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"GREATER ISRAEL" Central to American War Plans: Islamic Leader Says

April 14: Before going to Hyderabad for the mass march, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Jamaate Islami Pakistan's leader, addressed thousands of people who had gathered at Niazi Chowk, Daryabad, in the Lyari area of Karachi. Here are his main points:

1. The world of Islam has been traumatized by the storm of fire and blood let loose by the U.S. on Iraq, the land of Islamic scholars and saints.
2. This is not aggression on Iraq alone but on the entire world of Islam.
3. Central to the American plan is the creation of "Greater Israel" and control of the holy cities of Islam. In fact Makka and Madina are now in danger. Colin Powell has said that the aim is to reduce any danger to Israel.
4. America has not been victorious in Afghanistan or Iraq, because the struggle will continue.
[In another rally in Karachi, thousands of Pakistani children showed their support for the children of Iraq who were victimized by the U.S. bombing.]

Following our news item that President Saddam Hussain had been killed in a U.S. air strike, owing to treachery, we received a number of letters abusing Saddam. We were about to publish these when our Islamic resource persons told us that it is Haram to publish abuse about a shaheed. Hence these letters are being withheld.

New Trend's sources indicate that even if a person had done wrong all his life, according to Islamic texts, his sins are forgiven when he becomes shaheed. Most sources agree that Saddam had turned to Islam after 1991 and all his wrongdoing was before that time.

The writers who have written letters of abuse seem furious at having been cheated of their fantasy that Saddam was a coward and had run away leaving his nation in the lurch.

In addition, we have received letters wanting to know our source for the confirmation of the President having been killed. These same persons never inquire of CNN and BBC for their sources. We in NEW TREND have a great sense of responsbility before Allah for all that we publish. We have NEVER published any fabrications or far fetched or gossipy stories.

Following our report, media in Jordan and France are moving to the same conclusion.

In any case we are always open to correction.

Insistence on knowing sources is not recommended. As we know, the U.S. targets alternative sources of information. Iraqi TV was repeatedly bombed. When it continued to survive, the electricity to the entire city of Baghdad was liquidated to stop Iraqi TV from being seen.

Later Al-Jazira, Abu Dhabi TV and the hotel housing the entire press corp not "embedded" with U.S. troops were attacked with lethal results.
[From Br. Eric Mueller in Texas]

as-Salam `alaykum!

The story you ran in New Trend on the treason by Iraqi commanders against their leaders is substantially the same as one that appeared on Sunday in the Jordanian mainstream paper ad-Dustour. Alas it is now off the internet.

A Lebanese paper, meanwhile, has published a relatively long account that it credits to American government sources on the great betrayal in Iraq. It goes into considerable detail. See below.

Iraq was NOT defeated on the battlefield. It was literally stabbed in the back. Those traitors cut cheap deals with the aggressors, they ORDERED the Iraqi troops to GO HOME (even though the troops had kept the aggressor forces out of EVERY Iraqi city until that point) and await orders for a BOGUS offensive which of course never came. Then the sell-outs gave directions where to bomb the country's leaders, and flew off to America!

We, the whole Muslim Ummah and all freedom loving people have all been betrayed by that handful of traitors.


Eric Mueller

2003-04-15 Tue 18:00ct