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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 19,1430/ January 16, 2009, # 5.
[65 issues of New Trend were published in 2008]

A very distinguished Muslim intellectual, Prof. Shahid Alam from Northeastern University, Boston, writes a thoughtful and thought provoking analysis titled: "Zionism in Gaza's Shattered Mirror." This is an important contribution to the critique of Zionism from a scholar of Bangladeshi origin. Please scroll all the way down.

Understanding Obama by Kaukab Siddique

Obama's inauguration on January 20 is expected to bring together the largest gathering of people in the history of America. The White House was built by slaves from Africa. Obama does not have slave roots but he is in part from Africa. Thus the symbolic value of this inauguration is immense. America is changing in many ways and this event symbolizes the change.

In Obama's family people see hope for the future. His wife and two beautiful children got him a very large number of votes.

Within that context Muslims have to see the unfolding of the American power structure's new moves.

The people behind Obama, the Democratic Party, have divided their task into two parts. Their task is going to be easy for at least a year because of the terrible disasters, defeats and despair visited upon America by the Bush administration. Anyone would shine when compared to Bush.

Obama will concentrate on improving the domestic economy and on changing the image of America in Europe. Torture will be condemned and Gtmo will be closed down. Gestures of reconciliation with the Muslim community will be made [ with perhaps even a token position for a "Muslim."]

Unfortunately for Muslims, the foreign policy of the USA will remain in the hands of the Zionists. Obama's sickening silence during Israel's horrendous slaughter of civilians in Gaza bodes ill for peace. Vice President [elect] Biden's visit with [Pakistani president] Zardari and Karzai of Kabul indicates that war with Islam will continue and may well extend into Pakistan.

U.S. Muslims thus face a dilemma: Obama will be extremely popular in America and no one will listen to any criticism of him. Israel's control of America and the overall attempts to destroy Islam and to bring up "Muslim" collaborators and "moderates" will intensify. U.S. Muslims should counter this situation by creating independent organizations rooted in the American people. Seek guidance from the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. Do not ever think that becoming part of the power structure will help Islam. Uncle Tomism is a characteristic of slavery and has no justification in Islam.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release:
Analysis of Gaza Tragedy by Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic leader of Jamaat al-Muslimeen:
Assesment and Change Strategies: The enemy does not want peace.
Gaza Shows that Islamic Movements like Ikhwan in Egypt and Jordan have failed Miserably: Muslim Populations have not been prepared to deal with Criminals like Israel

Gaza cried out for help. None came. Gaza especially cried out to Hamas' direct constituencies in Egypt and Jordan known as the Muslim brotherthood or Ikhwan. Hamas badly needed "brotherhood" but didn't get it. Not that Ikhwan did not hold demonstrations. Many impressive demonstrations were held in Egypt and Jordan but they were counterproductive. In fact, Ikhwan were used by the rulers of Egypt and Jordan as tools of control and manipulation. The demonstrations were used to make Muslims feel that they had done their job and should be satisfied with their efforts.

Ikhwan in Egypt were not able to overthrow Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian tyrant. Thus Gaza's access to the Muslim world remained shut. In Jordan, Ikhwan have popular support, but again they were ineffective. They could not pressure or persuade their playboy king Abdullah even to attend the Arab summit, let alone overthrow him.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges the Ikhwan to look critically at their ideology and their strategy. Social work and charity are signs of compassion and caring but Ikhwan have become so bogged down in social work and charity that they simply don't have the spirit required to deal with the situation facing the Muslim world.

If Ikhwan are so infatuated with social work and charity, why not join the social services department of the Egyptian government, or join the police so that the fight against vice and immorality can be carried out? Islam requires the removal of rulers who are working with the worst enemies of Islam. Holding demonstrations can be useful in a non-Muslim country, like the US or UK, to help people understand the Islamic viewpoint. To hold demonstrations in Muslim countries may have initial benefit in mobilizing the people but if the government knows that all you are going to do is demonstrate, it is a waste of time.

