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Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(from our Think Tank)
Hit the Jews in the Pocketbook

The main battle in America is the media battle. Increasingly our communities are responding and participating. We need to create our own media from the basic sources (including internet) which we already have.

HOWEVER, OUR MINDSET NEEDS TO BE re-focused. The struggle in Palestine and the Middle East will be decided by the Palestinian, Arab, African masses (led and organized by resurgent Islam) with help from aware sections of Christianity and other people of conscience. America cannot decide the fate of Islam. So please STOP BEGGING, CRAWLING, LICKING BOOTS AND WANGLING INVITATIONS TO THE WHITE HOUSE/CONGRESS/FBI!

The power structure here will not do anything for our nations until it has to.

So our role should be to help Palestine and independent Islamic movements in every possible way IN AMERICA, WE MUST ALIGN OURSELVES WITH PEOPLES' CAUSES. It's a waste of time trying to bring a change from the top when we don't have a constituency at the American grassroots. Very rich Muslims are trying to set up mosques in American suburbia and are meeting either with hostility or indifference.

So what if you can get an article published in a mainstream paper saying that we pray five times a day and go for pilgrimage! Does America care how many times you pray as long as you are ineffective.

Our potential constituencies are:
1. African-Americans.
2. Hispanics
3. Women
4. University students
5. Native Americans.
6. German Americans
Believe me, none of these care if the White House invites you or not,or whether you want to have a holiday on Friday. What they want to know, do you care for their causes. (Ask me about it!)

American Jewry is the biggest supporter of Israel; even bigger than the U.S. government. (There are very few Jews who do not support Israel.)

STEP 1. BOYCOTT JEWISH BUSINESSES which SUPPORT ISRAEL. It's a shame how many Arabs take their children to Disney which (according to Jewish papers) funds most Zionist Jewish groups in this country.
STEP 2. FOCUS ON AND REBUT THE ADL, the propaganda branch of Israel in USA, and the Wiesenthal Center. Most Muslims do not know anything about these.
STEP 3. OPEN UP THE JEWISH HOLOCAUST STORY TO OPEN DEBATE AND DISCUSSION. Do you know that the Holocaust myth is the biggest source of funding for Israel? Germany has paid $70 billion to Israel by way of reparations for crimes NOT COMMITTED by modern Germany. Two years back Germany gave a nuclear submarine to Israel. The Muslim world did not even notice. Even a Jew, Finckelstein, now calls it the HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY.
So do your homework, o People of Islam, Palestine and Africa. (Dear Africans, do you know that Israel gets 30 times more money from America than all of Africa combined.)
STEP 4. GET THE BOOKS WHICH EXPOSE ZIONISM into the LOCAL library. Do you know that most libraries do not carry David Irving's books although he is the greatest historian of the Second World War and the one whose work is based almost entirely on primary sources and original documents?
Cut the Zionists' economic base. Do your research. It's possible that your brothers/sisters are being killed by the funds you generate for the Jews by buying their groceries and goods.
BOYCOTT DISNEY! If you can't take that much trouble, then don't bother.
You're out of it.

2000-10-10 Tue 10:56ct