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IRAQIS FIGHTING BACK: Brits Suffer 14 lost in One Day
[Iraqi reporting by our Iraq Observer]

The Kut and Al-Amarah regions of Iraq, predominantly Sunni, are historically famous for their resistance to British occupation. On June 24, the hard core fighters in this area hit the British occupation killing SIX Brits in the first attack and wounding 8 in a second attack. Observers say that the British puppy will need to be taught that it is no longer the British lion who at one time rampaged and pillaged around the world.

[The British have a lot to pay for in Iraq. Under their occupation, the Qur'an HAND-WRITTEN by hazrat Ali (r.a.) was burned. The British paid no attention to this destruction of Islamic heritage. The Shias of Basra and the Iranians too remained silent. Finally the Sunnis of Al-Amarah have done some pay back.]

In other areas of Iraq, there were 25 attacks on U.S. forces. Since President Bush declared that the war is over, May 1, 56 U.S. troops have been killed, some of them in "accidents."
ATTACK ON CONVOY : U.S. Forces Entered Syria

The U.S. is gradually revealing information about the June 18 attack. It appears that an entire compound AND a convoy was wiped out by the U.S. near the Syrian border. The U.S. then appears to have entered Syria and shot a number of Syrian troops and appears to have captured five Syrians.

The convoy was evidently attacked on suspicion that Mujahid Saddam Hussain might be in it. How many Iraqis were killed in the attack? Probably a large number. The U.S. does not want to reveal the information.

Observers say that hunting Muslims has become a hobby of the U.S. In Iraq, U.S. forces are rampaging up and down the country trying to crush the mujahideen of Saddam as well as Islamic resistance fighters from other countries.

All the governments of the world are silent about the occupation of a Muslim country, while the Muslim masses watch the ongoing pillage and murder in agony.

Without the Jihad movement, the Muslim world would have no way of fighting back. Is it a surprise, observers say, that around the Muslim world, the Jihad now being waged by Saddam, resulting in 56 U.S. and six Brits killed, is hailed with prayers for more.

The U.S. has become overconfident because it has Mubaraks and Musharrafs and Abdullahs in place all over the Muslim world. With Iran begging to be allowed to help (and arresting dozens of Islamic refugees from Afghanistan), America feels powerful enough to rule the world, with Israel as its tool.

Observers say, that's America's tragic error. The tide of Islam is rising, and the Muslims will resist. Israel will be forced to withdraw from Palestine and the U.S. will have to retreat back to its homeland. Our analysts say that the Muslim world has not yet begun to fight. It's awakening is painfully slow, but with Mujahid Saddam, Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar very much alive, the U.S. has bitten off more than it can chew.
DEAR MUSLIMS: Think how you were fooled in the case of Saddam Hussain. According to Tom Clancy, during 1991-2002, the U.S./Zionists tried to kill Saddam 60 times!

Repeatedly the U.S. is willing to destroy entire neighborhoods in its efforts to kill Mujahid Saddam.

Dear Muslims, you were blinded by Zionist propaganda, by disinformation like the book called THE REPUBLIC OF FEAR, into thinking that Saddam was not on the side of Islam. The Zionists knew him better than you.
Wake up Muslims! Even the intelligent ones among you are affected by Zionist propaganda.

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