Islamic movements should realize that GAZA CAN HAPPEN to ANY Islamic group. The enemy has no standards of morality and no limits to the use of power. Imagine 1.5 million people crammed into a tiny enclave, with a tattered city and two refugee camps, being smashed by HEAVY ARTILLERY, TANK FIRE, F16 and helicopter gunships. Phosphorous rained down on the people of Gaza; even then the Islamic movements could not lead the people into revolution. None of the demonstrators in Egypt or Jordan were killed or injured:only a few were arrested [and most released later].

Muslims around the world are facing serious danger from Israel and its allies. It is the 21st day of the Israeli assault and no one has done anything to move militarily against Israel. People everywhere in the Muslim world need to realize that the threat is very real: Talk and demonstrations will not make a difference. Muslim populations need to be prepared for calamity and should be taught how to fight back. That is where the Islamic movements can play a key role. Teach the people that they will have to fight back if they don't want to be slaves. NO GOVERNMENT WILL HELP THEM.

We must bring up our young people to have the Jihad mentality. Here are the basic steps:
  1. As you study Islam, also study your enemy and do not be so gullible as to be taken in by propaganda. Be prepared to fight back. The enemy is not affected by your moral talk or by your tears. You will survive Islamically only if you fight back.
  2. Create links with AFRICA and SOUTH AMERICA. We have natural allies there who do not appreciate U.S.-Israeli policies.
  3. Send your children into journalism and law: and send them into medicine and engineering only if they are motivated to work in situations like Gaza.
  4. Hamas will hopefully bring up radical new young leadership. The trauma of war is going to transform Hamas into a more radical movement, or parts of Hamas will become more radical and break off into new movements.
  5. Say NO TO ISRAEL now and forever. Every child in Gaza knows that Israel is the enemy and the Jews have committed crimes which are unimaginable for people in other countries. A whole new generation of Islamic youths will rise up against Israel, inshallah.

Our America

Shameless Congressman Keith Ellison, CAIR's bootlicker of the Jews, booed by Palestinians. Also powerful speeches on Gaza and Hijabi women in the struggle.

Letter: CAIR: Bunch of Collaborators who have infected Muslims in America

CAIR is a major element in the collaboration network which has almost totally infected many masjids in America for a long time. They try to give themselves plausible cover while continuing to cooperate with the enemy, including the Jews, in a number of ways, many of which New Trend has called attention to. They are both "on the take" and "on the make". They will be prominently featured in my "American Muslims" roundup of traitors and US-Zionist assets, on whom I am building an extremely thick file. You got me started on this project!

Husayn al-Kurdi [Chicago]

U.S. Media try to Seal off American People from horrors perpetrated in Gaza by Israel

From New Trend's media monitor

American cable networks, MSNBC, CNN and FOX TV embraced the Israeli version of the assault on Gaza without any reservations. The evening news networks, NBC, ABC and CBS are not far behind.

Their themes, seemingly noted for them by Israeli officials, are as follows: Most surprising is the behavior of MSNBC. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are very good at criticizing Bush [who has only 4 days left]. Rachel Maddow was excellent in her reportage of torture committed by the Bush regime [MSNBC January 14.] yet neither she nor Olbermann have been able to bring themselves to look critically at Israel's assault on Gaza. [Fox is still defending Bush and has no interest in anything critical of the U.S.]

U.S. media have become so predictably "voices of Israel" that many Americans now depend on European newspapers and the Internet for their information about Gaza.

Americans are Sick of Israeli games: 4 Movies released to "cover" Atrocities in Gaza

by Sis. Karen English [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Los Angeles]

Once again, I've had to watch Israel unleash (with pomp and swagger) a brutal, horrific, and continuing assault on the Palestinian people via F16 bombings, tank incursions, drone operations and other sophisticated maneuvers underwritten by the United States government. My heart is broken.

And, once again the world has to stomach the public relations campaign that always accompanies this kind of aggression.

It's the same old p.r. designed to tell the same old story: Israel is the eternal victim; the true victims are actually the aggressors; Israel occupies the moral high ground (it would never deliberately target civilians); Israel is engaged in a sixty year struggle in defending its right to exist. It tells this tired story with the help of our politicians, our corporate media, and the knee jerk Zionists among us. Hollywood also does its part. This time it has released no less than four holocaust themed movies in the last eight weeks: The Reader; The Boy in the Striped Pajamas; Valkyrie; Defiance. Imagine four movies with a slavery theme or four movies on the Armenian genocide? Wouldn't that seem a little suspect?

