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Ahmed ĎAbdel Sattar, Lynne Stewart, Usri: Government Case facing Collapse
James Ujamaa: First African-American anti-terror Campaign Victim
Florida terrorism Case being hushed up: Psychiatric check on Goldstein Ordered
[No more news on the Four Guantanamo Bay "suicide"/torture Victims]
Attack on Iraq: An attractive option for Bush owing to Ego Problem created by Failures

1. The court room in Manhattan's federal court was packed with supporters of Ms. Lynne Stewart at a hearing on August 29 at 4 p.m. [There were very few Muslims.] Some good news is coming out because the bottom seems to be falling out of the government case. The British government, three weeks back, freed Yasir Asiri. The U.S. had been asking the British for his extradition to the U.S. on 'connections to terrorism' charges. The U.S. could not provide any evidence for the charges and the British released Asiri.

Ahmed ĎAbdel Sattar was accused of talking to Asiri and was seen as "guilty by association." Now that Asiri has been released, it remains to be seen on what basis the U.S. can continue to hold Ahmed.

On August 29, the judge showed interest in the fact that Ahmed is being held under harsh conditions at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (23 hour lockdown, one phone call a month, the wife forced to talk to him from behind wire mesh). Ahmed is a U.S. citizen, has not even been brought to trial and is being treated as a hardcore criminal. The judge indicated that he will want the MCC to remove the restrictions and wants input from the Bureau of Prisons.

The next hearing will be on October 31 at 4.30
2. JAMES UJAMAA is an Islamic activist from the west coast. He was arrested and now has been indicted for involvement with terrorists because he allegedly visited Afghanistan. There is also a claim that Ujamaa organized a terrorist training camp in Oregon. From whatever information has come out, Ujamaa is basically an opponent of U.S. foreign policy. He is America's first victim from the AFRICAN-AMERICAN community in the ongoing war on Islam known as the "war on terrorism."

America's Muslims have a track record for adherence to the laws of the U.S. The history of immigration shows Muslims looking for peace and refuge in America. Even Shaikh Omar ĎAbdel Rahman came to the U.S. seeking refuge from the tyranny of the Egyptian dictator, Mubarak.

During the last 20 years, U.S. Muslims have become involved in charitable work, collecting and sending funds to the poor, the widows and orphans in strife ridden lands such as Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other countries. In its inability to find real terrorists, the Bush-Ashcroft regime is hunting all these charity activists. The Jews seem to have successfully implanted the idea that charity might be helping jihad and jihad now means "terrorism" in the Bush-Ashcroft vocabulary.

ALL CHARITY WORKERS are being targeted by Bush-Ashcroft. One of the post pathetic cases is that of RABIH HADDAD of Global Relief who has been in prison for 8 months with NO CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST HIM. In other words, an innocent man is being held on the hypothetical possibility that being a Muslim, he might be helping terrorists!

THE FRUSTRATION OF THE ADMINISTRATION comes from the expenditure of billions of dollars on tracking "terrorists" which has led nowhere. The government has to show some dramatic successes. That motivation was visible in the drama staged by Ashcroft when Jose Padilla (Abdullah Muhajir) was arrested. Ashcroft announced from Moscow that Padilla, a U.S. citizen, was planning to explode a "dirty" bomb in a U.S. city! How Ashcroft knew, no one knows. Till now no charges have been brought against Padilla and most observers consider the "dirty bomb" story a figment of Ashcroft's imagination.

The administration is behaving like a BLINDED CYCLOPS throwing huge boulders in the general direction of the Muslim world, hoping that one will hit the terrorists.
LOOK AT THE JEWS BY CONTRAST. Israeli American author Michael Oren revealed on C-Span (August 25) that 70 to 80 thousand Americans live in Israel. These persons are helping the terrorist state of Israel with money, occupation of Palestinian lands, construction of new settlements and the destruction of Palestinian communities. Most of these Americans are connected to Israeli armed forces. Oren, 47 years old, is a reservist in the Israeli army. His 19 year old son is in an elite Israeli military unit so advanced in its warlike activities that it cannot be identified in public, according to Oren.

OREN lives in Jerusalem, an occupied city. "War is in our backyard," he proudly told C-Span. In America, he runs SCHLEM CENTER which collects funds for his work in Israel. We could not catch the exact names but it appeared that according to Oren, Bill Crystal and another of Bush's advisors is on the Board of Directors of Oren's organization.

