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Analysis: Afghan Leader Questions Legitimacy of Karzai regime, calls for expulsion of U.S. troops
Karzai saved by U.S. troops in Kandahar: Bomb Attack in Kabul Destabilizes Regime
Mass Pakistani Demonstration Protests Musharref's Demolition of Homes of Islamists
Israeli Tank Blown Up, One Jew Killed 2 injured: 2 Israeli Officers hit in 2nd Incident

1. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is an internationally famous leader of the Jihad against the Soviet Union. He disagreed with the policies of the Taliban and took refuge in Iran. Earlier this year, in its cooperation with the U.S., Iran expelled Hekmatyar. It appears that since then he has been moving around in southern Afghanistan and has decided that the United States has become the new occupation army in his homeland.

A few months back, a flyer with Hekmatyar's signature appeared in Afghan villages in southern Afghanistan calling for resistance to the U.S. The U.S. responded by locating his place of hiding through bribes to local informants and sent in a plane to fire a missile at him. The attempt at assassination failed but reportedly caused civilian casualties.

A few days back, September 1, Hekmatyar, who is known as hard core follower of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, issued an audio tape in Pushtu language whose main points have been translated and published in Pakistani newspapers. The people who gave the tape's copies to newspapers say that Hekmatyar is in concealment in an area on the outskirts of Kabul.

Here are some main points of Hekmatyar's message as published in Pakistani newspapers:
i. The Afghan people must rise up in Jihad against American forces.
ii. All foreign troops, American and others, must be withdrawn from Afghanistan.
iii. The Afghan people alone have the right to decide their future and this is not possible without the withdrawal of American and other foreign troops.
iv. At this time America's special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, reputed CIA agent, is the real ruler of Afghanistan.
v. Hamid Karzai's government does not have the ability to bring peace to Afghanistan as it needs U.S. commandos even to insure its own safety.
vi. American-led forces have tried to permanently divide the country by pitting "northern alliance" non-Pashtun forces against the Pashtuns who constitute the great majority of Afghanistan's people.
vii. American and allied forces are active in the Pashtun communities, blockading roads and searching homes. Those who love their independence and are loyal to Islam are being labeled as Al-Qaida and Taliban and are being targeted and victimized.
viii. In fact America has launched a crusade (like the cross carrying hordes of medieval times) not only against Al-Qaida and Taliban but against the whole Muslim world.
ix. The Turkish major general Helmi Zorlu, in charge of 5000 "peace keeping" forces in Kabul, tried to claim that Hekmatyar was conspiring with Taliban, without any evidence. Four hundred members of Hekmatyar's Hizbe Islami party were arrested at America's orders because they did not support the non-representative and connived "loya jirga" which "elected" Karzai.
x. The people of Paktia, Paktika and Khowst deserve praise for their resistance to foreign occupation forces.
xi. Support all those who are doing jihad against foreign forces. These efforts need to be stepped up countrywide.
xii. The U.S. has imposed the corrupt and oppressive "northern alliance" on the Afghan people although these "northern alliance" mercenaries represent neither northern Afghanistan nor southern Afghanistan.
xiii. America is opposing investigation of the deaths of several thousand Taliban POWs during captivity because such investigation would reveal the involvement of America's friend General Dostum in the mass deaths.
xiv. American Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's statement that he preferred Taliban and Al-Qaida fighters to be killed rather than be captured led to open atrocities by the "northern alliance: against Taliban prisoners.
xv. At Qila Jhangi (Mazare Sharif area) more than 400 Taliban prisoners were executed with their hands tied behind their backs. Other prisoners who took refuge in basement areas of the Qila were burnt alive by 'northern alliance' troops.
xvi. Rise up in Jihad and fight the oppressors.

Pakistani journalists say that the taped message seems to be authentic
KANDAHAR: September 5. A bodyguard of "President" Karzai opened fire on the motorcade in which Karzai was traveling. American troops guarding Karzai fired back killing the attacker. Gul Agha, the "governor" of Kandahar, and an American soldier were injured in the assassination attempt. Agha, a notorious criminal known for alleged involvement in drugs, murder and rape, was released from hospital after treatment.

Without quick action by American troops, the Karzai story would have been over.
KABUL: There was a bomb attack on the Ministry of Culture and Information in downtown Kabul. The attack was mounted in an attempt to cause maximum casualties among supporters of the Karzai regime: 26 were killed and 130 wounded.

There has been a string of minor bomb attacks in Kabul for the last one month. Observers say that the attackers seem to be slowly edging up to their targets. The result is the general destabilization of the regime. Only days back, Abdullah Abdullah, Karzai's foreign minister who is known for his expensive taste in suits and ties, was saying that there is no resistance in Afghanistan and that the Islamic fighters have fled to Pakistan.
"MUSHARREF, AMERICAN AGENT" was one of the mentionable slogans raised by thousands of demonstrators in the tribal belt of Pakistan near the Afghan border (September 4). [There were also other slogans comparing Musharref to various animals which we will not repeat.] The protestors came out after mercenaries from the Pakistani army blew up the homes of Pakistanis who had given refuge to Islamic fighters from Al-Qaida. The demonstration indicated the mass support for Osama bin Laden among the Pakistani people.

Pakistanis view the demolition of homes as a violation of international law which, before Musharref started this at American orders, was seen as a Jewish action which only the Israelis carrried out.
TWO ACTS OF JIHAD ARE REPORTED FROM GAZA, PALESTINE (September 5): In the first one, the mujahideen blew up an Israeli tank killing an Israeli soldier and wounding three others. In another incident in Gaza, mujahideen shot two Israeli army officers, one of whom was killed.

Israeli acts of murder, assassination, demolition, curfews against most of the population of Palestine have become daily events.

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