But, who really believes in Israel's victimhood anymore? It's almost common knowledge---outside of the US--- that this latest campaign was months in the making. It has a political agenda: getting Egypt and/or UN on board to close the tunnels. There's an election coming up in which the candidates want to appear tough and Israel is still smarting from its loss of face in Lebanon in 2006 where the world saw its only prowess is in dropping cluster bombs onto helpless, captive civilians.

So, the same ol' story isn't playing well anymore. The script is a bit worn and dog eared and now it seems as if the politicians, the talking heads, the Zionists are only talking to each other. Alhamdullilah, the world is turning away---generating its own "intelligence". How? Mainstream (and Zionist controlled) media are losing the eyes and ears of more and more people everyday. While the same talking points play out, the audience is shrinking. Its turning to less controlled sources of information---the internet, alternative publications, alternative and less suspect networks. The world is drawing its own conclusions.

Witness the huge demonstrations against Israel in cities around the world: Copenhagen; Mexico City; London; Paris; Melbourne; Madrid; Belfast; Edinburgh; Oslo; Berlin... The se are cities outside of the Muslim world. These are demonstrations full of white, rosy faces. It's a beautiful thing.

To bring this hint of a sea change closer to home, I need to relate a little story. I have a good friend, not Muslim, who sits on a committee that decides which festivals in the Los Angeles area will receive funding in 2009 and 20010. Recently they were reviewing applications and making decisions. When the committee got to the application for the Israeli's 61st Independence Day Festival (which included a slick video full of Zionist propaganda about the special relationship between the US and Israel), there was a collective groan around the table. One of the committee members, a young woman born in Ireland, recused herself. Most of the members bent over backwards to try not to give funding. Unfortunately, this festival met all the requirements and the committee had to award it some money, though not as much for which it was applying.

This sentiment is a far cry from the days of the 1967 war when a college friend of mine related, in a boastful way (as if it was his own glory), the tale this little country in the middle east, who was at war with all these big countries surrounding it and yet it was winning. What a myth. We all know now that the US was the source of its "success". The US would love for Israel to succeed in this latest campaign. But that was then and this is now.

Child Named "Adolf Hitler" taken by Foster care: Next will they remove children named "Osama"

by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

I saw in New Trend] that very disturbing picture of the young Palestinian boy murdered by the Israelis and it brought back memories of African-American men and women who were victims of lynchings in America. There is definitely a correlation between the murders going on in Palestine and the murders of Black people in America. The common thread is the whacked-out belief of white supremacy. Zionism, which is Jewish supremacist belief, doesn't even extend itself to non-White Jews. I am not saying that non-white Jews are not culpable to some extent for promoting zionism.

However, the same racist devils who hoisted their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren on their shoulders as they roasted the carcasses of their fellow Christian brethren, who happened to be Black, are helping the Jews commit the same types of atrocities in Palestine.

Speaking of zionists, on January 9, 2009, three children were removed from their parents home in Holland Township, NJ, and placed in foster care. Why? None of the authorities would say but, I will give you a hint by telling you the name of each child: Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.

Recently, headlines were made due to the fact that the neighborhood bakery refused to put the name "Adolf Hitler Campbell" on the boy's birthday cake. The children range in age from 3 years old down to less than a year old.

If these children were removed for reasns other than their names then, hopefully, they are better off somewhere else. However, there are areas of New Jersey that are very Jewish and if these children were removed solely because of their names this is a serious violation of every Allah-Given right known to man. The next thing you know, they will start clamping down on children named "Osama?"

