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Cultural imperialism involves attempts to exploit women and to strike at the roots of the family system. Multinational corporations have to get women to take their clothes off and be proud of parading semi-nude in front of men to be able to sell their products from hairdos to lipstick to facials to hair removers to falsies to high heel shoes to breast implants etc, etc. THE FAMILY SYSTEM is the biggest obstacle in the way of big business. Hence ADULTERY has to be presented as admirable and laws opposing adultery as barbaric.

THE NIGERIAN UPRISING which forced the removal of the beauty pageant was a rare defeat for the multinational business empire.

Sis. J writes from Maryland: "Oprah Winfrey has been in a sexual relationship with a man whom she does not want to marry FOR MANY YEARS. It's no surprise that she opposes Sharia laws against adultery. She says it openly that she's been with this man and is still with him. I agree with your writer Carolyn that the j's are behind Oprah."
Comment: Oprah Winfrey chose a case of a Nigerian woman sentenced to stoning for adultery under Sharia. It was a cleverly chosen case because sometimes laws can be misused or misapplied. However, misapplication does not mean that the law is wrong.
OPRAH HAS NEVER SUPPORTED THE MUSLIM WOMEN WHO ARE SUFFERING AT THE HANDS OF JEWS IN PALESTINE, women who have been raped by Hindus in Gujarat or women raped by Indian soldiers in Kashmir, or the TERRIBLE RAPES AND GENOCIDE committed by the Russians in Chechnya. She has been silent about the SLAUGHTER OF SOMALI WOMEN following the "black hawk down" incident. She is silent at the suffering of SUDANESE WOMEN in deep poverty owing to U.S. sanctions in Sudan
AIDS IN AFRICA: Africanists suspect that AIDS was deliberately introduced into Africa by the Europeans and Zionists. The poverty of the people and lack of health facilities did the rest. MAJOR SECTIONS OF THE POPULATION IN SOUTH AFRICA AND EAST AFRICA have been decimated by AIDS.
What the Zionists are up against is the fact that SOLID ISLAMIC FAMILY SYSTEM, the MODESTY of Muslim women and the SHARIA LAWS and a sense of Sharia have SAVED MOST OF AFRICA WHICH IS MUSLIM FROM AIDS.

New Trend sees the attacks on Sharia and things like beauty pageants as indirect attempts to introduce AIDS to Muslim Africa.
REMEMBER that ONLY THE DETERRENCE OF SHARIA plus a SOLID FAMILY SYSTEM can save Africa from the worst war of these times: the imposition of AIDS on the people of Africa.
In its August 2002 issue, EBONY magazine, published some heart wrenching facts about the destruction of middle class, innocent and totally unsuspecting womanhood. There has been a terrible rise in AIDS cases among these monogamous women. WHY:
Because their husbands have, on the sly, been having sex with men. This is described as "bi-sexuality." These men are much more dangerous than homosexuals. They SEEM to be decent people married to middle class women but they carry out sodomy secretly with other men and thus bring AIDS to their unsuspecting wives.
What greater oppression and exploitation of women could have been dreamed up?

Jewish-backed big business destroys all the commandments of religion, be they in the Qur'an or in the Bible. After that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and an openly exploitative magazine like Playboy can sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

This is the real, long range, PERMANENT danger to the world of Islam: the destruction of the family through the trivilialization of values like chastity and modesty.

HENCE HAIL TO THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE! They have struck a blow against the exploiters of women as well as against the Falwell-type Christians who brought "christian colonists" into Muslim communities and started abusing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Muslims and Christians can easily live in peace. It's the Falwell types who are on the rampage, trying frontal attacks on the holiest personality in Islam (peace be on him).
by Motisola M. Abdallah, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Atlanta, Georgia

Eid Mubarek Sisters and Brothers,
asalamu alakum

As Ramadan is a time of mercy and charity, Eid is a time of happiness and reflection. A time to reflect on our lives and the improvements we need to make and a time to reflect on the possibilities of enriching the lives of others. The ever present watchful eye of the world can be an opportunity for us to shine and to make da'wah. How we positively conduct ourselves within our families, within our neighborhoods and within our communities is a testimony to the beauty of Islam.

The oneness of Allah can bring about the oneness of our hearts, struggles and victories. We must continue to forge ahead in determination, strength and faith to free ourselves from oppression and show the world the full righteous life Allah has ordained for us.

We must not ever act like victims. Becoming a victim makes one unsure, weak and afraid. As Muslims we know who we are and where we stand and we are proud of our history. With renewed strength and resolve we must continue to stand firm against oppression in all its forms. We must be in charge of our lives fully and with conviction.

Remember to send eid greetings and cards to our political prisoners, those who are sick and those who are in need. Put your zakat dollars in the right place. Your zakat to Jamaat al-Muslimeen will make a real difference in so many lives. This Eid we all can feel very gracious to Allah for His present in my life.

As salaamu alaikum
A reader has sent this response to the appeal we made to the Governor of Virginia:

New Trend, Stop promoting defeatism! Aimal Kasi was a warrior who attacked and killed his enemies. He will be martyred by the US government. "Say not that he is dead..." Celebrate his martyrdom. Muslims must stop begging this government for the lives of our soldiers. This is war. They will win some and we will win some. This is foretold in Qur'an. In the end they will lose. How can we say that we are opposed to the death penalty when we know that death is coming whether we oppose it or not. It is only a penalty for the wrongdoers and disbelievers. We should never ask them to stop what they are inclined to do. This scenerio must play itself out. They will kill him! Some of them will be killed! They will attack Muslims around the world. They will be attacked. They will appear to win. They will ultimately lose. How do we know? Allah says so in His Last Testament, Al Qur'aan. "Qad aflaha al Mu'minuun, The believers will be victorious. The begging tactics and petitioning strategy will not work. We should not promote it. It is weakness and a sign of defeat. It has never worked. Its like voting. Why don't we just vote for this Governor? Aouthu billahi... We should not approach him with bible and ask him to help us. The Prophet never did this! It only works to debilitate and demoralize the true believers and the unsuspecting followers in the struggle who have the best intentions. We should never ask them to forgive our martyrs. If we are to write the politicians, we should write the Governor and his friends and let them know how much we respect Aimal Kasi for being one who stood for something good and fought against the forces of evil. Personally I wouldn't write him or give him the time of day. None of them!

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