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[Next rally for Br. Sulayman Walker Lindh is scheduled for April 26, 4-6 pm in Alexandria, Virginia, 520 King street, from 4-6 p.m.]

Israeli Desecration of the Church of the Nativity
Zionist Media Blitz on the Catholic Church: Fishy, fishy

(LOCAL NEWS: Zionist media are trying to ignore the massive pro-Palestine rally of April 20. The New York Times put it on page 10. Baltimore Sun put it on page 3 and gave the impression that it was a Muslim militant rally. [NY Times had given page one to Netanyahoo's much smaller all-paid for rally.)
(There has been a new wave of arrests at Washington's two airports to get rid of people of color.}
(EGYPTIAN DISSIDENT, AHMED ABDEL Sattar's wife is not allowed to meet him after he has been two weeks in prison although he is a U.S. citizen.)
THE CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY in BETHLEHEM, one of the holiest sites of Christiandom, is under Israeli siege. It is reputed to be the birthplace of Jesus (peace be on him). Manger Square, connected to Jesus' story as a child, has been trampled underfoot by the Jewish stormtroopers. The Church is being desecrated every day. Yet the Christian world is silent. How has this silence been brought about by International Jewry? Let us scrutinize the tragic situation:

1. Bethlehem is a Palestinian city in Palestine. Even under the Arafat-Zionist discussions, it was recognized by the Israelis as a Palestinian city.
2. The Israelis have no legitimate right to enter Bethlehem and to "conquer" it by force. [Can you imagine the Jews entering Makka and the Muslim world silent about it!]
3. Many Palestinians in Bethlehem are Christians though the majority are Muslims. However ALL of them are united against Israel.
4. The Church offers sanctuary to people who feel that their lives are in danger. It was quite natural for Palestinians whose lives were threatened by the Jewish stormtroopers to take refuge in the Church.
5. The Israelis first claimed that the Palestinians taking sanctuary in the Church had taken the priests as hostages. However, the very first media interview with the priests clarified the fact that the priests were not hostages and did not consider themselves threatened.
6. The Israelis have repeatedly opened fire at various parts of the Church and have kept it seriously besieged. Such activity has desecrated the Church and has been done in violation of internationally recognized sanctity of places of worship.
7. Why should Palestinian inhabitants of Bethlehem who have taken refuge in the Church surrender to the Jews and be deported or tried for "crimes?" Resistance to the Jewish state is a great honor. Under no circumstance can it be dubbed a crime.

Why is the Christian world silent about the horrors being perpetrated at the birthplace of Jesus (pbuh)?

There is much corruption in modern religious institutions. The Catholic church has many skeletons hidden in its cupboards. The question is why should the Catholic church alone be castigated and subjected to a virulent campaign of daily abuse? Something is very fishy here.

Homosexuality is widespread in America. It's a free country and people can do whatever they wish in private. However, the people who are avowed supporters of homosexuality are Jewish. Everyone noted that when Ellen Degeneris proclaimed her lesbianism, the Zionist controlled media chortled with delight.

Homosexuality is also connected with AIDS and the drumbeat of propaganda on Zionist media outlets (like NPR) to lure funds away from medical treatment for the masses to AIDS treatment for homosexuals (not for Africa).

The Zionists even condemned the boy scouts for disallowing open avowal of homosexuality among the children who become scouts.

In spite of "gay liberation" parades, the Zionist media have never encouraged the study of child molestation AS RELATED TO HOMOSEXUALITY especially among Jews.

On the other hand, now we have individuals digging up 20 to 30 year old claims against the Catholic church to create a perception of the church as a bunch of child molestors. Many of these claimants are old codgers now coming into media focus with accusations of "so-and-so molested me 20 years back". It sounds like a Jewish scheme comparable to the successful effort to get money out of Switzerland for Jewish funds from the Hitler era.

Such a storm of abuse has been raised (with a core of fact in it), that the Vatican itself is on the defensive.

It does not take too much political savvy to see that the Catholic church is the ONLY institution in America which still has a relatively independent stance and policies of its own vis-a-vis Israel and the Jewish lobby in America. The Pope was seen as very weak by the Jews and they pushed him so hard that he recognized Israel against all traditions of the Vatican. The Jews were not satisfied and started pushing the Vatican to admit guilt for collusion with Hitler.
In these circumstances, is it a surprise that the Catholic church and the rest of Christiandom is helpless as the Jews go ahead and repeatedly and daily desecrate the Church of the Nativity?

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