given that Spielberg and his tribe have already been acclaimed in those circles. The Muslim world owes Imam Khomeini an everlasting debt of gratitude for that one symbolic gesture which stopped cultural imperialism in its tracks.

Charlie Rose addressed Rushdie not only with love and affection but with deference, hanging on to his every word as if it was dripping with wisdom. Rose called him "Sir Salman Rushdie" without a hint of humor or comedy. [Muslims who hold "Great" Britain in high regard should note that the Queen of England, the moronic old lady stumbling into traces of alzheimers, knighted Rushdie!]. Rose did not ask Rushdie any difficult questions at all. The intellect has no place in the Rose-Rushdie dialogue.

Asked about Imam Khomeini's Fatwa, Rushdie said that it proved that he "was'nt wrong" about Islam. The Fatwa on him, he said, was "radical Islam's entry into a militant stage." It showed the West "the nature of the enemy," claimed Rushdie.

Rushdie is so surrounded by his Zionist admirers that he has no idea of the resurgence of Islam taking place globally. He claimed that "this fanatical phenomenon," a reference to the condemnation of his book and the resistance to American invasions "is hated by everyone in the Muslim world." Looks like, life so long under CIA and Mossad protection has deprived Rushdie of the information that Osama is the most popular Islamic leader in the Muslim world, followed by Nasrallah, Mullah Omar and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Iraq has fought America's legions to a standstill, the Taliban are resurgent and would be in Kabul were it not for the U.S. air force, Jamaate Islami has cooped up General Musharraf even by peaceful means and starving Gaza stands defiant against Israel's terrorist juggernaut. As the wag said, where does Rushdie live?

As for censorship, it is being practiced by International Jewry as never before. Critics of the holocaust story are not allowed into ANY major media outlet. The top critics of the holocaust dollar gravy train suffer prison for writing and speaking. Germar Rudolf, author of Dissecting the Holocaust is still in prison as is Ernst Zundel and hundreds of German dissidents. The Jewish thought police did not spare the greatest historian of the Second World War David Irving. A systematic effort was made to stop the publication of his books and then he was arrested in Austria and sent to prison for ONE SENTENCE he had uttered a decade back.

Rushdie and his Zionist-Jewish friends should be the last to complain about censorship. Earlier this year, the combined forces of American Jewry in Baltimore invited Rushdie to the centerpiece of Jewish culture, the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. He was invited by Villa Julie College, publicized by National Public Radio [biggest lineup of Jews in the media] and celebrated and honored at the Meyerhoff. Jamaat al-Muslimeen rallied outside the Meyerhoff but Rushdie would not come out to talk to Muslims.

Not surprisingly, Rushdie talked to Charlie Rose about his admiration for the fake religion Emperor Akbar of India tried to formulate to undermine Islam. Did Rushdie notice that Akbar's religion, called Deen-e-Ilahi failed miserably? Today not a trace of it remains. For some reason, Rose and Rushdie hope that the new "American Islam" or "moderate Islam" which Bush, the Rand Corporation, and a host of hacks from Spencer to Schwartz to Manji to Rushdie himself will survive.

Muslim readers should have no doubt about Jewish-Zionist hatred for Islam. Once you decide to lie down, the yahood will walk over you. No friend of Israel can be a friend of Muslims.

Announcement for July 11-13 in Atlanta
In support of Imam Abdullah Jamil al-Amin

In The Name of Allah, Let The Games Begin!

Al hamdulillah (All the Praise is to Allah) ! It is time to prepare for the annual Riyaadah. The Riyaadah (Arabic for training/sport) is an annual event that has been facilitated by Al-Ummah under the leadership of Imam Jamil Al-Amin for he past 25 years, ever since the formation of Al-Ummah. This year's historic event spotlights athletic, educational, and cultural activities for Muslims who will come from all corners of North America, Insha'Allah (if Allah wills it). The Riyaadah has been held in various cities (New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Norfolk, Detroit, and Flint) over the past three decades. This Twenty-Sixth Riyaadah will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on the campus of the historic Morris Brown College, Insha'Allah. Last years event bought participants from all over the USA and Canada.

The Riyaadah will begin on Friday, July 11, 2008, with the congregational Jummah Prayer at the Morris Brown Gymnasium, at 1:45 p.m., Insha'Allah. Immediately after salatul jumah, we will rally in support of the imprisoned Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, and later that evening; we plan a concert that will serve the cultural tastes of the young Muslim attendees, Insha'Allah. The activities for Saturday, July 12, 2008, will be highlighted by a mixture of educational sessions featuring well-known Imams and scholars and a host of athletic events for men, women, and youth, Insha'Allah. Throughout the day you will be able to shop and browse in the Suq (marketplace) and find those hard-to-get items, Insha'Allah. Saturday evening will offer the traditional Riyaadah banquet featuring an exquisite halal menu and recognition of outstanding national and local attendees, Insha'Allah. On Sunday July 13, 2008, Insha'Allah, we will enjoy the sports finals and championship events, and the Riyaadah will culminate with a citywide BBQ in the West End Park. We invite you to help us celebrate this momentous event by coming to Atlanta for knowledge, competition, and fellowship, Insha'Allah.

Nadim Ali, Amir

For more Information, call 1-888-414-4011

The Community Masjid
(Masjid Al Ummah)
547 West End Place S.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30310

Muslim Students Clash with Police during Rallies: Unity of Muslims Emerges after Marxist Attempt to Target Muslim Children's Beliefs

by K. Hamza [Original to New Trend from India.]

