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Top Egyptian Scholar's Son Captured: Handed Over to U.S.
Purpose of Bush's Special Military Tribunals Explained
B-52s Target International Islamic Community in Konduz

"What is the life of this world but amusement and play! But verily the Home of the Hereafter, - that is Life indeed, if they but knew." (The Qur'an 29:64)

According to the Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat, published from London, northern alliance agents captured Asadullah, son of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman, in Kabul and handed him over to the United States special agents three days back. The news has been confirmed by Dr. Abdel Rahman's other son Saifullah who is in Kandahar.

Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman is the ideologue of international jihad. His knowledge and eloquence taught millions of young people, much before Osama Bin Laden, that Jihad is obligatory on every Muslim, man and woman, in some shape or form, regardless of whether Muslims have a state or not. Dr. Abdel Rahman did not aim his criticism at the U.S. but at corrupt Arab regimes and Israel. Later when it became clear to Muslims that the American power structure is intertwined with the Zionist adventure that Muslims turned against the Pentagon-FBI-White House complex.

Dr. Abdel Rahman is the spiritual guide of the Gamaa al-Islamiyya, 60,000 of whose supporters are in Egyptian prisoners, along with several hundred from Ikhwan al-Muslimeen and others.

The blind scholar, hafize Qur'an, expert in Sahih al-Bukhari, is held in a cell in Rochester, Minnesota and is dying a slow death there. He refuses to compromise on Israel and the dictatorship in Egypt.
The purpose of these tribunals, our observers say, is to carry out executions of Islamists captured by U.S. proxy forces overseas. More than 1700 Islamists are reportedly already in American hands owing to the efforts of the northern alliance. DR. ABDEL RAHMAN'S SON, Asadullah (the lion of Allah) will be tried by one of these tribunals.
November 20 is the 7th day of the bombing of Konduz in norther Afghanistan by U.S. B-52 bombers. Today MSNBC and other TV cannels admitted that the 3,000 Muslims in Konduz are holding 30,000 northern alliance forces at bay (10 to 1). Those are the odds the Qur'an gives for true believers.

The B-52s are dropping 100 bombs at a time on the Islamic defenders. The elite Islamic cadres here represent the worldwide Islamic community, the brotherhood of the entire Ummah. Reports from refugees indicate that the selfless defenders, some of them blown to bits by "daisy cutter" bombs, are from: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sudan, Chechnya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Palestine, Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Thailand, Philippines, Kashmir, Burma, and of course Afghanistan.

The purpose of the bombing is to destroy the united brotherhood of Islam. Observers say that the Zionist-Pentagon combine sees international Islamic unity as the only obstacle in the way of the takeover of the world by Zionist-Imperialism.
The Islamists who came together from all over the world, say observers, are there for purely Islamic reasons. They made their choice for success in the Hereafter. They have no air cover and have no weapons which could bring down B-52s. Every day they face this hail of death and destruction from America's biggest bombers which observers say is the most efficient form of terrorism the world has ever known.

One of our observers says: These volunteers did not go to Afghanistan to fight America. They are there to help Afghanistan become an Islamic state and to prepare their own nations to fight against tyranny and torture. Bush has unleashed his power without any sense of what his actions mean. The impact of those massive B-52 bombs, hundreds of little hiroshimas, day after day, is being felt in Muslim homes across the world. Muslim women and children, the families of these selfless volunteers who gave up their comfort to choose the Hereafter, are going to ask: Who is this Bushman who thinks he can destroy the sons of Islam and strike at the unity and brotherhood of the universal family of Islam.

People in the Muslim world who have been watching Al-Jazeerah tell us that the U.S. has cut its own roots by assaulting the poorest Islamic country in the world. The blood flowing in the blessed month of Ramadan will rejuvenate the world of Islam. These observers say, till now the Muslim world had not fully realized the evil which lives in the the Pentagon, the FBI, the White House. They had not seen the satanic copulation of Zionism and Imperialism which has produced the daily dance of death over Afghanistan.

The people say, those B-52s are waking up the youth of Islam as even the preachings of Iqbal, Maudoodi, Hasan al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Omar Abdel Rahman, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden could not. People with the Qur'an in their hands and hearts are being blown to bits, their entrails shredded and smattered into the earth, their hands and legs torn apart.

Some reports indicate that many of the Afghan tribes are pretending to be anti-Taliban to save themselves from the terror of daily bombing which is creating a humanitarian catastrophe. The Afghans will not forget this humiliation. They have a long memory.

The Muslim world is facing a challenge. If it defies the power of Zionist Imperialism, it will be bombed. If the people of Arabia rise up, Arabia will be bombed. The U.S. air force is the "god" of today. Like the Pharoah said to Moses, what makes you think your Creator gives life and death: I (Pharoh) give life and death too.
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