"Bin Laden tape calls for Gaza jihad" [As reported in al-Jazeerah]

[Osama is not only alive, as this tape indicates, but continues to give directions to Muslims all over the world. Iranian propaganda had convinced some Muslims that Osama is either dead or an invention of the Bush administration!. Palestine has always been Osama's passion and now he is starting again with Palestine ---New Trend editor.]
Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, is reported to have issued a video recording calling on Muslims to wage jihad against Israel over its offensive in Gaza.
The recording, which was dated to the current month in the Islamic calendar and called "A Call for Jihad to Stop the Aggression against Gaza", was posted on websites on Wednesday. [1.14]
"God has bestowed us with the patience to continue the path of jihad for another seven years, and seven and seven years," the voice on the tape, purported to be that of bin Laden, said.
"The question is, can America continue its war with us for several more decades to come? Reports and evidence would suggest otherwise."
It was not possible to independently identify the voice on the tape.
Angry protests
The 22-minute audio statement said jihad was necessary to restore "Jerusalem and Palestine".
It criticised the way Arab governments have handled the war Israel has been waging in Gaza for 19 days.
Nearly 1,000 Palestinians have been killed in the onslaught, and more than 4,000 others injured over the last three weeks. Israel says 13 Israelis have been killed.
Thousands of people have taken to the streets across the Arab world in anger and protest against the attacks, but Arab government have responded with little concrete action against Israel.
The speaker on Wednesday's tape hailed the global financial crisis as a decline in US influence around the world and said it would, in turn, weaken Israel - one of Washington's closest allies.
Gordon Johndroe, a US White House spokesman, said: "It appears this tape demonstrates his isolation and ... looks to be an effort to raise money as part of [al-Qaeda's] ongoing propaganda campaign."
[Obama has disclosed that his government will go all out to kill or capture Osama and Ayman -- Editor New trend]

Thousands of Pakistani women supporting Jamaate Islami rallied in Karachi on January 11 to condemn the Israeli assault on Gaza. The banner in front says: "O mujahideen of Gaza, the mothers, sisters and daughters of the Ummah are with you." The women in leadership roles wear the niqab or face veil. Inset shows Karachi Jamaate Islami leader Prof. Abdul Ghafoor Ahmed addressing the gathering with Karachi's JI Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mehnati on his left, Hafiz Naeem on his right and activist Shuji'i on far right.

India urged not to distract Pakistan from anti-Taliban war

[Anti-Islam forces working together to undermine and exploit Pakistan, as reported by the secularist Daily Dawn of Pakistan - editor New Trend]

NEW DELHI, Jan 12: Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has told India about the difficulty Kabul could face if Pakistan was distracted from its campaign against the Taliban because of tensions with New Delhi, sources close to his talks here with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Monday.

On Saturday, Mr Karzai met US Vice-President-elect Joe Biden in Kabul for talks on Afghanistan's reconstruction and the fight against militants.

The security situation in Afghanistan and the fight against Taliban insurgents there -- is one of the incoming US administration's foreign policy priorities. It is understood that Mr Karzai briefed Indian leaders about his talks with Mr Biden.

The Afghan president who arrived here on an overnight visit on Sunday expressed solidarity with the Indian people over the terror attacks in Mumbai in November and, together with Dr Singh, described terrorism as a threat to the entire humanity.

In a joint statement at the end of their talks, the two leaders urged Pakistan, though without naming it, to fulfil its international obligations to prevent terrorism in any manner.

According to the joint statement, the leaders "called for the full compliance with bilateral, multilateral and international obligations of states to prevent terrorism in any manner originating from territories under their control since terrorism emanates from the sanctuaries and training camps and the sustenance and support received by the terrorist groups".

They also reviewed their "robust, strategic partnership" and were satisfied at the progress in bilateral development and reconstruction projects in all parts of Afghanistan.

The sources said although India's tone had mellowed in its approach to Pakistan its objective to press Islamabad to comply more faithfully with its commitments to fight terrorism had not changed.

This approach was reflected in the description used by a top Indian army officer to the situation on the India-Pakistan border on Monday.

"I see no war cloud in the Indo-Pak border regions," General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Army's Central Command Lt-Gen J.K. Mohanty was quoted as saying in Bhubaneshwar.

He said India had always wanted friendly relations with its neighbours, but it was 200 per cent ready to deal with any situation if they crossed the limit.

When asked about the reported troop mobilisation by Pakistan after the Nov 26 strikes, Lt-Gen Mohanty said India was hardly bothered by the exercise.