This is what America has come to under a Zionist White House: If you help a widow in Palestine, you are helping "terrorists." If a Jew collects millions to help the terrorist state of Israel, even the President's advisors can be on its Board and it's no problem!
THE ALLEGED JEWISH TERRORIST, GOLDSTEIN, HAS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED FROM THE TV SCREENS. One little snippet says that he has been sent for psychiatric check up. In other words, he is to be treated as a mental patient rather than as a terrorist. There you go. These are indeed the chosen people, immune from proper investigation.
Do any of our readers have information on the ATTEMPTED SUICIDES IN GANATANAMO BAY cages for Islamic prisoners? About a month back, U.S. media reported in little snippets that FOUR OF THE PRISONERS BROUGHT FROM AFGHANISTAN HAD ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. No details or names were provided. It indicates that the "suicide attempts" were a government report in which the media were allowed no role. Not even the names were mentioned.

Islam does not permit suicide. The story that Islamic prisoners would attempt suicide lacks credibility. In all of recent history, Islamic prisoners have never tried suicide. Human rights activists are concerned that the U.S. is probably carrying out severe torture on the Islamic prisoners and when the torture victims nearly died, it was attributed to "suicide attempt." Such things are common place in prisons on the U.S. mainland when one hears of "so-and-so hanged himself in prison."
Even the Pakistani government thinks that the Pakistani prisoners brought to occupied Cuba are not from Al-Qaida and should be released. Musharref wants to gain some public support by bringing these innocent people home.

SAUDI ARABIA too is saying that its prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are not terrorist related at all. They had gone to Afghanistan on humanitarian and charitable missions.

It appears that Karzai and the Afghan mercenaries working with the U.S. have played a dirty trick on the U.S. by selling these innocent people to the U.S. as "terrorists" and even "Al-Qaida operatives." The U.S. probably paid a lot of money to get these innocents arrested. As the Afghans say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

No genuine American can see any benefit to the U.S. in an attack on Iraq. There is absolutely no evidence of any Iraqi involvement in terrorism. The Zionists are concocting stories about 'Al-Qaida' presence in northern Iraq but no serious journalist has given credence to these reports.

The attack on Iraq plan is basically an Israeli-Jewish/fundamentalist Christian move. Here are some of the "reasons" for Bush's jingoism for starting a military landing in Baghdad:

1. The Jews in Israel look really bad in their ruthless attempts to crush the Palestinian people. America is looking bad by supporting the Israelis.
2. The "war against Terrorism" has not met its objectives. Karzai is not secure in his own home in Kabul and is the ONLY 'HEAD of STATE' OPENLY SECURED BY U.S. TROOPS. Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mullah Omar have not been killed or captured. (If this does not happen by 9/11 anniversary, the situation will be dismal.)
3. The terrible images of the World Trade Center collapsing in New York have undermined the confidence of the American people.
4. Osama escaped both Tora Bora and Operation Anaconda. Instead of being hunted down as a criminal, the Muslim world sees him as a legendary figure from the past, another Khalid ibn al-Waleed, with his flowing robes, surviving the strongest military force in the world.
5. IRAQ IS AN EASY TARGET. Most observers say that there is no chance for the Iraqis if a U.S. armada attacks even with 50,000 troops. There will be a few days or weeks of round-the-clock bombing of a defenseless country and then the helicopter borne troops will go in.
6. A conventional victory in which the U.S. will be able to show off its military muscle and try out its latest weaponry will remove the depression which has overtaken the American spirit. The Palestinians will lose the only government which is supporting them.
7. Strategically Israel sees Saddam Hussain as a threat. Saddam has shown no signs of being cowed down. The Arab masses see him more and more as the leader of the Arab world. With his massive oil resources, he could take the Arabs and Africans out from dependence on pro-American (Saudi) governments and from the danger of Israeli economic domination of the region if a puppet Palestinian state is set up (as U.S. strategists want).
UNDERSTAND THE SAUDI-JORDANIAN-EGYPTIAN RULERS. They know that their PEOPLE are with Saddam Hussain. An attack on Iraq would create serious upheaval in the Arab psyche. Abdullah(Saudi)-Abdullah(Jordanian)-Mubarak do not want to be seen as encouraging a U.S. attack on Iraq. It could be their downfall. So they have started issuing statements and innuendo to give the impression that they oppose the U.S. attack on Iraq.

These rulers are servants of America and the enemies of their own people. They support the U.S. in all it does: no exceptions. The contradictory statements they are giving out are meant to deceive their own people as the U.S. gradually prepares for invasion and "regime change."

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