Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

Hosni Mubarak: Second only to Israel
Gets $2.3 billion a year from U.S
(Clinton, Arafat and Mubarak versus Palestine)

"The True Believer is not bitten from the same snake pit twice"
(Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh)

First we must hail the Muslim world: It has started stirring. The sacrifices of the Palestinian children have touched the masses of the world. Our sources say that for the last seven days, there have been demonstrations in Egypt calling for WAR AGAINST ISRAEL. Today a demonstration by 10,000 Egyptians even made it to CNN.

The Yemenis have hit the hardest. Then the Saudis took that plane to Baghdad. The American armadas must be withdrawn from the middle east, they are saying. The ring of steel the U.S. has formed around Makka and Madina must be broken. Islam is saying to America: Our fight is with Israel. You need to stay out, but if you insist on supporting the slaughter by the Jews, you'll have to vacate the Middle East.

Let us today honor Iraq. President Saddam Hussain is the only Arab leader who had the guts to say that Jihad is the way to liberate Palestine. Iraq is the only country whose forces actually moved, however symbolically, towards Israel. President Saddam is demonized regularly in the West. Now we know why.

In the middle of growing Islamic-Arab unity, Mubarak jumped in, as we had predicted, to play his dirty game of "peace with Israel." Mubarak is no friend of the Palestinians, the Arabs or of Islam. He gets $2.3 billion a year from the U.S. to keep a huge repressive police structure in place to crush the Egyptian people (with active support from Mossad).

1. There are 70,000 political prisoners in Egypt, second only to Algeria. Of these 65,000 are from the mass movements of Gamaa' al-Islamiyya whose spiritual guide Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman is being held in solitary confinement in a cell in Rochester, Minnesota. Our sources say that Mubarak is personally involved in the shameful railroading of the great Egyptian teacher and scholar by the Clinton administration.

The remaining 5,000 prisoners are from the Ikhwan who have steadily shown their inclination to compromise with the regime but were still arrested owing to Mubarak's paranoid fear of resurgent Islam.

2. Mubarak's regime practises TORTURE as a norm in its prisons. Every prisoner who has been in Mubarak's prisons has undergone this state terror. Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have documented the horrific use of systematic torture by Mubarak's regime.

3. Women have been tortured by the Mubarak regime to break Islamist families' resistance to his dastardly regime.

4. The Egyptian media are controlled and give a daily dose of lies to the Egyptian population.

5. The dictator is very wily. He has his own Islamic front: regularly sends out harmless reciters of the Qur'an, works with "Islamic" organizations in America, and creates Islamic disinformation of a great variety (such as conflict between Muslims and Copts to keep them busy).

6. Mubarak even has his own "democracy" and parliament. Of course, he cannot be elected or dismissed but he can have a little "democracy" going, while the people are being tortured.

7. Mubarak is among the richest people in the Middle East. He and his cronies live in great luxury, while millions live in vile poverty and squalor.

8. He has opened up Egypt to the lowest vices of the West to take the people away from Islam. Under the name of "tourism", night clubs, liquor and prostitution are proliferating. Pro-Mubarak Egyptians don't behave very differently from corrupt Parisians.

We urge our Palestinian brothers/sisters not to be fooled by the Pharoah of Egypt. His Arab credentials are very weak. He is a great friend of Israel. In the war against Iraq, he was a bold participant. Like the bully he is, he wanted to hit the brotherly nation of Iraq when Iraq was already down owing to the American-Nato onslaught.

Mubarak and Arafat work closely together because their agenda is the same: to serve Israel and to fool the Muslim/Arab masses.
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Our call:
Free Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, Free Imam Jamil al-Amin.
Free all political prisoners.
Barak is a serial killer. He should be tried for 92 murders including those of 12 year-old Mohammed Durra and other innocents.
Boycott Jewish businesses which support Israel. Boycott Disney.

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