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[After helping 400 women and counselling 6,000 people, Baitul Salaam is facing Financial End Time.]

The Baitul Salaam Residence for Battered Women may have to shut its doors this summer due to lack of funding. The Stipend Volunteer Staff who started as volunteers four years ago have worked without pay for two months. The cofounder Hadayai Majeed and her husband have paid all they can out of their pockets and fund raising efforts at the local baseball stadium due to the slow economy is not netting what it did a few years ago. The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. needs your help today. A collective effort will not burdened anyone it would mean pennies per person. The amount of $3,000 per month is needed to keep the doors of the shelter open. The organization is asking that masaajid, businesses and organizations around the country take up a donation and send it immediately.

It will be a shame for the doors of the shelter to close and this organization to have to drastically reduce or stop its services to the community after working diligently for almost seven years to serve the entire Islamic community of North America. It will be a shame that after approximately 400 women and children have been served by this group through the shelter program that the doors close. This organization has served approximately 6,000 men, women and children through counseling (in person, email and telephone), referrals for legal, medical (including psychiatric), job/career, provided escorts to court hearings, clothes and food.

This organization has answered the calls from many of you without hesitation especially in metro Atlanta. No regard to school of thought, ethnicity, race or geographic location. We need our brothers and sisters in faith to help us today. We ask that you pass the collection containers for us at your local masaajid, at your club meetings, organization meetings and your businesses. A collective effort will mean no one person, masaajid, business or organization will be burdened. Please give! Muslim women and children in need should not be forced to go to Jews, Christians or others for assistance. We should be able to help our own. Break the cycle of neglect, abuse and lack or cooperative sharing in work for Allah. Give Today!

Send all donations to:

Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.
PO Box 11041
Atlanta, GA 30310

You can call us at (800) 285-9489 pin #00 our office hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am-12 noon.

May Allah continue to guide, protect and bless all of the Believers.

[Among other thngs, he has been Central Committee Member of ISNA for Many Years]

Subj: RE: Defense of Siraj Wahhaj's Disney Adventure

As Salamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

The sister's intentions may have been good - but was not Siraj Wahhaj one of those Muslim leaders breaking bread with bush jr during Ramadhan and making the bush jr-oriented statement after the world trade center and pentagon destruction? So, what was her point? The Dawah conference did not have to take place in a many-starred, expensive hotel conference room with mention of it's proximity to DisneyWorld. The most appropriate place would have been in a Masjid or two, if necessary. Maybe the sister did not appreciate the criticism of her imam, Allah Knows Best. And maybe, Insha`Allah, he (Siraj Wahhaj) will say the one thing that will make her realize that he fears others (according to his actions and words, as I do not know what is in his heart) more than he fears Allah. Allah Knows, I do not.

Fi Sabilillah,

Hamdiyah [South Carolina]

2003-07-23 Wed 19:52ct