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1. Christian Activists Affirm Trust in Islamic Leadership
2. Hikmatyar's Open Defiance

On December 28, New Trend's rep. Interviewed two Christian activists in Peshawar, Pakistan, named Javed Gill and Pervez Sadiq. The two activists affirmed that the attack on a church in Daska could not possibly be connected to Islam because Islam protects Christian places of worship. Christians, both said, are of the view that the attack must be the work of Indian intelligence agents fom RAW.

The two told New Trend that Muslims and Christians are friends and there is no question of conflict between them. In fact on Christmas Day, representative of the new Islamic governmen in Frontier Province. Senior Minister Sirajul Haq, who follows the sunnah in his personal life, visited a church and cut a cake to celebrate Jesus (pbuh) with the Christians of Peshawar.
Ed. Note: The government of Pakistan is tying to pin blame for the attack on the imam of a local mosque and has arrested him. The wife of the imam has protested the arrest and told Pakistani media that her husband has never preached violence against anyone and certainly not against Christians. (Source: Daily Khaibrain, Dec. 27, published from Islamabad. Once again the Jihad movement, Jamat ad-Da'wa, has condemned the attack on the church as a clear violation of Islamic law and spirit.


Daily KHABRAIN of Islamabad, a "moderate" Pakistani newspaper, reported on December 27, that Afghan leader of Hizbe Islami, hiding in the mountains, has declared an open alliance with Al-Qaida. In a statement distributed in tribal areas bordering Pakistan, Hikmatyar declares that the time has come for this coalition to strike hard and unitedly at U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Readers might recall that U.S. media have reported (very briefly) a string of attacks on occupation forces during the first two weeks of December. One U.S. soldier was reportedly killed in Kabul as were SEVEN Germans in a downed helicopter. [Islamic media say the U.S. losses are much higher.
SHOULD HIKMATYAR'S THREATS BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY? Kabul is taking it seriously. The Karzai government's news agency, Bakhtar, has issued a diatribe against Hikmatyar, accusing him of all kinds of crimes. Bakhtar sounds almost like a replay of Communist propaganda against the mujahideen during the jihad against USSR.
On December 29, KHABRAIN reported that Hikmatyar actually met Mullah Umar in Oruzgan province on Eid-ul-fitr to work out the alliance. The report is attributed to an Islamic militant named Maulvi Ubaidullah who met a private TV channel rep at a secret spot in Afghanistan.
[Previouslu Hikmatyar had refused to hookup with Taliban and Al-Qaida.]
The Hikmatyar moves come as a surprise because Pakisanis in many positions have been saying that the Taliban are finished. The report indirectly indicates that Mullah Omar is alive and active in the Jihad.

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