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DAY 15: THE U.S. OFFENSIVE HAS BEEN HALTED BY IRAQI RESISTANCE AFTER AN ADVANCE OF TEN MILES. The Iraqis seem to have been right when they rejected the claim that the U.S. had crossed the Tigris at Al-Kut. A U.S. helicopter and a late model Hornet jet have been shot down according to U.S. reports.
Imam Jamil's Worship of Allah leads to new Steps against him

Fulton County Judge Stephanie B. Manis, in an emergency session in Superior Court Friday, March 28th ruled that Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin must be returned to state prison because the local jail wasn't safe enough to secure him.

The judge based her ruling on the testimony of a former Chief jailer, Ms. Shirlie Green, who reported that the jail had several broken locks. This testimony enraged Fulton County Sheriff Jackie Barrett, who publicly last year stated to an AJC reporter even before the trial of Imam Jamil, that Imam Jamil "ambushed her deputies". She fired Ms Shirlie Green immediately. During this emergency hearing, testimony was given that there was an attempted jail break by Imam Jamil who was supposedly on video camera standing by a widow for almost 20 minutes.

A motion was filed late last year by attorney Jack Martin to allow Imam Jamil to stay in Atlanta jail pending his appeal. Having the Imam locked up in state prison, which is an all day trip from Atlanta, slowed the legal process for Imam Jamil's appeal and made it more difficult for his family and friends to visit him.

Sources close to the Imam say he and other inmates would gather to make prayer and never were attempting to escape. The former Chief Jailer allowed them to come out of their cells and this may have been the real reason she was fired. Inmates are allowed religious rights to make prayer. Sources say that with the onset of the bombing of Iraq, some Fulton County correctional officers were resentful that old and new convert Muslims were gathering to worship Allah lead by the Imam. The alleged story about an attempted break out by Imam Jamil may have been just an excuse to return him back to a 24/7 shackled, isolated lock down in state prison.

Even though not on death row, the state has violated the Imam's rights by purposely isolating him from other inmates in state prison. When Judge Stephanie B. Manis stated that "the local jail isn't safe enough to secure him," I suspect she actually means that the local jail isn't safe enough to keep Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin from leading prisoners to Islam.

Sis. Motisola Malikah Abdallah
(Secretary General, Jamaat al-Muslimeen)

2003-04-03 Thu 04:29ct