The meeting of prominent Muslim organizations in Kerala, held on June 19 at Calicut, has demanded the State government to withdraw the controversial portions in the Social Science textbook prescribed by the Marxist-led Left Democratic Front government for students of class vii in Kerala State.

The Indian Union Muslim League state president Syed Mohammadali Shihab Thangal who convened the meeting, has formed a high level action committee to submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister, and the Education Minister of the State seeking withdrawal of the anti-religion and atheism which have been deliberately included in the textbook aiming at brainwashing the students for weaning them away from the traditional beliefs and practices in order to create a new generation in the mould of Communist ideology. Further the textbook contains portions projecting a different view on national and local issues in the light of class struggle. In an apparent bid to take political advantage, the portions have been included in the textbook to do away with the role of parents in the religious, cultural and even in the matrimonial relationship of parents, particularly those who married inter-religion, giving freedom to children to chose either religion and live accordingly.

Periodically, the State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has been changing the curriculum and modifying syllabus in tune with the contemporary social trends and needs. The contents of textbooks and the teaching method would be revised under pressure from political parties who rule the State. Instead of imparting brotherhood and amiability in tender minds, the polluted portions rekindle hatred and vendetta in the minds of students. Under the fašade of revamping curriculum, the Marxist party-led Kerala government is inducing atheism in the minds of students. New textbooks are also counter revolutionary and against secularism. They will disintegrate the existing religious and social equilibrium and communal harmony in the country.

The memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister demanded the reconstitution of the curriculum committee with adequate representation to experts and scholars belonging to all sections and religions and appointment of textbook review committee to ensure that the communal harmony will not be jeopardized. It also reminded that sufficient care would be taken while preparing the textbooks in future.

Meanwhile, the protest marches taken by various Muslim student organizations and other political parties across the State turned violent in many districts. As happens quite often, the Police resorted to lathi charge, water cannons, and burst grenades and lobbed teargas shells to disperse the crowd. Many youths were injured in the clashes. The Kerala Students Union called for education strike on June 20 Friday and dawn-to-dusk hartal to protest against to Police violence.

The controversial textbook has sparked a cascade of protests against what has been perceived as a diabolical agenda to brainwash the young generation with atheism through communist political ideology.

Sayed Mohammedali Shihab Thangal presided the most important meeting. The Muslim organizations that participated in the meeting included Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema , and All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulema, Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen and Nadvathul Mujahideen, Jam'at-e-Islami, Daskshin Kerala Jmiyyathul Ulema, Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema, Muslim Education Society(MES), Muslim Service Society (MSS) and Kerala Arabic Teachers Federation(KATF).

It is vital to note that prominent Muslim scholars and leaders of different shades, who have been generating heat, fume and fury over marginal issues in the past, have buried their differences and joined hands in the protest against the textbook. It is increasingly obvious that Muslim organizations and affiliated students' wings will continue their agitation until the government took affirmative action.

Clashes Highlight Niger's Uranium Wealth

[Bush at one time claimed that Saddam was trying to get "yellow cake" from Niger for his uranium enrichment program. It was a fake story because Niger's entire mineral wealth is in the hands of France. Hence this new fighting. Do not confuse Niger with Nigeria. - Editor]

Friday, 27 June 2008
Reports from Niger say at least 17 people have been killed in clashes between the army and members of a Tuareg-led rebel group. The authorities confirmed there had been fighting around the northern town of Tezirzait and said the dead were all rebels, with no government casualties. The rebel Niger Movement for Justice (MNJ) said 26 government troops died along with seven of its own fighters. The MNJ is fighting for a larger share of northern Niger's mineral wealth. Led by the nomadic Tuareg people, the rebels are calling for greater development in the area and a bigger share of the profits from the increasingly lucrative uranium mines. But the government dismisses them as drug smugglers, arms traffickers and bandits with no political agenda. The two sides have frequently clashed, with the government ruling out talks until the rebels disarm.

MP Saleh narrates heart breaking stories about women in Israeli jails

[ 01/07/2008 - 03:10 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- MP Mariam Saleh, former minister of women's affairs, who was released recently after seven-month administrative detention, revealed in a press conference held Monday heart breaking stories about the suffering of female prisoners in Israeli jails and the inhuman measures pursued against them by prison administrations.
In the conference which was held by the campaign of solidarity with Palestinian lawmakers on the second anniversary of their abduction, MP Saleh explained that there are 80 female prisoners in Israeli jails including five serving several life sentences and many others sentenced to 20 to 30 years.
The ex-detainee noted that the longest-held female prisoner in Israeli jails is Sona Al-Ra'aee who has been locked up for more than 11 years.
Some of the prisoners are mothers who left behind nine or five children without parental care or a breadwinner because their husbands are in Israeli jails as well and some others gave birth to their babies in jails, who are taken away from their mothers when they are two years of age according to the Israeli prison rules, the ex-detainee elaborated.
The ex-detainee says that many imprisoned women suffer chronic diseases, most notably, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, and asthma, adding that some prisoners are deprived of their family visits under many pretexts such as lack of family relationship and security measures.
For her part, the wife of prisoner MP Ahmed Saadat said on behalf of all families of kidnapped lawmakers that the representatives of the Palestinian people are paying the price of the Palestinian democracy and the independent national decision as well as the price of their refusal to comply with the American dictates and legitimize the occupation.

2008-07-05 Sat 07:22:41 cdt