In their talks, Dr Singh and Mr Karzai "reaffirmed the special relationship between India and Afghanistan, to build a strong, united and prosperous Afghanistan and to work towards peace, stability and development of the entire region".

Zionism in Gaza's Shattered Mirror

M. Shahid Alam

At a time when Palestinian men, women and children, corralled in the ghetto of Gaza since 1948, are daily, hourly, relentlessly, being bombed from the air, land and sea, it is instructive to turn to some of the founding fathers of Zionism, and ask what they might have thought about this obscene consequence of their messianic vision.

In the writings of these founding fathers, the Palestinians rarely merit even a passing reference. You can pore through one of the earliest statements of the Zionist credo, Moses Hess' Rome and Jerusalem, but you will find not a single reference to 'Muslims' or 'Arabs.' Twice, the word 'Palestinian' enters this venerated text; the first time, it appears in connection with the training of Jewish youth for the "life of a Palestinian farmer;' and the second refers to the 'Jerushalmi Palestinian Talmud Sanhedrin.' Palestine always exists, inscribed on some divine tablet, as Israeli land; but there are no Palestinians.

If you search Theodore Herzl's The Jewish State, you come away with the same disappointing results. It contains not a single reference to Muslims, Arabs or Palestinians: or even Bedouins. Incredibly, a search through Arthur Hertzberg's The Zionist Idea, a classic anthology of excerpts from several generations of Zionist thinkers, produced identical results. The Muslims, Arabs or Palestinians never entered into their plans for a Jewish state. To use a term from Lawrence Davidson, this is 'perceptual depopulation' of Palestine, at its extreme.

Nearly from the outset, the Zionists exuded power. Palestine was a thing to be bought; and if it was not for sale, they would take it by force. Twice, Rabbi Kalischer urged the head of the Rothschild family and Moses Montefiore to buy Palestine - or, at least, Jerusalem - from the Ottoman Sultan. More than once, Theodore Herzl too offered to buy Palestine from the Ottoman Sultan. He was told, it was not for sale.

That would not derail Zionist plans; they could persuade one or more European powers to take it for the Jews by force. In 1818, Mordecai Noah, an early American Zionist, proposed that the Jews could create their own army and do it themselves. Nearly all Zionists were more pragmatic: they decided to let the Europeans do it for them.

This is how Theodore Herzl laid out his plan for creating a Jewish state. "Let the sovereignty be granted us over a portion of the globe large enough to satisfy the rightful requirements of a nation; the rest we shall manage for ourselves (italics added)." Hidden in that innocuous 'the rest' are the unmentionable people who inhabited Palestine. Two agencies would suffice to carry out this plan: The Society of Jews and The Jewish Company.

In the plan that Herzl worked out, The Society of Jews would "treat with the present masters of the land [the Ottomans], putting itself under the protectorate of the European powers..." Herzl adds that the "creation of our state would be beneficial to adjacent countries...;" but the people living there go unmentioned.

However, Herzl does pay careful attention to more weighty matters, such as how best to get rid of the "wild beasts" in the country they would appropriate. The methods used to colonize Palestine (or Argentina) would have to be modern, using the latest technology. "It is foolish," he explains, "to revert to old stages of civilization, as many Zionists would like to do."

Here is how the Zionists should work, Herzl explained, if they "were obliged to clear a country of wild beasts..." "We should not take spear and lance," he emphasizes, "and go out singly in pursuit of bears; we should organize a large and lively hunting party, drive the animals together, and throw a melinite bomb into their midst (italics added)."

It is most unlikely that Herzl was speaking - even subconsciously, I will grant - of the Palestinians when he explains for the benefit of Jewish colons, how to clear their colony of "wild beasts" such as "bears."

Nevertheless, who can escape noticing the eerie parallels between the methods that he proposes to get rid of the "wild beasts" and the strategy and tactics that Jewish colonists have adopted since 1948 to clear Palestine of its indigenous population?

Already, in the 1930s, the Yishuv had created "a large and lively hunting party" called the Haganah that would grow very quickly after 1948 into one of the most formidable militaries in the world.

