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Massive March in Hyderabad, Pakistan, Condemns Occupation of Iraq
Iraqi Resistance Seen as New Chapter in Muslim Achievement
Pakistani leaders say, Iraq is a battle in the Ongoing War U.S. has Unleashed

April 14, 2003. Hyderabad, a city in the interior of the Pakistani province of Sindh, witnessed an unprecedented march in which hundreds of thousands of people, including large numbers of women, took part. The march was organized by the Islamic coalition which includes all schools of Islamic thought.

The main speakers were Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani, the current President of the Islamic coalition, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, strongy pro-Taliban leader from Peshawar, and Qazi Hussain Ahmad of Jamaate Islami. The main points endorsed by the huge crowd were:

1. The Muslim world is proud of the resistance put up by Iraq to U.S. aggression.
2. Iraq has been occupied, not liberated, by the U.S.
3. Serious atrocities have been committed against Iraqi civilians by the U.S. war machine. The rain of death and destruction from the air has killed and mutilated Iraqi men, women and children.
4. America is not victorious. It has won a battle owing to its firepower, but the war continues and America will face jihad from the Muslim ummah.
5. Pakistan is being ruled by a bunch of criminals and hypocrites allied to the U.S. who helped it to destroy Afghanistan
6. During the attack on Iraq, General Musharraf proved that he is a slave of the U.S.
7. America found traitors in Afghanistan and in Pakistan too it is banking on traitors.
8. The Muslim world must reject its kings and dictators, and bring forth people-oriented leadership to face aggression from the U.S., Israel and India.
9. General Musharraf is such scum of the earth that he humiliated Pakistanis by handing over Muslims snatched from their homes to the U.S. in exchange for dollars.

The crowd constantly chanted: Amrika ka jo yar hay, qaum ka ghaddar hay [Trans: One who is a friend of the U.S. is a traitor to the nation.]

Numerous people carried pictures of Saddam Hussain and Osama bin Laden.

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