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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 28,1427/July 24, 2006 #48

A false report about America's prisoner, world famous Islamic scholar and leader, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh] was circulated on July 22. We provide a correction. Please scroll way down.

Countering the Saudi Fitnah: The Islamic Ruling [fatwa] on Making Du'a for Hizbullah

Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali has issued a Fatwa [Islamic ruling] that it is obligatory on Muslims to make Du'a [supplication] to Allah Almighty for the sucesss of Islamic resistance, Hizbullah, which is confronting taghoot and Zionism.

Imam Badi Ali was asked: The Saudi religious establishment has issued a fatwa according to which making du'a for Hizbullah is forbidden. What does Islam say about it?

Imam Ali's reply: "Muslims are ONE ummah. The Qur'an says, the believers are none other than ONE brotherhood/sisterhood. The Prophet, pbuh, has taught that Muslims are like ONE body. If one part of it is hurt, then the entire body must respond. Making du'a for the success of the Islamic resistance, Hizbullah, against the Zionists is not only NATURAL for Muslims, but it is obligatory in a situation of war. The Saudi "fatwa" is NOT Islamic. It is a FITNAH meant to divide the Ummah and to help the enemies of Islam. It is obvious that the U.S. is opposing a cease fire and is re-supplying Israel with weapons. The purpose is to give Israel the maximum opportunity to hit Hizbullah. In the circumstances, the entire Muslim world must stand by the Islamic resistance, Hizbullah, and not be divided along sectarian lines as the enemies of Islam want us to be."

U.S. Media Censored demonstrations around the world against Israel and the U.S. Scroll down to our report below.

History in the Making: Israeli Terror Group IDF Fears Hizbullah
Israel Stuck at Lebanon Border: Small Islamic Forces too Strong for Jews after 12 Days of War
[New Trend Special Report]

Israel's arrogant claims of quick victory are starting to evaporate. The Israelis had everything on their side but couldn't win. Note the imbalance:
1. Israel has the most powerful air force in the Middle East. Hizbullah has NO air force.
2. Israel is using the most powerful artillery in the world, 155 mm. Hizbullah has no heavy artillery.
3. Israel has columns of tanks. Hizbullah has no tanks.
4. Israel has unlimited resupply of ammunition and weapons at its disposal from the U.S.A. Hizbullah has none other than the black market and smuggled small arms.
5. Even in numbers, the Jewish Israeli terror group IDF is about FIVE times Hizbullah.

For four days, Israeli terror groups hammered away at the tiny border village of Maroun al-Ras. Hizbullah's small arms fire brought down hellfire missiles from Israeli drones. Three Israeli tanks were blown up by Islamic RPGs and 7 Israeli soldiers were killed. Finally the village's THREE defenders were also killed and the Israelis "took' the village. [July 23]. The Israelis then withdrew, fearful of Hizbullah counterattacks.
Meanwhile, Israeli terror groups in the latest American jet fighters are roaming the skies of Lebanon bringing death and destruction to civilians and blowing up the Lebanese infrastructure to put an end to Lebanon's prosperity.
The Lebanese Christian paper Star reports [July 22] that 138 civilians have been killed in Israeli air raids on the city of Tyre. Of these 56 were CHILDREN.

Israeli soldiers, however brave they might be against the unarmed children of Gaza, are dead scared of Hizbullah. Israel is now [July 23] saying that NATO should send its troops to South Lebanon.

Three days back, Israeli terror group known as the Israeli air force dropped 23 TONS of bombs in Beirut in an attempt to kill Shaikh Nasarallah and the entire Islamic resistance leadership. The attempt was a total failure. TERRORISM in its most brutal form, as practiced by the Israeli, U.S. and U.K. air forces, always wants to eliminate the leadership of the Muslims to put an end to Islamic resistance. By contrast, the Israelis complain that three of their soldiers were "kidnapped" [as if the Jewish thugs are children] from their tanks and that is "terrorism!"

THINKING OUTSIDE the BOX by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Going Beyond "Wahhabi" and "Shia:" We must ask: Is a group Islamic or is it Linked to Bush-Blair-Olmert?

"There will always be a group of my Ummah [Muslims], who will be clearly following truth and justice, unfazed by those who want to harm them, until Allah's Command comes while they are on this path." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Sahih Muslim, #3544]

In 2002, Stephen Schwartz published a book titled: The Two Faces of Islam in which he broke all records for the repetition of the word 'wahhabi' Sis. Bilquis [North Carolina] sent me Schwartz' book because she saw he had misused and skewed some of my writings for his purposes. I soon realized that Schwartz was writing outright lies when I noted that he was accusing Maulana Maudoodi and Syed Qutb of being "wahhabies." So I did some research on people and groups being labelled "wahhabi" by Schwartz and other Zionists and their camp followers. Here are the astounding results of my research. The distinction is becoming very clear. It has to be based on BEHAVIOR, not on sect or claims of belief. The Muslim world hails Shaikh Nasrallah while it condemns Nuri al-Maliki. The fighting is bringing out the reality.

Note how the Saudi rulers are having FATWAS sent out to condemn Hizbullah? Don't forget that the Saudis also got Fatwas [religious rulings] in favor of the first assault on Iraq. The Saudis supported the sanctions on Iraq.

Also, remember that the Saudi rulers were great frends of the Shah of Iran, but when the Shah was overthrown by the revolution of the masses led by Imam Khomeini, the Saudis set up a worldwide network of anti-Shia propaganda.