In 1948, this "large and lively hunting party" would launch its first massive drive to "clear" Palestine of the "wild" Palestinians. The "hunting party" has since worked to ensure that the "wild" Palestinian refugees would never return to their lands. Whenever the "wild" Palestinians have ventured out of their refugee pens to re-enter or reclaim their lands, the "hunting party" has deterred them by throwing "a melinite bomb in their midst."

A second drive to clear out the "wild" Palestinians was launched in 1967, when a much-expanded "hunting party" captured all of Palestine.

After 1967, the Israeli "hunting party" began to implement a new plan for clearing out the West Bank and Gaza of the "wild" Palestinians. Eager to make room for new cohorts of Jewish settlers, the "hunting party" began to "drive...together" the "wild" Palestinians into ever-smaller enclaves within these newly acquired territories.

In Gaza, the Israeli plans began to run into difficulty with the start of the Second Intifada in 2000. The Islamist Hamas had been gaining strength in the heavily overcrowded and miserable pens to which the Palestinians had been confined since 1948. In preparation for a new approach to neutralizing the besieged Palestinians, Israel adopted a new approach in 2005. It removed its "hunting party," including Jewish settlers, out of harm's way, as it moved to seal Gaza's borders, the better to throw "melinite bombs into their midst."

It is the ghastly culmination of this new strategy we have been witnessing in Gaza over the past weeks.

Israel is the crowning achievement of modernity in our times, of the rational, efficient and ruthless pursuit of power for one tribe; its success depends now, as in the past, on the massive deployment of "melinite bombs" against virtually unarmed "wild beasts."

In the words of Herzl, again, Israel seeks to complete its colonial-settler enterprise "in a bolder and more stately style than was ever adopted before, for we now possess means which men never yet possessed."

Yet, for more than a hundred years since the launching of the Zionist project, the "wild" Palestinians have remained undefeated. For more than thirty years, they faced the "iron wall of British bayonets;" and since 1948, they have courageously stood up against the thickening "iron wall of Jewish bayonets."

The Palestinians have one resource the Zionists do not have: they have justice on their side.

Yet, justice has not always prevailed when it has been overmatched by brute force. America's dead natives can testify to that. That is the hope that drives Israelis; they are sustained by their conviction that they "possess means which men never yet possessed."

Perhaps, world conscience will wake up in time to convince the Zionists to the contrary. Perhaps, this can happen before it is too late, before the tide of history has turned decisively against Israel.

Israel can only be sustained if it can score repeated victories against the peoples of the Middle East - clear, quick and stunning victories, like those of 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1982. That has been changing, starting with Israel's unilateral retreat from Lebanon in 2000. Then there was Israel's costly and transparent failure to attain any of its objectives with the massive onslaught against Hizbullah in 2006. Israel faces another failure against Hamas now, against a much weaker foe.

How will Israel save face after this? Will they persist in their attempt to destroy the Palestinians, with a new generation of "melinite bombs" dispatched from the United States? Alternatively, will Israeli mothers force Israeli warmongers to make a sincere determination to make amends to the Palestinians and learn to live with them in a non-racist society?

Let us hope that Israelis - at last - will make the right choice.


M. Shahid Alam is professor of economics at Northeastern University. He is author of Challenging the New Orientalism (2007). Send comments to Visit the author's website at

From: K. Hamza in India

Indian Muslims CAMPAIGN AGAINST ISRAELI OFFENSIVE: Israel-India Spy Venture

In the wake of the recent Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip and subsequent death toll of Palestinians mounting horrendously, several Muslim organizations in India have staged protest marches. Massive crowds marched through the streets in major cosmopolitan cities on last Friday. Placard-waving protesters shouting against Israel's inhuman atrocities in Gaza. In almost all mosques, Imams in their Friday sermons urged Muslims to raise their voice against the imperialist forces and prayed for those who died in the conflict. They called for snapping of India's diplomatic relationship with Israel immediately.

