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LETTER ON SHIAS IN IRAQ: An unusual claim against New Trend

REF: NEW TREND's REPORT by "IRAQ MONITOR" which went as follows:
"U.S. Media's Coverage of the Karbala Gathering:
Covering Up the Tragedy of Iraq
our Analysis: A gathering in Karbala is nothing strange or unusual... The Shias are allowing themselves to be used, throwing salt on the wounds of the Ummah..."

COMMENT by: Shaikh Mohommed, London, England

I think to introduce the word "Shias" in this coverage is exactly what Bush and his stooges want. But the leadership in Iraq is wiser than your Iraqi Monitor. Shias and Sunnis together are insisting on true independence for Iraq and for america to go away. Demonstrations are held in Baghdad almost daily against U.S. occupation. There is no difference between Shias or Sunnis on the ground in Iraq. Recently a joint demonstration took place in Baghdad i.e. by Sunnis and Shias, and they both are united against American presence. Perhaps your monitor should not be carried away by propaganda of CNN.

2003-05-30 Fri 23:42ct