So dear Muslims! Beware! Do not be taken in by labels. Note the behavior: Who is fighting Bush-Blair-Olmert and who is supporting them directly or indirectly? That is what the Qur'an teaches us: to have Taqwa, awareness of Allah and awareness of what is going on in the world.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
Amazing News of Yemeni Teenage Sister, Haila Gabr, who Killed her Rapist

Salaam alaikum, I haven't heard from Haila but from a friend of hers who is out and converted to Islam through her in prison. She is having surgery for carpal tunnel on her hand though I do believe the true cause is TMJ from the fall from the bunk in the county jail several years ago. It is this that kept her from writing and doing school. Sometimes TMJ can cause pain from neck to hand and look like something else.

Sis. Eileen [Atlantic City, New Jersey]

Activist who gave out 500 Qur'ans in Spanish : His Son has Embraced Islam

Our congratulations to Br. Sulaiman Solano, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora member. His 20 year old son from a previous marriage, living in New Jersey, has embraced Islam. Br. Solano has personally given the sublime Qur'an in Spanish translation to 500 people. It was an extra blessing for him that his son from a time when he was not Muslim has embraced Islam. Allahu Akbar!

African-American Islamic Activist Writes about Rap as Da'wah Tool

As Salaamu Alaikum!

Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulillah rabbil alamin!

Don't know if you remember me, but years ago we corrsponded when I was in Lewisburg Federal Penitenary and New Jersey State Prison at Rahway, NJ. you visited the brothers at each place once as a guest speaker. If you can recall your trip to Rahway you became very animated when you heard and saw the effect of some of the brothers "rapping" with lyrics taken from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You had the forsight to see great potential in this art form as a dawah tool. It is a pleasure to see that you are still involved in dawah. Just wanted to touch base with you. Perhaps we will again meet, Insha'Allah! If I can ever be of assistence please do not hesitate to contact me.

Elijah Muhammad
Program Logistic Coordinator
Hyacinth AIDS Foundation
New Jersey Targeted Provider Education Development
New Brunswick, New Jersey

WORLDWIDE DEMONSTRATIONS against ISRAELI AGGRESSION and U.S. Support for Israel: News Censored by the U.S. Media

CANADA: July 22, 2006. More than 10,000 people, mostly of Arab descent but many others too, demonstrated in TORONTO. They condemned Prime Minister Harper of Canada as an accomplice of Israel. They called on Canadians to BOYCOTT all businesses supporting Israel and urged Canada to impose SANCTIONS on Israel. Some wore pictures of Shaikh Hasan Nasrallah on their shirts.

Another 1,000 people demonstrated against Israel in the Canadian city of Montreal.

"Great Britain: There were demonstrations in several cities against Israeli aggression. The biggest, in London, brought in 7,000 people. They had some interesting slogans. One was:

AXIS of EVIL: BUSH-BLAIR-OLMERT. One big banner said: "We are ALL Hizbullah." The protestors called for a boycott of Israel.

AUSTRALIA: One the other side of the world, Muslims and their friends took to the streets in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The biggest demonstration, in Sydney, brought 15,000 demonstrators. The demonstrators condemned Israel and its U.S. supporters. They were led by Mamdouh Habib who spent three years in Guantanamo Bay and was sent by the U.S. to be tortured in Egypt by Bush's friend Hosni Mubarak. The well-known leader of Australia's Muslims, Shaikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali, gave the call for the impressive rally.


Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, is ALIVE, in U.S. Prison: Rumor of his death was not correct.

On July 22, 2006 an Arabic web site started the rumor that the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, passed away in prison. New Trend checked with Ramsey Clark's office, who is the Shaikh's attorney, Ms. Lynne Stewart having been indicted, as well as Shaikh Nabeel al-Masry who has the legal authority to obtain the Shaikh's body. Evidently the news is not correct.

On July 23, two Palestinian web sites stated that the news is NOT correct. These sites are: and

Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman is one of the greatest Islamic scholars of our time. He got his Ph.D from Al-Azhar University, Africa's oldest university. He memorized the entire Qur'an at an early age and is known as Hafize Qur'an, and also memorized most of Sahih Bukhari.

His greatest contribution is that he brought back the concept of JIHAD [armed struggle] to the center of Muslim consciousness. All those who have taught Jihad in modern times are his students. He pointed out that in Muslim countries Jihad is FARD-e-AIN [obligatory on every Muslim, man and woman], not FARD-e-KIFAYA [a duty which is fulfilled if some Muslims carry it out]. He thus went against established but incorrect Muslim opinion. His teachings on Jihad are based SOLELY on the Qur'an's text and not on anyone's interpretation.

Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman is extremely eloquent and the treacherous regime of the Egyptian terrorist Hosni Mubarak considered him a threat. He was repeatedly imprisoned by Hosni. Finally, the Shaikh took refuge in the U.S. The Hosni regime then colluded with the FBI to trap, arrest, indict and convict the blind scholar, accusing him of "terrorism."

An Egyptian intelligence officer, Emad Salem, was paid $1,000,000 by the FBI [which he admitted in court] to entrap the Shaikh through various conversations which Salem taped. The FBI arrested the Shaikh on conspiracy theories and had him sentenced to LIFE and 65 years! The extra time was given the Shaikh for allegedly calling for the death of Hosni Mubarak, for which claim the FBI gave $100,000 to another Egyptian agent.

For 10 years, the U.S. has kept the blind shaikh imprisoned in a little cell first in Colorado and now in Springfield, Missouri. He is not allowed any visitors and can't talk to his captors either because he does not know English.

The U.S. has also convicted Ahmed Abdel Sattar, the Shaikh's translator, and his attorney, Lynne Stewart. Ahmed is being denied visits by his family as he awaits sentencing in September.

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