The Youth Wing of the Muslim Educational Society (MES) had organized a postcard campaign against Israel's brutal and senseless assault on civilian lives in Gaza. Hundreds of people from all walks of life, including elected representatives from the cities, media persons, cultural leaders, social activists, educationists and journalists took part in the campaign by writing in their own hand to the Indian Prime Minister, and the Secretary General of the United Nations, the U.S. President and the Israeli President appealing to stop attacks on the Palestinians in Gaza under the guise of fighting against terrorist outfits using unconventional weapons. Gaza civilians continue to suffer the horrors of war since the war began on December 27. Further the Israeli blockade of Gaza has caused acute shortage of food, fuel and medicine in the region where the residents, most of them are women, children and elderly people, are forced to flee from the cities clutching babies and hurriedly packed bags after sleepless nights. Israel's Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilaini had threatened Gaza with a "bigger Shoah" (In Hebrew it means : genocide)).

The Solidarity Youth Movement, an affiliated wing of Jam'athe Islami Hind organized a people's rally in Kochi, Kerala on Monday, January 12 and condemned the Israeli attack. The Indian National League (INL) and the Kerala Muslim Jamaath Youth Council have demanded the Centre Government of the United Progressive Allies (UPA) to sever the relationship with Israel. All other Muslim and minority political parties protested that India still continued its diplomatic relations with the Jewish State even after the latter unleashed inhuman atrocities to Palestinians in defiance of the international law and the U.N. Charter. The barbaric level of most devastatingly concentrated bombing was with a core motive of reaffirming Israeli military supremacy in the region. Under the rule of the Congress, India had been pursuing "Non-Alignment " foreign policy without falling under the spell or the influence of the superpowers, neither West nor the East.

It is painfully obvious that India is pursuing a policy of subservience to the Jewish-American dictates and kowtowing to the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington. It proves beyond any doubt that India has been trapped in a strategic snare conspired by Us-Israel lobby.

The Hindu fascist forces had taken initiative in establishing diplomatic relations with Israel when the former came to power after electoral victory in early '90s. The leaders of the Indian National Congress were reluctant to recognize the Israeli State which they condemned as a illegitimate child born under the midwifery of the British empire. Even Gandhiji, the freedom fighter and father of Indian nation had not recognized Israel as it had driven out the Palestinians from their mother land. Israel had usurped the land of Palestine and its fascist style illegal occupation of Arab's land under the folly claim of Biblical land, a "Grand Israel State stretching from the Euphretis to Nile." Driven by this belligerent greed, the Zionist enemy waged war in 1967, and occupied territories of Palestine and the other Arab countries. It is painfully obvious that Israel is continuing its wanton act of aggression against Muslim countries while the Arab regimes remain silent spectators in the region despite the fact that they possess enormous wealth and great potential, the OIL which they can use against the Zionists and their supporters.

Recently, India facilitated the launch of an Israeli spy satellite that was now being used to spot with pinpoint accuracy enemies targets for attack. Further the influence and activities of Israel's secret service MOSSAD and the American CIA have been increased in India. All available evidences indicate that there was a link between their presence and terrorist attacks in India. The fascist party, the BJP ruled States such as Gujarat and Karnataka are planning to send troops of counter terrorist personnel to Israel for further training under Mossad Secret Service.

There are some striking similarities in the policy of the BJP, the Hindu fascist party and Israel. The Hindu extremists are striving to establish a Hindu Rashtra in India on its scriptural theology solely ruled by the Brahmins, the upper caste Hindus, and Israel is using its nerve and verve to establish a "Grand Jewish State" in the Middle East by invading and occupying the neighboring Arab Muslim territories.. In both cases, Muslim population and Islam are posing stumbling blocks. The only remedy to this malady is annihilation (genocide) of Muslims. That is what Israel is doing now with Washington's persistent support. Often it appears that whenever any resolution against Israel is tabled for debate in the Security Council of UNO, the US would veto it.

Israel has emerged as India's second biggest defence equipment partner in the major project for joint development of medium range surface to air missiles.. It is the Washington's policy to support Israel to consolidate its grip over territories it deems vital for its interests. Recently, India has also become a strategic partner of the US-Israel by signing the controversial Nuclear Deal. In the aftermath of 9/11, Washington has already branded the countries as friends and foes on its war on terror.

What is required at this crucial stage is the unity of the Umma under powerful and pious leadership. Let us hope and pray.

2009-01-17 Sat 03:46:45 cst