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1. PAKISTAN: Death Sentence in Pearl case Result of U.S. Pressure
2. U.S. Says Musharref is Fulfilling Pledge to Close down Kashmiri Freedom Camps

1. Rai Bashir, defense attorney for the men convicted in the murder case of Daniel Pearl says he will appeal the convictons in the High court and if necessary in the Supreme court of Pakistan. Talking to journalists, Rai Bashir said on July 15 the convictions resulted from pressure on the court aimed at pleasing America. The case, he said, was first heard in Karachi in front of Judge of the Special court Abdul Ghafoor Memon who is famous for not accepting pressure. Thereupon the prosecution had the venue shifted to Hyderabad so that the government could attain the result it wanted. Rai Bashir said that the outcome of the case was DICTATED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO THE COURT.

In a country where the PRESIDENT (MUSHARRAF) HIMSELF EXPRESSES THE DESIRE TO HAVE THE ACCUSED HANGED, how can the judge rule against his wishes? Bashir said. Because Pearl was an American Jew, the case was heard under FOREIGN pressure, Rai Bashir said and added that if a Pakistani had been killed, his case would not have made it to this court.

Rai Bashir said that it is still his position that PEARL IS ALIVE. He said he had presented in court the stub of the ticket Pearl used on PIA's flight PK757 to leave the country AFTER HIS ALLEGED ABDUCTION. Rai Bashir said that he had also presented the record of the PHONE CALLS made by Pearl 28 days AFTER HIS ABDUCTION. Rai Bashir said that proceedings of the trial were fair but the result was incorrect.

According to ANN, the father and brother of Shaikh Omar told journalists that we know the government has obtained the verdict it wanted. We did not expect justice from this court and we had stated earlier that the government had moved the case from Karachi to Hyderabad to get its desired verdict. [Courtesy daily NAWA-e-WAQT, Lahore, Pakistan's most prestigious and independent Urdu language daily.]
American spokesman Richard Boucher told journalists (July 16) that Pakistan is fulfilling its promises to stop intervention in Kashmir and to close down training camps (for Kashmiri freedom fighters). He said Pakistan is keeping its word and from our point of view, infiltration across the line of control has been considerably reduced. The U.S., he said, is able to confirm this because it is keep a close surveillance of the line of control and the closing down of the camps will be permanent. He denounced the attack on a Hindu mandir in Jammu in which 28 persons were killed. He said such attacks do not help the cause of Kashmir because they cannot bring about a solution. [As reported in the Pakistani media.]
ARE YOU AWARE that INDIA's KKK type government is linked to ISRAEL in a number of ways and that Israeli experts are reportedly helping India to crush the people of Kashmir and are involved in spying on Pakistan? Israelis with U.S. passports are permitted by the Musharref government to visit Pakistan. These Israelis could be preparing an attack on Pakistan's nuclear installations as they did in the case of Iraq.
We URGE OUR ARAB BROTHERS/SISTERS to extend the boycott of goods and products to HINDU BUSINESSES which support GENOCIDE of MUSLIMS in INDIA. HINDU EXTREMISTS HAVE COMMITTED MASS RAPE OF MUSLIM WOMEN in Gujrat. Murder and rape has been let loose against unarmed Muslims of India under the protection of Indian security forces.
ARABS SHOULD BOYCOTT HINDU BUSINESSES (but do not include Sikhs and Dalits who are not Hindus) and IN TURN PAKISTANIS, AFGHANS, BANGLADESHIS and INDIAN MUSLIMS should boycott COCA COLA and all businesses which support ISRAEL. This unity can be decisive. Millions of people can join this boycott and spend their money to help indigenous businesses.
DEAR MUSLIM: REMEMBER THE UMMAH CONCEPT. If you think in terms of Pakistanis, Egyptians etc (58 countries plus?) You will be defeated easily one by one by global powers. BUSH AND SHARON AND VAJPAYEE SHOULD LEARN: If you hurt ONE Muslim, you hurt EVERY Muslim.

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